The Summer nail edit.




When it comes to nails, there are two colours I’m drawn back to time and again when the weather turns warm- bright, orangey-coral, and soft, muted peach. So much so that, I realised whilst putting together this post, that pretty much all I’ve worn on my nails during the past few weeks of blog posts has been one or other of these two colours! I’m a creature of habit, I guess.

There’s good reason for all this predictability though. The warm undertones of both shades makes your skin look instantly more sun-kissed than anything with a blue base, and that, for someone whose skin will remain stubbornly fair unless forced to soak up hours upon hours of UV rays, is a bonus! Both the colours too are wonderfully versatile- they’re like the nail varnish equivalent of a great pair of leopard print shoes, or a camel coat, or anything at all striped. In fact, I’m so very in love with both these colours I’m considering having the peach as my wedding nail colour, then the coral for honeymoon! Maybe I should branch out though, just a bit. I’ll say it again though, creature of habit and all that…
   Cider-with-Rosie-summer-nail-varnish4 Cider-with-Rosie-summer-nail-varnish6

T H E   P E A C H :: Essie ‘Perennial Chic’

This nail varnish and me are having something of a love affair. You always know you’ve found a good one when you reapply the same colour right after removing the last manicure, right? This is one of those.

For me, it’s the perfect shade to blend in with my skintone and make my hands like 100 percent more grown up, and 100 perfect less ‘goodness me don’t you have child-sized hands, can you fit into adult gloves?’ (I can’t). I find it to be so very elegant and polished, and, the greatest of all plus points, it not only dries like a dream (some Essie varnishes I find are slow to dry, but this one is speedy!), but also lasts a good three or four days without chipping. And, since it’s such a muted neutral, you can get away with one or two small chips without having to worry! (Just don’t tell my Mum I said that. She has this thing about chipped manicures you see ;)


T H E   C O R A L :: Sally Hansen ‘Kook a Mango’

Coral nail varnishes have been my favourite since forever. I’ve been through *so* many bottles of the stuff, it’s getting to be kind of ridiculous! Still, the pursuit of perfection is to be admired, right?

Really though, I can’t think of a more summer-appropriate shade than a bright, orangey-red coral. It’s loud, and happy-making, and positively screams ‘summer’! I love to wear it with white dresses, and as a splash of colour in a muted outfit, and it’s a pretty spot on holiday shade too. It’s perfect for pedicures too!

This particular shade (from Sally Hansen) is a new one to me, but went on beautifully and is as vibrant as I’d hoped it would be. I’ve yet to test its staying power, but to be honest with you, a coral shade that perfect? I’d reapply it daily if I had to…


What’ll you be wearing on your nails, this summer? Also, anyone got any good recommendations for wedding nail varnishes, so that I don’t revert to type and just wear this peach shade? I’m all ears!

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