DIY bridal eye-makeup tutorial!



D I Y   B R I D A L   B E A U T Y . . .

One of the aspects of the wedding I was without doubt most nervous about in the lead up was getting my makeup right. The pressure of having to look your absolute best on a day when you’ll have a camera being pointed at your face almost from the second you open your eyes in the morning, until the moment the clock strikes midnight and you wave your last goodbye to your guests, is pretty full-on!

I deliberated for weeks about whether or not to book a makeup artist to do it for me, but eventually decided to ‘forgo the pro’, and do my makeup myself! There were 101 reasons behind the decision, but the main one was that Jason had this worry that if someone else did my makeup for me, I’d end up not looking like myself on our wedding day! He was so very anxious about it and felt so passionately that he always loves how I do my makeup myself, and since I was was pretty divided and couldn’t makeup my mind one way or the other, it helped make the decision for me.

Doing my makeup myself actually turned out to be such a fun challenge! And, my friends, it also turned out to be an *excellent* excuse to buy a whole load of new makeup, so if ever you needed a reason…;)


After experimenting with endless different options, I decided to go for a very soft, natural grey eye makeup look for the day. I knew I wanted an eye makeup look that would be defined enough that it’d hold up to a camera, but not something so heavily smokey that it’d look out of place in our church ceremony. We’d chosen a fairly cool-toned palette for the day (in everything from the flowers to the bridesmaids’ dresses and groomsmen’s suits), and since warmer colours can be pretty hit and miss on me anyway, going for a cooler neutral look was pretty much a no-brainer!

I’ve put together a tutorial below of how I did my eye makeup for my wedding, and a full list of all the products I used for the rest of the full look shown in the photos above! And since I’ve already had a few questions from soon-to-be brides about how it was DIYing my makeup, I’d say, go for it! So long as you’ve done a few practise rounds of the look, and leave yourself plenty of time on the actual morning so that if any mistakes happen you’ve got time to fix them, you’ll be just fine! Looking back on it now, taking 45 minutes to myself that morning to do my makeup was probably the most calm and peaceful period of the whole day, and I was so very grateful to have a moment of quiet to reflect and gather my thoughts on the most exciting ‘whirlwind’ day of my life.


P R O D U C T S ::
Foundation – Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation {Shade 5}
Concealer – Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer
Powder – Bare Minerals Touch Up Veil {Shade Light}
Eye shadows – Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics and Urban Decay Naked palettes
Brows – Urban Decay ‘Primal’ shadow
Liner – Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal {Shade 001 Black}
Mascara – Benefit Roller Lash
Blusher – Benefit Bella Bamba
Bronzer – Benefit Hoola
Highlighter – MAC Mineralise Skin Finish ‘Soft + Gentle’
Lip liner – L’Oreal Indefectible Lip Liner ‘Always Toasted’
Lipstick – Max Factor Colour Elixir ‘Simply Nude’
Lip gloss – L’Oreal Infallible Gloss ‘Protest Queen’

** Photos from the wedding by Sam Docker, tutorial photos by me.

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  • Margot

    This looks so pretty and simple but perfect for your wedding day! I think I will want to do my make-up myself too when the day comes. I think I’ll be the one worrying I won’t look like myself ..

  • Charlotte

    It looks beautiful, very natural and elegant!

  • Georgina

    I’ve been wide ring about your blush ever since you posted the first pictures, you look beautifully flushed, just right for a bride and all the excitement! And of course gorgeous all round! Will definitely be trying this tutorial too :) x

  • woodenwindowsills

    It looks lovely, so simple but beautiful! I think when I get married I’ll do my own makeup, whenever I’ve had it done professionally it always looks so overdone and not in the way that I like it. Alice xx

  • Meldifferentlyminded

    that’s the perfect make up for a wedding. you look stunning.

    xox Mel

  • Ala

    Beautiful! I think I’d feel the same as I never wear heavy makeup, I wouldn’t want anything too much but you got it spot on! beautiful x

  • Little Miss Katy

    You look lovely Rosie!!! I think if I ever get married I’d do my own makeup. I don’t mind other people doing my hair, but I think makeup is such a personal thing. I’d rather pay to have a lesson or something and then do it myself :) xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  • emily couture

    Stunning eye make up :)

    emily xx

  • Carrieanne

    You look so naturally pretty. I always find that if someone else does my makeup there always something I want to change
    Carrieanne x

  • Rosie Ryan

    Your make up looks gorgeous! Please can you do a tutorial including all the other products too, and your pre make up skin prep / skin care routine? Perhaps as a Vlog? Your skin looks amazing!

    P.S the link in the top right hand corner of the page to your Instagram account doesn’t work, it would be much better if it linked direct to your Instagram and missed out the Follow-gram page!

    • Rosie

      Thanks so much Rosie! I’ll have a think about the best way to share my skincare and base makeup- will try and work it into a vlog if possible! :)

      Oh I had no idea that link was out of date, I’ll get straight on it! Thank you! x

  • Hardy and Hay

    I really like that you did your own makeup,Rosie! It’s not very conventional to do your own anymore, but I think I’d feel just like Jason…I’d definitely freak out at the lack of control over that…like being forced to have a haircut I’m not 100% committed too!

    :) You looked SO beautiful on your wedding day (the photos you’ve posted and that I’ve seen of Freya’s are wonderful). Definitely a good call! I hope married life is wonderful!


  • Jae (@gorjaeous)

    You looked stunning, regardless!


  • ninegrandstudent

    This is a super lovely and natural look! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

  • LillianZahra

    Love this look – I would definitely want to do my own make-up if I ever got married even if its slightly terrifying! x

  • Jennie / Scarletscorchdroppers

    Such a great tutorial. I love the soft, natural look you went for, you looked stunning. I get married this time next year, and I can’t decide at all whether to get my make up done or do it myself. I’m not very good at make up in general, so that sways me towards a professional, but I once went to one of those make over photo shoots and they went all out on the make up. It was so heavy and looked nothing I like me at all. I still hate those photos and I’d be terrified of having the same thing happen on my wedding day! Decisions, decisions!

    Looking forward to more wedding day posts!

    Jennie // Scarletscorchdroppers

    • Rosie

      Have you considered maybe having trials done by a couple of makeup artists? :) I had a few trials done to find the right stylist and style for my hair, and even though it did feel a bit expensive at the time, it was definitely a good decision in the long run because it meant I was totally confident in how it would look on the day! :) Would definitely recommend trialling, if it’s possible :) x

  • Annabel

    I just love this, and its just the thing I’d go for. Your eyes look lovely, and if I got married I would absolutely do my own makeup!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • Tannya

    so pretty! i’m going for a wedding next weekend and i might try this look. thanks for sharing!


  • Aleeha

    So pretty! I like the soft natural eye looks best for bridal makeup!

    Aleeha xXx

  • Miranda | Miranda’s Notebook

    You did an amazing job as you looked absolutely glowing and beautiful on the day! xxx

  • Lauren S

    Such a beautiful soft look Rosie, and great long-wearing choices! You look so gorgeous and a classic look never fails

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • Sara Tasker

    Beautiful, Rosie. I love that you share this stuff, and are confident enough to do no-makeup as well as makeup shots. It’s lovely and refreshing x

    • Rosie

      Thanks my lovely! I think it’s so important to be bare-faced and natural every once in a while <3

  • Becca M

    Absolutely perfect! I completely agree with the idea that you can look like a different person with a total change in make-up – I went to a wedding once where the bride looked transformed…she looked great of course but just not at all like she usually does, it was quite strange! Brilliant plan to DIY x

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