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A little round up of this past week so far…in verb form! >>

Watching: Old episodes of OITNB, and Eden (a new show all about a group who spend a year living ‘off the grid’- v interesting!

Listening to: ‘Islands’ by Bear’s Den. It’s most definitely my album of the summer, is what I reach for every time I get in my car for a long drive.

Eating: Salads! In this heat they’re all I fancy eating, with plenty of fresh cucumber and chunks of creamy feta. Oh, and YooMoo frozen yoghurt icelollies for afters because they’re seriously the most delicious things!

Drinking: Iced water. And TONS of it!

Playing: Would you judge me if I told you I’ve been playing Pokemon? Because I kind of totally 100% love it. I have zero idea what I’m doing (I’ve never been a big ‘gamer’, mainly because I can never remember what all the buttons do on the controllers) but I’m enjoying pottering along in the game regardless. Reminds me of my childhood spent collecting the cards, and then having no idea what I was supposed to do to ‘fight’ with them!

Wearing: Dresses, all day long! I especially love this baby blue spotty one from Seraphine, because there’s no excess material over the bump which gives a nice neat silhouette.

Enjoying: The beautiful summer sunrises and sunsets we’ve been getting just lately. Isn’t that one in the photo above so pretty? I caught it at 5am the other morning whilst I was up letting Elsie to the toilet. Totally worth it!

Hoping: That the weather stays nice for the day Jason and I are spending together in London next Monday! We used to spend so much time in town together when we first got together (I was living in Greenwich at the time), and so we’re taking a day out to visit a museum, shop, and eat great food just like we used to! We figured it’d be fun to do, before 2 becomes 3 and a day out like that requires military levels of planning and organisation! ;)

Planning: On taking a frozen hot water bottle to bed with me this evening! I’m not struggling with this lovely heat and sunshine all that much, but my feet do get crazy hot in the evenings so hoping a chilled water bottle will cool them down in bed. I’ve taken to standing in an inch of cold water in the bath whilst brushing my teeth each evening, ha! Having so much extra blood during pregnancy as well as a raised body temperature is no joke…

Loving: The set of cute PJs I bought from H&M last week! I bought them to go in my hospital bag for after I’ve given birth, but loved them too much not to wear now.

Best moment of the past week? Our wedding anniversary, for certain! We went out for a delicious Thai meal the evening before (and I wore a fancy dress with flipflops, which was the perfect compromise between style and comfort!), and then we spent the day itself at a big family party. It was the best!

Less-than-best moment of the past week? Uhh…maybe having to buy so many packs of absorbent *things* to go into my hospital bag, for post-birth!! I won’t go into too much details, but I just had no idea how much…leakage…would be going on come September. Ha!

Happy Wednesday, my friends!

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  • Emily Steiner

    I’ll have to check out that album, I’ve never heard of Bear’s Den and I’m always looking for good new music! :) And don’t feel bad – I’ve downloaded Pokemon too and caught a few myself lol It is fun because it takes me back to collecting the cards when I was a kid! xx

  • Leanne Rayment

    I have no idea why I’ve never heard of it before but taking a frozen hot water bottle to bed is pure genius!

  • Laura

    Oh wow congratulations on your anniversary… it doesn’t feel like a year has passed already?! I’m obsessed with Pokemon Go, but I don’t feel guilty about it because I’ve been getting SO much exercise. :)

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

  • Esme

    Hey Rosie, another tip for the maternity bag – absorb a bit of water into some sanitary pads and freeze them. As well as solving the leakage issue, the chill factor is a relief! :)

    • Rosie

      I that’s such a great tip, will definitely remember that! Thanks Esme! X

  • Lauren S

    Such a fab way to recount the week – ice water and floaty dresses all the way!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • Aleksandra // bunniesaremagic

    It looks like summer is slowly leaving us… Please stay! I will miss you!

  • Elizabeth Rebecca

    Salads are all I want in summer too!

  • Kayleigh

    Lovely post Rosie :)

    Kayleigh |

  • Abby | Lace & Lilacs

    Such a sweet post, Rosie. Also, I happened upon this TED talk today and just thought of you; if you haven’t seen it I think you’ll find it fascinating

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