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The past few weeks have gone by every bit as speedily as everyone warned us they would…and yet somehow also, it feels as though we’ve been away from normality for months and months! I keep referring to the time before the wedding as ‘last year’, and feeling as though we’ve come back from honeymoon to a world where everything feels exactly the same, and yet totally and completely different. I’m not sure I can even articulate quite what I mean- am I making sense at all? (I think I’ve forgotten how to write in the past couple of weeks!) It’s just been the most blissful almost-three weeks, I’m still kind of floating along in a daze. My face honestly has been aching from smiling so hard, for so long!

It’s the strangest feeling, working for months and months for this one single day, and feeling as though the work will never end and the day will never arrive, and then in the blink of an eye- the day’s been and gone! It’s hard to even begin to explain how amazing it was- I remember the day as a total rush of elation and laughter and dancing and music and cameras flashing and clicking non-stop! I kid you not, when I finally closed my eyes to go to sleep that night, I actually saw iPhones dancing around on the backs of eyelids after having had so many held up in front of us all day long!

I’m so, SO very excited to share more from our day with you, and am waiting on our photos to arrive from the wonderful Sam before I start trying to whittle down the 700-odd pictures he’s sending over into blog posts! In the meantime, we’re going to be talking bridal beauty (I did my makeup myself, so will be sharing a roundup of all the products I used to put together the look), and, of course, honeymoon!

Thank you, from us both, for all the lovely well wishes we received over the course of the wedding. You made the past few weeks even *more* exciting than I ever thought possible, and that really is saying something!

Stay tuned for posts from the island…

* photo by our wedding photographer, Sam Docker.

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