Sunday in the Forest.


CiderwithRosieJoules-tweed-4 CiderwithRosieJoules-tweed-tartan-Ed CiderwithRosieJoules-tweed-tartan-6

A   Q U I E T   S U N D A Y .

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve written about, and shared photos from our weekend walks in this particular patch of forest. There’s something special about this woodland though, that I can never quite put my finger on.

Maybe it’s the fact that we see more wildlife there than anywhere else we walk (deer, pheasant, birds of prey, and on this particular walk, a little rodent of some sort scurrying to safety in the undergrowth), or perhaps it’s how quiet and peaceful the area always feels.

The quiet only really gets interrupted by Teddy as he crashes through the bracken and brambles, or by Jason and I shouting a desperate ‘NO!’ at said dog as he bombs towards a particularly stagnant-looking puddle. (I’d say he stops and listens to us maybe 60% of the time. Not bad, given how obsessed he is with dirty water.)

CiderwithRosieJoules-tweed-tartan-7 CiderwithRosieJoules-tweed-3 CiderwithRosieJoules-tweed-tartan-4

We’d spent the previous day with my brother-in-law Russell and his other half Clare, and all stayed up late watching the rugby and marathoning The Walking Dead (have you seen it?! I’m obsessed but also totally repulsed by it!) and ended the day with a spectacular Indian takeaway from a local place Jason and I had never even heard of before. (P.s. Vegetable dhansak is my order. This one was so hot it almost blew my head off, but was all the better for it!)

And so, having had such a late night the day before, Sunday began slowly. We spent the morning lazing around with coffee in one hand and magazines in the other, then finally got ourselves layered up and headed out to the forest.


The coat I’m wearing here is a new one from Joules, and I can already tell it’s going to be a favourite for the season ahead. The cut is so well tailored and smart, and I love the earthy-toned tweed. In fact, even just putting it on this Sunday, along with one of my most loved tartan scarves from last winter, made me feel the first flutterings of excitement for the long months of cosiness we’ve got ahead of us.

With our walk over, we headed home for a lunch of hot soup and warm buttered toast and enough biscuits to feed a small army.

Sunday done right, if I do say so myself.

CiderwithRosieJoules-tweed-tartan-5 CiderwithRosie-tweed-and-tartan

Tweed coat || Grey skinnies || Tartan scarf || Tan knee highs {similar}.


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  • Dressed With Soul

    Love the jacket, it is so wonderful British!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • Sophie

    Beautiful photos Rosie!

    Sophie x | SophiesMakeupBlog

  • Sammie

    What an idyllic weekend you have so beautifully described. The Joules coat really suits you, it’s gorgeous. Thank you for such a lovely post. Sammie

  • Hannah | That Adventurer

    Love your hair like that! Need a tutorial :)

  • TheHungryLittleLady

    I love the coat and it looks so lovely paired with the tartan scarf! This post is getting me excited for autumnal walks to come, it’s my favourite time of year :) x

  • emily couture

    Such a cute hairstyle and coat :)

    emily xx

  • Little Miss Katy

    Well hello Katniss Everdeen! I LOVE this look on you Rosie! The coat is absolutely fantastic xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  • woodenwindowsills

    Absolutely love this coat!! Tweed is fantastic, and especially goes well with the walking destination of choice! Alice xx

  • Georgina

    I love your scarf. This whole post makes me almost look forward to autumn coziness.

  • Ala

    Looove your hair here! And also dhansak is an excellent curry, we had a takeaway on Friday actually… bhuna for life <3 x

  • Cathryn Daws

    Such beautiful pictures! I am obessed by The Walking Dead we are re-watching all the series before the new one begins in a couple of weeks. Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me!

  • Courtney

    I love your coat!! Sounds like an amazingly relaxing Sunday!

  • Steph

    Great post Rosie and it’s definitely got me all excited for Autumn walks in the woods!!!!
    Steph x

  • Laura

    What a lovely coat! Just spied the colour name on the site – Mr Toad – so brilliant!

  • MissPond

    Wow! I love the coat so much and the scarf is wonderful. Perfectly autumnal :)

  • Lucy

    That’s my ideal weekend right there! A walk in the woods, a good cup of tea and plenty of biscuits! x


    You always look amazing Rosie!!! <3 I love your scarf and I'm definitely gonna by one in Dublin tomorrow!!! :)

  • April @ aprileveryday

    Sounds like you had a pretty good Sunday! I’m still wishing summer would go on forever, but I must admit that your photos are kinda making me excited for autumn. Kinda haha!
    xo April | April Everyday

  • Nancy

    I love this look. You look gorgeous!!

    ancy & DylanQueen

  • 8bag – be unique

    Forest is a place which I admire. It’s quiet, wild and so relaxing. Living in big city is ok, but… forest is a place I want to come back. And back from dreams – let’s talk about you :) You are perfectly fitted in this landscape – It can be observed from long distance – you are enjoyed :) Clothes doesn’t matter at all – you always match them well. Every single photo is about you :)

  • Jersey Girl

    I love that jacket Rosie! I would never have gone for it based on the pictures online alone, but it looks so much nicer on. Cue a new winter wardrobe! :) x Jersey Girl x

  • Lizzie Woodman

    Lovely jacket. I’m loving wearing all my autumn clothes and I’m feeling a bit panic-stricken about all this talk of an Indian Summer!

  • Hardy and Hay

    You look really wonderful and such a lady in this coat, Rosie! I like it very much and think it looks extra nice with your hair plaited like that…(HOW did you do that!!? How!? A blog post maybe, please?).

    We have some woodland near us too, and of all the ‘outdoors’ space I’d like to have near me one day, woodland is right up the top, followed by rolling hills, then the seaside! Perhaps such a place exists..!

    Hope you have a lovely week/end!


  • Ela BellaWorld

    Beautiful photos! Loving the coat and scarf, they are really pretty!

  • http://www.m√† Nicky Nelson

    Gorgeous jacket! Very classy!

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