The Snuzpod.



I’ve been meaning to write a review of the Snuzpod for…six months now.

I know. Prompt.

BUT, the timing of this post is really quite apt, because after half a year of daily use we’ve just stopped putting Ottilie down to bed in our room at night in the Snuzpod, and so these photos kind of mark the end of an era!

To put it simply, the Snuzpod has been one of our absolute hero products since having Ottilie. It’s a 3-in-1 system, acting as a co-sleeper (with a genius drop down side that allows you to have baby at arm’s reach with the cot right up alongside your bed), a freestanding cot, and with a lift-off bassinet for transportable napping!


I loved how having Ottilie sleep in the Snuzpod meant that I would wake as soon as she began to stir, and I’d be then able to either whip her straight out and feed her, or resettle her with some shushing (the former happened waaaaay more than the latter!!) before she fully woke and cried. And being able to stay cosy and warm underneath my duvet during all those hours sat up in bed feeding made being awake at 2am (and 3.30am, and 5am…) so much more bearable!

I have such vivid memories of sitting up for what felt like half the night in those early days, with teeny tiny Ottilie bundled up in her swaddle blanket resting on a pillow across my lap, watching Netflix on silent on my phone to keep myself awake whilst I fed. Funny how time makes memories of the exhaustion fade and the nostalgia (read: broodiness…) grow stronger, isn’t it? :)

Being so close to Ottilie also helped ease my new Mama anxiety! I LOVED being so close to hear that I could hear her gentle breathing, and reach over and check she wasn’t too warm or cold and adjust any blankets if necessary with ease.

Cider-with-Rosie-Snuzpod-7 Cider-with-Rosie-Twinings

I’ve also been so pleased with what a beautiful addition the Snuzpod makes as part of our bedroom- it’s minimal and sleek but also so classic in its design, and the colour choices are fab too.

There’s space underneath to store extra blankets and bedding, and the rails on the end are great for keeping a muslin or two within easy reach for clearing up any post-feed sick! I was always so dreadful though at having a muslin to hand right when I needed it, and still feel like I’m not a ‘real’ Mum because I never wandered around with one flung over my shoulder!!


Oh, and I should say too that we used the Snuzpod in conjunction with that other holy grail of baby sleep products, the Sleepyhead! I’d have taken photos of them together, but Ottilie was napping inside the Sleepyhead in her cot in the nursery whilst I shot these photos!

The Snuzpod was kindly gifted to us as a press sample (I wasn’t under any obligation to review it, but have done because, as I said, it’s been one of our favourite baby products!), and is available to buy from John Lewis.

p.s. Now, this is maybe an irrelevant P.S but I think it would have helped me in the fretful early days of motherhood whilst looking at reviews like this online…my bedroom did not, I repeat NOT look this clean, tidy, and Pinterest-able when Ottilie was tiny. In fact, it doesn’t usually look like this now. My bedside table pre-baby was home to a few bottles of perfume, a lip balm, a jewellery box, and a posh candle. Now, you’ll more likely find it littered with tubes of Bonjela (in the early days it would’ve been Infacol and Lansinoh nipple cream), dummies, at least three glasses of water (never remember to take them down in the morning) and the trusty baby monitor. That bedspread has been put on the bed on maybe two or three occasions since Ottie was born, and the dusting sometimes doesn’t get done for longer than is really acceptable. Just want to be real here, because parenthood is a tough gig at times without worrying about why you can’t keep your home looking as pristine as the homes you see in pictures online! :)

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  • Aleksandra // bunniesaremagic

    She grows so fast! Before you notice she’ll be an independent young lady. Well, she kind of is already, leaving your bed! :)

  • Lexi | Diary of an Expat Girl

    Oh that’s such a sweet idea! She’s growing up so fast eeeek !!

  • MakeLifeSimpler

    I’ve just bought our cot that I will put next to my bed – an Innovi Cocoon. I wanted it because it has a zip-up top canopy which you can zip on for when baby is napping and you’re not in the room, to stop pets getting in. My cat loves to snuggle and I would be so worried he would get in on top and smother the baby. I did really want one of these though, but obviously I can’t justify the expense of two, one for day use and one for nighttime! (Sadly!) It looks great though – I love the idea of just reaching across, mine will be considerably lower than me and not half so easy! It had never even occurred to me you could just feed in bed without getting up – that sounds so good! I had been thinking I would go and sit in the nursery each time! Did you struggle with not falling asleep though? I am terrible for it already, and not even a sleep-deprived Mum yet! :-) (And thanks for the reality check at the bottom – much-appreciated!) x

  • woodenwindowsills

    Having a co-sleep cot just makes so much sense and sounds far easier than having to get up and out of bed every time she wakes! Alice xxx

  • Lucy Sheref

    I bought the Snuzpod recently, and my mum bought us the Sleepyhead so I’m really happy to see your fab reviews! Also, very happy to hear your room doesn’t always look like that……I was starting to get some serious room envy ;) L

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