I thought the internet could really use another ‘oh goodness me is it really autumn already’ post, so I’ll just crack on, shall I?

Are you ready for another British winter? I’m kind of torn about it. On one hand, this summer’s been without doubt the very best of my life. The weather was so very good to us in July (on one day in particular…) I feel as though I’ve had all my good weather luck at once and now can’t complain about rain or unseasonable cold ever again in my whole life.

And even since we’ve been home, though August hasn’t been too great and we have been caught in a couple of rainstorms so colossal it felt as though we might get struck by lightening any second, we’ve still managed to cook and eat outside plenty of times, and spend a day boating down the river, and to finish up dog walks wearing just T shirts when we’d started them out bundled up in jumpers against a biting wind.

I mean, if I’m being truly honest, I’ll be a little sad to say goodbye to this beautiful season. To the constant birdsong, and lilypads all over the pond, and to a few solid weeks of endless celebrations and congratulations and too many glasses of champagne to count.


On the other hand though, autumn will be here good and proper soon enough, and I just know that on the very first morning I take Teddy out for his walk and there’s a real crispness to the air, I’ll be into it.

I can remember exactly there I was standing in the forest when I felt that first bite of autumn last year, and how the air smelled so indescribably wonderful that the memories of summer all but washed away in that very instant.

And that’s how it goes, in this beautiful country of ours, isn’t it?

We’re carried onwards by the relentless cycle of the seasons, observing the changes in our environment and letting them affect the shape of our years. We get to reinvent and reimagine and alter anything and everything we fancy every three months or so, and let the temperature and weather and greenery (or lack thereof…) outside influence how we feel and behave inside. There’s nothing quite like it, if you ask me.


And on that note, in just shy of 400 words, I think I’ve talked myself round to the idea of autumn…

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