Most Loved #6.



S E P T E M B E R   F A V O U R I T E S .

Let’s round out this week with a chat about this month’s favourite things, shall we?

I’ve got a handful of lovely bits, with everything from nail varnishes and skincare, to an app that’s changed my life this month!

Read on to find out more…


KORE Optimal Repair Cream.

My skin tends to go crazy around September time each year, as the weather begins to turn. It becomes sensitive and tight, with dry patches everywhere. I’ve tried pretty much every moisturiser under the sun, but usually just resort to slathering my face in whatever I can lay my hands on a couple of times a day, to try and keep the dryness at bay!

I’ve been working on a collaboration with KORE recently (you can see the video I made with them below!), and started using their Optimal Repair Cream about a month ago. It’s so beautifully rich and hydrating (but without being heavy in the slightest!) and is making the biggest difference to how my skin’s looking and feeling as the weather changes. A little pot of magic!



First of all, I need to hold my hands up and admit I haven’t the faintest idea what this particular plant’s called. It’s a beauty though, isn’t it? :)

I decided a few weeks ago that our house was crying out for some plants. I’d made two attempts at keeping maidenhair ferns in the house (and failed miserably, both times) and the succulents we’d tried keeping on our bedside tables had needed to be put elsewhere to catch more light, and so we were distinctly lacking in the greenery department!

I made a quick trip to the local garden centre right away, and came away laden with a selection of plants to dot around the house. This one in particular is my favourite- it adds some height to the far corner of our bedroom, and the feathery fronds are so pretty and delicate.

And, given that I’ve watered it maybe twice since bringing it home, I’d say it’s low maintenance enough that it might just last under my shoddy care!


RHS Fig & Plum Wax Lyrcial Candle

I picked up this little tin candle on a whim whilst shopping last week (after being physically unable to walk past Waitrose’s range of Christmas and Winter candles without stopping to smell them all), and it’s a real treat.

It’s fruity and rich, and gives off the most amazing fragrance that scents the whole house. And, most importantly, it’s *just* Christmassy-smelling enough that it satisfies my urge to kick in with all things festive as soon as summer fades away, but not so much that Jason’s instigated his ‘No Christmas stuff until November’ rule ;)


Essie ‘In the Mood for Nude’ duo kit.

What’s this? Rosie raving about another couple of nude nail varnishes? Ground-breaking stuff, I know.

I just can’t help myself but fall in love with nude nail colours. It’s always an effort not to just keep returning to the same few neutral shades over and over, and these two in particular have become firm favourites as summer’s been drawing to a close.

We actually bought them both for my wedding back in July! On the day my bridesmaids wore ‘Spin the Bottle’ (the peachy nude) and I wore ‘Ballet Slippers’, the sheer pale pink. I’ve been switching back and forth between the two shades pretty much ever since (with the odd round of deep red in an effort to mix things up), and Spin the Bottle has consistently been my pedicure colour of choice.


Urban Outfitters Linear Rose Smoke Bralette

These little soft, lacey bras from Urban Outfitters are my absolute favourite things to wear these days. I find anything wired makes me uncomfortable after a few hours, and so am beyond thrilled that soft wire-free bras have become more and more available over the past few years.

I love how delicate and feminine UO’s range of bralettes are, and am planning on picking up this style in a few more colours this month. The colour’s pretty dreamy too, isn’t it?


Evernote + The List Book.

Last but not least, let’s talk organisation and productivity! Coming back from a few weeks off over summer, I felt like it was a great oppurtunity to have a fresh start and tackle my organiation head on.

I’d downloaded Evernote years ago but never really got to grips with it, but this time round I’ve become a total disciple. I love they way it gives you the ability to categorise your notes and reminders and to-do lists, and how intuitive the app is. I have categories for our house (with shopping lists, meal plans, and the like), one for work, a section for weekly to-do lists and day to day tasks, and recently used it to compile all my travel documents and notes for my trip to Paris. It’s a lifesaver!


And for when scribbling a quick set of notes on paper is what’s needed, this little ‘List Book’ is just the ticket. I *love* being able to rip off each page of notes when I’m finished with them, so that I always open up the book to a fresh set of pages. And for goodness *sake*, ticking off those little check boxes is the most satisfying thing in in the world!


Tell me, what’ve you been loving this month?

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