Baby + me.



Confession- I’m in need of a shopping intervention. I’m pretty certain my whole life’s shopping-training so far has been building up to the intense shopathon that is preparing for the arrival of a baby. I’ve got at least half a dozen shopping tabs open on my phone at all times, the shopping bags are piling up in the nursery-to-be, and I have a full blown addiction to John Lewis’ baby department…

But hey! If you can’t go a little nuts ahead of your first baby’s arrival into the world, when can you?

I thought it might be fun to share a few of the pieces I’m coveting right now, and so above are the pictures, and below are the links! Happy shopping, my friends!

White pointelle blanket
Cloud garland
Grey Jellycat bunny
Hooded towel
Pear toy basket
Picture shelf with wooden pegs
Brown floral romper
Striped dungarees
Boat sleepsuit

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