Les Jardin des Tuileries.


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P A R I S   I N   T H E   A U T U M N .

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you’ll know that I do like a bit of celebration for the sake of celebration! Making something out of nothing is kind of my speciality ;) I’d say at least once a month Jason asks me ‘What’s this particular meal/party/BBQ/get together in aid of?’ and I’ve always, *always* got an answer for him.

‘It’s the anniversary of the day you proposed!’ I’ll tell him whilst making him sit in my car with his hands over his eyes as I drive us to the beautiful local hotel for a surprise cocktail evening, or ‘It’s midsummer’s eve, so of course we have to celebrate!’, or ‘Don’t you remember, I told you ages ago that we’re having a ‘cocktails and tapas’ night at Mum’s in honour of it being Grandma’s birthday!’

He’s learnt over the years that just coming along with me during these plans and schemes is that best course of action, and I can say that without fear of disagreement because he hardly ever reads my blog! ;)


One of countless fabulous things about my best friend Jo (who you’ll remember from the wedding!), is that she’s just as fond of (some might say excessive…) celebrating as I am.

When we realised that this September would mark 10 years since we first met and became friends at school, all young and fresh faced and wearing our hideous green striped uniforms with giant brown shoes, we decided that of *course* a celebration was in order!

And so to Paris we went, for our ten year ‘Friendiversary’!


We spent the second half of last week exploring a crisply autumnal Paris, and it was an absolute dream.

I’ve got approximately five thousand photos to share with you over the coming days, but first, to my current favourite outfit combination…


A crisp white shirt, paired with dark skinnies and my favourite navy pea coat from last winter, is the outfit combination I’m reaching for time and again at the moment.

It’s warm enough to fight off those chilling autumn winds, easy to pare down when the sun shines brightly, and, if you ask me, nothing makes you feel quite so put together as a freshly ironed bright white oxford shirt.


Navy pea coat || White shirt || Dark grey skinnies || Grey ankle boots || Handbag || Watch


Stay tuned for more from Paris…

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