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Being in the midst of a wedding countdown has been just the excuse I needed to test out a whole host of new products. I’m never normally very adventurous when it comes to beauty (or…anything, really), but in the interest of ‘being my best self’ and all those other schmaltzy terms churned out by bridal magazines, I’ve been branching out! And since I’ve discovered some stellar new products this month (well, new to me at least), I’d say branching out has paid off!

Outside of the beauty department, we’re talking jewellery, summer tops, and hair tongs. Oh so very girly this month. Let’s do this!


Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate – £36 for 30ml.

The fact that this beautiful blue bottle of oil is now sitting in pride of place on the shelf in my bathroom is all thanks to Kiehl’s clever marketing tactics. I was handed a sample whilst walking past the Kiehl’s Covent Garden store a few weeks ago by an assistant, tried it, promptly fell in love, and bought a bottle first chance I got! Smart move Kiehl’s, smart move ;)

I use it in place of my evening moisturiser- you simply press a few drops between your palms and then onto your face, then follow up with a little facial massage to help the oil sink in. It leaves my skin so smooth and evened out, and isn’t greasy or heavy in the slightest. Total miracle product. *hands up emoji*


A&F camisole – £16

Up until this month, I’d not given Abercrombie a second glance since leaving my teenage years behind. When I was about 17, the *height* of cool was to wear a pair of A&F trackies with a super low cut baby doll top, and then team it with mega backcombed hair and a side parting so low you essentially looked as though you were wearing a very hairy helmet. I remember rocking that exact look to college, and feeling like I’d peaked in life.

Now though, A&F is pretty grown up! I popped in a couple of weeks ago whilst shopping for my honeymoon wardrobe (sounds fancier than it is, mainly consists of good ol’ Monsoon bikinis!), and came away with this steal of a summer top. It’s light as a feather and has the prettiest back detailing (I bought it mainly because it reminds me of my favourite leotard from back in my dancing days- is that bad?), and goes with literally everything under the sun. I’m tempted now to pop back in and pick it up in a rainbow of colours…


Florence + the Machine ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’

Oh, how do I love thee Florence? Let me count the ways.

I pounced on this album the very second it landed on Spotify, and it’s totally killer. Amazing to blast out whilst driving, and just as uplifting and soulful as you’d expect from a Florence album. ‘Delilah’ is especially lush…but to be honest, it’s impossible to pick out a bad song on the album. Also, can we take a moment to admire the fringe the lady herself is rocking on the album artwork? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more perfect fringe in all my life. Kind of makes me want to have one cut in myself…


Astrid & Miyu New Tricks Star bracelet – £39

Isn’t this little bracelet a beauty? I got to take it away from an event I went to with Bailey Nelson and Astrid & Miyu during the month, and have so loved wearing it. I’ve always admired those women who can stack up delicate jewellery like this and have it come together looking effortlessly chic, so maybe this’ll be step one on that journey? ;)

Also, and kind of a sidenote- peonies! They’re amongst my ‘most loved’ things in June for sure! I picked up a bunch from Waitrose the other day, and they’re just now beginning to bloom. Aren’t they just the best flowers? So blousy and extravagant!


Babyliss Pro Curl 210 curling tong – £18

This hair tong has been something of a revelation for me. You see, my hair doesn’t take well to being forced into a style. Straightening it takes an age (and the waves have come back by the time I’ve worked from one side of my head to the other), curling with GHDs works okay but never seems to hold in my hair as long as I’d like, and that combined with my very limited amount of patience with hair styling leads to me having pretty fuzzy, unruly hair most of the time.


Not only is it a snip at £18 (18 pounds! Can you even believe it?!), but it works *so well*! It takes 20 minutes tops to curl my hair from start to finish (I have it on the hottest setting, 210 degrees), and the curls soften out to the most effortless romantic waves. The first time I used it was in the evening right after I bought it, and the second day results can be seen in this post here. Not bad, huh?

An all-out game changer! (And did I mention how cheap it is yet?)


Diptyque ‘Philosykos‘ – £58/50ml.

Have I told you before that I don’t like perfume? Yep. I’ve just never got on with it at all! Fragrances never last and always smell strange on me (I’ve had an obsession with Chanel No.5 for years but it smells SO terrible on my skin) and I usually find them to be too sweet. To be honest, men’s cologne is usually more my cup of tea than women’s perfume!

That’s all changed this month though, thanks to Diptyque! Their fragrances are more complex and layered than any I’ve smelt before (with the exception of one from Penhaligon’s I’m lining up to be my wedding day fragrance…) and Philosykos is pretty much everything I look for in a perfume. Fresh at the start, woody and vaguely masculine after half an hour or so of softening on the skin, and so long lasting. I’ve been putting it on even during days spent at home, just for the pleasure of smelling it all day long! The perfect summer scent, if you ask me.

Tell me, what’ve you loved most during June? :)

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