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You’ll have to excuse me if this post isn’t even vaguely coherent. I had pretty much the worst night’s sleep ever last night (sure I’ll be looking back and saying something quite different about a night that at least involved 4 and a half hours straight sleep come September, though…;), and was awake from 5 onwards.

It’s all the fault of Papa John’s- stupid salty greasy food eaten late left me dehydrated and restless all night long! Serves me right being too lazy to cook yesterday…


Up until yesterday evening, this is what our front bedroom looked like. Piled high with boxes and bags of baby things, stacks of tiny outfits filling every corner, and a Moses basket that’s become a storage container for yet more of the bits we’ve accumulated over the past few months.

Cider-with-Rosie-nursery-before-2 Cider-with-Rosie-nursery-before-5

I’m not even all that sure why I fancied documenting the mess that is our nursery in progress (the mess that I actually did tidy just a little…okay, loads…to make photo-ready) here on my blog, but it just felt important!

Sometimes I worry about things needing to look so *polished* to be blog-worthy, but I was reminiscing recently about how fun it used to be a few years ago, when I first started blogging, just to capture memories without worrying about marketability and maintaining the absolute highest photographic standards and styling things until they look like something out of a magazine 24/7. Because these are the things that just get clean in the way of creativity and productivity, right?!

And I thought-  for goodness sakes, I want to recapture that old feeling of freedom!

So, here we are, for my own personal records more than anything else. Our almost nursery!


We actually cleared out the room a little and put together our nursery furniture last night. It was delivered yesterday morning and I spent the whole day having to shift the giant boxes around just to squeeze in and out of doors and up and down the stairs, so Jason and I were on a mission by the time he got home from work in the early evening!

I’m a little daunted at how teeny that space feels now it’s been filled with our beautiful new furniture (do you ever feel like that, when you put a new piece of furniture in a room? That because it’s new, it’s all you can look at and so it feels huge?) but they’re the most perfect pieces and I’m so excited to get organising all the baby things we’ve been collecting this year.

And once we’ve popped the Moses basket up in the loft until we need it (it’s a family hand-me-down we’re keeping hold of right now just in case we want it as a place for baby to nap downstairs) and the Snuzpod co-sleeper comes through into our room later this summer (eeeeek!), it’ll all open up I’m sure!


I actually was sat up in bed at 6am this morning browsing through IKEA’s range of storage boxes, since I need to buy a few for keeping all the baby’s clothes and its paraphernalia tidy in the dresser, and just the lovely compartmentalised, organised nature of it all made my heart beat fast.

Oh pregnancy nesting, what have you done to me!

So maybe I need to thank Papa John for that extra salty pizza and the heavy stomach and ultra dry mouth it resulted in that woke me up every 2 hours through the night…because hey, it bought me a little extra time to plan that room a little better!

That and you can’t ever regret a cheesy stuffed crust, right?


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Hands down, King & McGaw has been one of my favourite discoveries of this year so far. It’s a total treasure trove of prints, and I’ve become totally obsessed with trawling through the catalogue over the past few months as I’ve looking to add more artwork to our home.

Now, I’m at risk of sounding like a total internet-nerd here (well, almost 7 year of being the other half of a web designer turned design agency-owner will do that to a girl!) but one of the BEST things about the site is how easy it is to navigate. The prints are broken down into categories (Contemporary, Pop Art, Photographic, Food & Drink, etc. etc.) and you can browse by artist too, which means that even though the catalogue is huge, it never feels overwhelming.

You have to promise me that once you’re done reading this post, you’ll go and check out collection of Ana Zaja Petrak prints on the site- they’re absolutely gorgeous! Oh, and have a play around with the fab framing options available on all the prints too- we’re having a few of the Ladybird pieces to go in the nursery, which I’m super excited about!

Prints shown above :: Cafe || Pastel icecream || Brighton || Striped monochrome || Great Expectations || Picasso Sausage Dog || New York sketch || Ladybird Yolk print || Mocha Pot || Peony print

Today, King & McGaw are kindly offering my readers the chance to win a print from the site! To enter, all you need to do is follow both King & McGaw (@kingandmcgaw) and Cider with Rosie (@ciderwithrosieblog) on Instagram, then leave a comment below letting me know which print you’d choose (up to the value of £80) if you won!

The winner will be selected at random a week from today, and contacted directly. Good luck!

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You’ll already know this if you follow me on Twitter, but just now a delivery man dropping off a parcel (a changing table topper, FYI!) looked at my belly and said ‘You’re pregnant? Don’t know what you’re in for. Twenty years of hassle, that is.’ So there we have it! I’m 27 weeks pregnant, and 13 weeks away from a twenty year sentence beginning ;)

In other, more positively-spun news, I fancied doing one of those ‘pregnancy update Q&A’ thingies today, so here we have it!

How far along: 27 weeks! My final week of the second trimester, and then we’re onto the third and final! I can’t quite wrap my head around that…

Days until due date: 90…which simultaneously feels like an absolute age, and also no time at all!

The bump: Definitely out! I’ve got to the stage now where I look ‘bumpy’ in pretty much anything I wear, and must look noticeably pregnant these days as I’ve had the odd congrats from strangers! I’m think I’m carrying all ‘out front’ as my waist is still clinging on in there, though it’s a good few inches higher than normal!

Weight changes: I have *no* idea- I don’t ever weigh myself, and so decided to carry on in the same vein throughout my pregnancy! I’m just concentrating on eating well and staying fit and active, and allowing the weight gain to take care of itself.

Stretch marks? None so far. I’m using Palmer’s Skin Therapy oil morning and evening (I liked Bio Oil, but the leaky bottle drove me mad!), and so far, so good!

Cravings: None to speak of, only fruit I guess! I kind of hoped I’d crave chocolate or pastries or doughnuts, since I do have an excuse to treat myself, but nope! What an absolute bore…

Sleep: Pretty great, thank goodness, though I can’t tell you how excited I am to be able to sleep on my stomach again once baby is here! I do wake up around 4 or 5am every morning to nip to the loo, but usually fall back to sleep straight away afterwards. I’ve heard so many stories of the almost hourly wake-ups and insomnia that can come about during the third trimester, so I’m making the most of being able to sleep well whilst I can!

Symptoms: A touch of heartburn, which for now I’m managing just with glasses of ice cold water whenever I feel it coming on. It’s worse in the evenings and especially after a big meal, so I’m trying to keep my dinners light.

Best moment this week: Spending lots of quality time with family- on a midweek shopping date with my Mum, and a lunch out with my cousins and sister. Oh, and putting up the bedside cot that arrived a few days ago! It’s so exciting to see it sitting in the front bedroom, just waiting to be brought through into our room later this summer…

Worst moment this week: Really horrible pulled muscle pain in my belly, for the second week in a row! It came on again on Saturday and I’m certain it’s because I overdid it the previous day, with an early Body Balance class, followed by a dog walk, and then a couple of hours spent scrubbing the house clean in the afternoon. I think I’m going to sit out the abdominal sections of my workout classes all together from now on, and need to keep reminding myself to go a bit easier at all times!

Miss anything? Brie. Camembert. And sleeping on my front!

Maternity clothes: I’ve been wearing a mixture of maternity (jeans from Topshop, and a few dresses from Seraphine) and non-maternity pieces. The dress I’m wearing here is one of my favourites (non-maternity) I’ve had for years, and I’m so glad I’ve been able to wear it at least once this summer!

Movement: Constant!!! This baby is the biggest wriggler, and the kicks and prods and shimmies and rolls that come all day long make me so, so happy. My favourite part of each day is when Jason and I get into bed each evening, and we sit for a while feeling the baby turn somersaults underneath J’s hands.

Gender: A surprise!

Belly button in/out: In, but kind of weirdly taut and definitely flattening out…

Wedding Rings on/off: On!

Mood: In general, pretty great! I’m *so* grateful I’ve not suffered with crazy hormonal mood swings so far this pregnancy- long may it continue!

Looking forward to: Putting the new curtains up we just bought for the nursery! Though we need to have them lined with blackout material first…thank goodness for Jason’s Mum and her sewing machine skills!

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Confession- I’m in need of a shopping intervention. I’m pretty certain my whole life’s shopping-training so far has been building up to the intense shopathon that is preparing for the arrival of a baby. I’ve got at least half a dozen shopping tabs open on my phone at all times, the shopping bags are piling up in the nursery-to-be, and I have a full blown addiction to John Lewis’ baby department…

But hey! If you can’t go a little nuts ahead of your first baby’s arrival into the world, when can you?

I thought it might be fun to share a few of the pieces I’m coveting right now, and so above are the pictures, and below are the links! Happy shopping, my friends!

White pointelle blanket
Cloud garland
Grey Jellycat bunny
Hooded towel
Pear toy basket
Picture shelf with wooden pegs
Brown floral romper
Striped dungarees
Boat sleepsuit

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