Sugar rush.



L E T   T H E M   E A T   C A K E

Some afternoons just call for cake. Monday afternoons always fit into that category, if you ask me, mainly because I’m yet to meet a Monday that wasn’t in need of a little sweetening.

Yesterday afternoon fit the bill exactly so, and since my best friend Jo happened to be around for a couple of hours over lunchtime, we met up at a little cafe for a slice or two of cake.

The cafe is a new one called The Little Latte, which is set in a little village about a 25 minute drive from Guildford. We drove past it a few days ago, and I made a mental note to pop in after spotting the sweet little window display and beautiful shop front.

Cider-with-Rosie-Monday-bakery-5 Cider-with-Rosie-Monday-bakery-4 Cider-with-Rosie-Monday-bakery-2

Between us we sampled a slice of the Ferrero Rocher, and banana and honey cakes, as well as some hot chocolate to round out the experience.

The banana and honey loaf was the *clear* winner- I’d never thought to add a sweet, nutty layer to the top of my banana cake before, but will definitely be giving it a go!


Jo and I had our usual debrief of all that’s going on in our lives these days- dissecting conversations we’ve had and dates we’ve been on (well, Jo, not me!) and working through our daydreams and concerns and problems in the way that only you and your oldest friend can.


It was the perfect Monday pick me up, and the nicest way imaginable to kick off a brand new week.

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