10 things that’ve made me happy of late!



It has been FAR too long since I last wrote a post like this. Especially since there’s such a lot that’s making me happy of late! First and foremost that sweet baby girl of mine, but also so many other of those ‘tiny joys’ I’ve always liked to make note of here too. So let’s make a list!

1. Spring cleaning! I’ve had the biggest clear out of my wardrobe last week and it feels so GOOD!! I’ve donated two big bags of clothes and shoes to charity, and trimmed down my wardrobe to be made up only of the clothes that I *actually* wear, rather than stuffed to bursting with 6 years worth of impulse buys. I was aiming for a 37 piece capsule wardrobe a la Caroline, but turns out that’s harder to achieve that you’d think…

2. Homemade almond butter granola bars. Made with a nosy babe strapped to my front (she was having a cuddly ‘don’t put me down’ afternoon) who enjoyed studying e v e r y t h i n g I was doing!

3. The head massage part of a haircut. Bliss.

4. The two ducks making a home on the pond outside our house. I’m keeping my fingers crossed we have ducklings again this year. It always makes for such a lovely spring and summer!

5. SPRING WEATHER! How lovely is it to just chuck on a jacket and run out the door rather than bundle up in a hundred layers?!

6. This curry recipe. We made it with cauliflower instead of chicken (I’m veggie, and Jason eats veggie a fair bit at home too) & it was our favourite evening meal we’ve had in a long time.

7. Seeing the look of complete satisfaction on Ottilie’s face now she’s managing to shift herself along on her stomach. I’ve got money on the fact she’ll be crawling by the end of March…

8. Sinking my teeth into a photography project for Jason’s company. We’re shooting interviews of some of Flourish’s clients, and it’s so great thinking creatively again!

9. Date night with my husband. We ate the BEST duck (mock-duck for me) crispy pancakes and shared a naff but delicious mint choc chip ice-cream for dessert. Totally great!

10. Finding a fun new music class to take Ottilie to. Give the girl an instrument to wave around, and she’s happy!

What’s made you happy this week? I hope your week’s been a lovely one!

p.s. I’ve been meaning to say for a while- thank you for sticking with me whilst posting has been limited lately. Cider with Rosie has been a huge part of my life for, what, coming up 5 years now, but I knew I wanted to let it take a back seat whilst my baby was small. I’ve been looking forward to being a mother my whole life, and so really wanted to take time to concentrate on Ottilie, and all the daily joys and adventures and challenges that motherhood brings, for the first few months. It’s been fantastic, but I’m definitely ready now to start finding my feet as a ‘work from home’ mother and start blogging more regularly again!

So, I’d love to know, is there anything you’d like to see or read about here? I’m all ears! <3

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  • Fruzs

    Take your time Rosie! Ottilie is a doll and I’m sure you’ll find a way to manage both things. I miss you a lot but it is always nice to see your insta stories with the baby! Sending you huge hugs and many kisses to Ottilie :)

  • http://www.daisybutter.com Michelle | Daisybutter

    Oh Rosie, you have no idea how pleased I was to return from a birthday eve dinner and spot this post on my blogroll! Ottilie is such a little darling. And I could only hope for spring weather in our end of the UK – I looked like a drowned rat post-dog walk this morning! xx

  • http://www.kayleighawright.co.uk Kayleigh

    I’ve always loved reading your blog Rosie, it’s lovely to see you posting again! Ottilie is so sweet! I’m so glad to see more of the Spring weather, minus the storm we had and a couple days of rain but I’m hoping for more sun and warmth :)

    Kayleigh | anenthusiasmfor.blogspot.co.uk

  • http://pollyrowan.com/ Polly Rowan

    Lovely to read one of these posts from you! I think it’s great to take time off to spend with Ottilie when she’s little. Most people take maternity leave – why shouldn’t bloggers? :) xx

    PS that curry recipe looks amazing! Adding to my list to make. x

  • http://www.danidunne.co.uk Dani

    A lovely post Rosie! But it’s wonderful that you are taking time to enjoy being with Ottilie while she’s tiny, and for those of us missing your blog, your instagram stories more than make up for it! xx

  • http://www.littlemisskaty.co.uk/ Little Miss Katy

    Yay! I smiled so hard when this popped up on my BL feed this morning :)

    Totally understand wanting to take a step back to live Ottilie’s first few months, it’s so nice to have you back! I’d love to see some of your fave veggie recipes on here. Your food posts have always been a favourite! Cute days out too :) xx

    Little Miss Katy

  • https://rhymeandribbons.com Amanda @ Rhyme & Ribbons

    Glad to see you back! I’ve missed your posts! When did you make the switch to being full-time veggie? I’d love to hear more about your veggie journey! Xx

  • http://andshemade.co.uk AnnieD

    Great news Rosie! I’ve loved reading your blog for a while.
    Aneira x

  • http://www.throughcloudedglass.com/ Callie Nicole

    Yes to spring cleaning! I’ve been getting rid of amour too and it’s always refreshing. Jealous of your spring weather though, we still have snow!

  • http://theteacozykitchen.blogspot.co.uk/ Rachael Cargin

    Ah she is just adorable! Cake has been making me happy this week (as always!).

    Rachael xx

  • littlemidge83

    Lovely to have you back Rosie! x

  • Flic

    Ditto, lovely to have you back and see your posts! x

  • https://www.woodenwindowsills.co.uk woodenwindowsills

    Wow she sounds like she’s so close to crawling – amazing! So cute that she goes to a music class too! I’ve loved all your baby and life update posts! Alice xxx


  • http://www.brittonloves.co.uk Lauren S

    Otillie is such a cutie, I love seeing her on your Instagram! And spring cleaning is always a treat, I adore streamlining everything.

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • http://www.hellodeborah.co.uk/ Debbie

    Ottilie is so adorable! It’s wonderful watching them develop isn’t it. We have a tummy shuffler too. I need to get onto the spring cleaning bandwagon. The house has been a tip for the last 6 months since Eleanor arrived. I’d love to read about how you and Ottilie are doing with weaning over the coming months.

    Debbie x http://www.hellodeborah.co.uk

  • Agnieszka Matusik

    I’ve missed your posts so much, Rosie! I’ve been reading (and rereading) your blog for over a year now and it’s such a big inspiration for me. You really helped me a lot with learning how to find happiness in every day life and treasure those little joys. I’d love to know more about your capsule wardrobe, it seems really interesting.

    Kisses from Poland! xx

  • Carole Launchbury

    Simply gorgeous! x

  • jess readhead

    So lovely to have you post again Rosie, your 10 things … posts have always been my favourite since i started reading your blog 4 years ago :)

  • http://www.aprileveryday.com/ April @ aprileveryday

    It’s so nice to have you back! I’ll definitely be checking that curry recipe out! The weather has been so nice lately (other than storm doris hah) and I can’t wait for it to be summer already!
    xo April | April Everyday

  • http://www.silverspoonlondon.co.uk Angie SilverSpoon

    She is gorgeous and you should definitely take the time to fully embrace motherhood!

  • https://www.pe-ta.com Peta

    What a lovely list of things Rosie, I’ve always loved all of your posts. I particularly enjoy you home posts and what you’ve been up to but above all I ADORE your food posts!

    Peta x

  • http://bunniesaremagic.com Aleksandra // bunniesaremagic

    Ducklings in your garden? You’re a one lucky woman! :)


    This is such a cute post! I have to say, all things Spring pretty much keep me smiling :) x

  • http://www.in-x-clouds.blogspot.com Bethany Dale

    I cannot wait to see you back to blogging! More baking please.

  • http://www.immymay.com/ Immy May

    Rosie! Just wanted to say, your Instagram stories are my absolute favourite – they fill me with so much joy! Taking a little step back and just relishing those first few months of motherhood was a good move, but I am very much looking forward to seeing more on here! I really enjoy seeing a little window into motherhood – even though it is a few years off for me, it makes me excited for that chapter of my life. Immy x


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