10 things that’ve made me happy this week!



Hurray for it being very best kind of weekend- a bank holiday weekend! We drove up to Yorkshire yesterday afternoon for a few days’ break, and seriously cannot wait to start exploring a new corner of our fair isle. We’ve come armed with wellies, cameras, marshmallows, and enough layers to cover every possible rain/sun/storm eventuality- so bring it, crazy May weather! We’re ready for you! My only major goal this weekend is to eat a glorious pub lunch, and maybe get out to the moors if we get chance. It’ll be a good one, I’m sure! I hope you’ve got a lovely long weekend ahead of you, too. Here’s what little things have made my happy list this week…

1. Getting to grips (kinda) with Premiere Pro! The programme was on my old laptop but ended up being left totally untouched since I never managed to get my head around it, but this week, thanks to countless online tutorials and Googling of dumb questions and a few desperate ‘help!’ messages sent to Freya, I managed to use it to put together a whole video! Here’s to learning new skills, even though the learning process itself Is arduous and frustrating and makes you want to throw your laptop out of the window.

2. Caesar salad made with jerk-spiced roast chicken. So insanely tasty (and the juiciest chicken ever!)

3. The beautifully fragrant bunch of lily of the valley and sweet peas that Jason’s grandma brought over for me last weekend.

4. Portable iPhone charger packs. I finally bought one, and it’s a total godsend. Can’t think why I waited so long to pick one up!

5. Being able to breathe through my nose again, now my cold has disappeared! And taste things! I missed coffee the most. The smell AND the taste.

6. This week’s rainstorms! There’s nothing better than a good summer (or really, spring) storm if you ask me.

7. Buying a load of REALLY great oranges. I seem to have the worst luck and always manage to buy ones that’re dry and shrivelled inside, but the ones I bought this week are the sweetest, juiciest oranges imaginable! I’ve got a two-a-day habit.

8. The bottle of champagne we’ve brought with us up to Yorkshire. Well, we are *glamping* after all…

9. Feeding Ted half a leftover sausage after dinner on Thursday, and seeing his little face light up with happiness. If dog’s could grin, I reckon he would’ve done right at that moment.

10. Coming across someone totally inspiring online. Hey Casey Neistat, your videos are pretty awesome!

Three posts I loved reading this week :: Liv’s interview with the forever babin’ Izy || Natalie’s super simple outfit || & Deb’s recipe for swirled berry yoghurt popsicles.

What’s made your happy list this week? :)

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