10 things that’ve made me happy this week!



Before we get onto the good stuff, can I tell you one thing I’ve definitely not been so happy about this week? The fruit situation here in the UK, in comparison with Thailand. I mean, not to be one of those ‘oh well this isn’t a PATCH on what I ate in ‘insert farflung country here’ types of people, buuuuuutttt…it’s safe to say I’ve been spoiled. I mean, we can set aside the rambutan, and the dragon fruit, and the mangosteen as special cases (all totally amazing and addictive, but not so mainstream here in England), but you know, even the bananas and oranges were better in Thailand! I’ve missed waking up and starting each day with a plate heaped with the most beautiful, colourful, ripe fruit this week like you wouldn’t believe! But enough of this nostalgia. (I’m nostalgic for so much at the moment, if you got me started I’d never shut up! Having all our family here, the constant celebrating, the sharing of photos and stories from the wedding…aaaand there I go…) Instead, here’s to the simple things, the quiet moments, and the small stuff- here’s to going back to basics, and counting ten little things that’ve made me happy this week :)

1. Hearing my sister’s voice all the way from Tanzania! I said goodbye to Cesca just as Jason and I were leaving the wedding (speaking about it in past tense is SO WEIRD.) and she flew to Africa the very next morning. I’m heading to the airport to pick her up next Friday, and I just can’t wait! 99% of my excitement is because I can’t wait to see my sister herself, and the other 1% is because I’ve been nagging her to take lots of photos for me whilst she’s been trekking and on safari(!!!) this week, and I cannot *wait* to look through them!

2. Saying ‘my husband’ all day every day! I’ve been doing that annoying newlywed thing of squeezing it into conversation as often as is humanly possible! ;)

3. English Breakfast tea. There’s nothing I miss more when abroad than good old Twining’s English Breakfast, with semi-skimmed and no milk!

4. The daily moisturiser routine that’s been keeping my post-holiday skin peeling to a minimum. It’s pretty intense though- I’ve been slithering into bed each night like some sort of slimy sea creature. What a lucky man Jason is! ;)

5. Making the most of the major nesting phase I always go through when I’ve stayed away from home for more than a night or two. I’ve been buying storage crates and cleaning everything in sight and reorganising just about every corner of our house, and having a whale of a time doing it! I’ve got to make the most whilst it lasts though, since I’ll be back to my old disorganised ways soon enough…

6. The return of the GBBO! Jason and I watched episode 1 eating slices of the Victoria sponge I’d baked for his coworker Ian the previous evening, and the cake + cake on telly combo was just too good. I couldn’t adore that programme any more if I tried!

7. Catching up with friends, both old and new. Made me the happiest of all <3

8. Sundried tomato pesto, with everything. I’m kind of obsessed.

9. Nude nail varnish. Though my favourite (Essie Spin the Bottle) did smash and leak on the way home from Thailand, which most definitely did NOT make me happy in the slightest!

10. Being home. Being married. Being right in the moment. It’s been a pretty happy week :)

Three posts I’ve loved reading this week :: Freya’s AMAZING posts about her work in Pakistan (photos to die for, and writing that made me well up. I just adore that pint-sized wonder woman) || Ella’s recipe for roasted green bean spring rolls || & Deb’s recipe for sesame noodles with cucumber (trying it first chance I get!)

What’s made it to your happy list this week? And how was July for you- did anything fun or exciting happen? Let’s catch up, I truly feel so out of the loop! <3

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