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Spring’s a funny old season, isn’t it? March in particular. It’s always far, far colder than I’d like (making it pretty difficult to wear those little floaty dresses I bought rather presumptuously in late January and have been longing to put on ever since) and the first half of the month seems to drag its feet ever so, as though it’s trying to hold on to winter. But there are snowdrops and crocuses springing up all over our garden, and I’ve just this minute spotted the first robin of this year building a nest in the ivy along the garden fence, so really there’s not much to be sombre about!

Like clockwork, I’m beginning to feel the urge I get each and every season to inject ‘newness’ into both our home and my wardrobe. Bright colours (isn’t that skirt to DIE for?), fresh home accessories (I’ll be buying those letters just as soon as the J is back in stock!) and perhaps a pair of booties to make the transition to sock-lessness a little easier. And a new recipe book too! Jason and I have been trying to up our lunch game recently, and so a recipe book dedicated entirely to lunches sounds pretty perfect!

What’s on your Spring shopping list? :)

 L I N K S ::

1 :: Citrine box pleat midi skirt.
2 :: Moonstone + gold stacking ring.
3 :: Grey textured cushion.
4 :: Copper 3D letters.
5 :: Khaki lightweight raincoat.
6 :: Avocado + mint candle.
7 :: Tan ankle booties.
8 :: Bamboo + copper salad servers. 
9 :: The Little Book of Lunch recipe book.

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