Tales from Mother’s Day weekend.



Our weekend began late Friday afternoon, with a mad dash for a train to London we were almost certain we’d miss. Jason and I were heading over to Shoreditch for Tania’s birthday, and between Jason getting stuck in close-of-day Guildford traffic, my trying-on of a thousand different outfits, and our collective inability to get out of the house without 20 minutes of needless faffing, we were running decidedly late. {That sentence there could honestly be the precursor to every single blog post I write, since the running-late routine happens so very frequently. Maybe I should copy and paste?}

We met with up Freya and Adam, Tania (of course!), and some friends, and after a glass or two of champagne at Tania’s flat, the rest of the night was spent at the pretty fabulous Beach Blanket Babylon on Shoreditch High St. It was the most fun evening- cocktails were drunk (a lychee and grape on in particular was my absolute favourite!), french fries were eaten, and dates were put in each of our diaries for a cheese & wine extravaganza at our house in a few weeks time! We chit chatted about road trips we could take this summer, about getting Teddy and Molly together for a dog-date, and about the merits of different burger joints in London {The Lucky Chip is next on our list to try!}. It was exactly the sort of evening that makes my heart happy- great friends, great conversation, all rounded off with a packet of Percy Pigs picked up from the station on our way back home. It’s basically mandatory that every night out in London be finished off with a stop in at M&S for journey-home sweets, don’t you think?

CiderwithRosie-cocker-spaniel Cider-with-Rosie-weekend-dogwalk

Saturday began with a trip to the gym for Jason and a lie-in for me, and panned out to be easily one of the most enjoyably laid-back weekend days we’ve had in a long time. Think Lush baths, chocolate-eating, an 80-20 split of time spent in pyjamas vs. regular clothes, and a US Office marathon. We took Teddy out mid-morning into the woods, and the spent most of the walk trying to keep him from charging after the myriad of pheasants hiding out in the tall grasses at the moment. It’s a job, I can tell you! He spends most of our walks these days with his nose either glued to the floor or twitching in the wind, and goes into a total trance when he catches scent of a pheasant. He went haring off into the undergrowth on a walk last week and with the noise and commotion that followed, I honestly thought he’d managed to catch a live one. The relief I felt when he came charging back out towards me carrying nothing more than a few sprigs of dried fern leaves stuck in his ears was pretty great!

As silly as it seems, it’s not that often that Jason and I actually get out and walk Teddy together these days. I’m up and down from London like a yo-yo at the moment, and Jason often takes Ted to training classes on a Saturday which means we don’t get to go walking together, so getting out all three of us on Saturday was the biggest treat. It’s these quiet moments that make me the absolute happiest, routine though they are. Only downside was that I’d forgotten to make up a flask of hot chocolate to bring out on our walk with us, a la this happy scene here. Next time…
  Anthropologie-teacup-ciderwithrosie Mothersday-tulips

And finally, to Sunday! It was, of course, Mother’s Day, so I spent the day at my Mum’s house enjoying a few happy hours of girl time with my Ma and sister. Mum was adamant she didn’t want gifts from us this year, but instead for us to spend the whole day together just hanging out and doing mini at-home spa treatments. And so, apart from a couple of bunches of flowers we couldn’t *not* buy, we obliged! I painted Mum’s nails (and mine too, both in Essie’s Master Plan), we did Sanctuary facemask treatments that made my skin feel like it was being stripped raw but ended up looking totally amazing, and then settled down to watch The Imitation Game whilst working our way through a box of Malteasers.

The day was particularly poignant for us since this year, since Mother’s Day fell on the anniversary of my Grandma’s passing. I kept marvelling to myself all day long about how in that very same house four years previously we’d experienced some of the saddest and hardest moments of our lives, and yet there we were, on a day that could’ve been so very sad for my Mum especially, smiling and laughing and reminiscing about my Grandma without feeling that soul-crushing sadness that stops everything else in its tracks. I know I’ve written before about how the ability of time to heal astounds me, but it’s so very true it bears mentioning once again.

Spending a day with my Mum and Francesca was totally therapeutic. We talked about silly things and the Big Stuff too, we compared our similarities and differences, challenged one another and got into heated debates and sang our new favourite song (Gypsies Tramps + Thieves by Cher) a hundred times, before rounding off the day by cooking a roast dinner that Jason came round and joined us for. It was total heaven.

Cider-with-Rosie-mothers-day Cider-with-Rosie-weekend


How did you spend your weekend? I hope it was a lovely one! And here’s to a beautiful, cherry blossom-filled week!

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  • http://pollyrowan.com/ Polly Rowan

    This is pretty much the sweetest blog post there ever was! Your mothering Sunday sounds perfect. I have just moved to Australia so missed my Mum this year back in London! But was with her in spirit! :)

  • Lizzie Woodman

    That sounds like a lovely way to spend Mothers’ Day! I had a fab day opening my boys’ homemade cards and then cooking Sunday lunch for my mum. Also, reading about your dog walks totally makes me long for a dog again…

  • http://www.sophiecliff.com/ Sophie Cliff

    That sounds like a perfect Mothers Day! I spent a very similar day with my Mum and sister – we even had the roast dinner and Maltesers for fuel too. It always gives my soul a little boost hanging out with them x

  • http://www.todaysthedayi.com/ Lydia

    Oh, so cute! Your Mother’s Day sounds perfect — what a treat.

  • sophie warner

    Ah you sound like you’ve had such a perfect weekend Rosie!



    Of A Girl

  • http://www.queenbeady.com QueenBeady

    What a lovely weekend you had, it sounds! I’m ever so sorry to hear of one year anniversary of your Grandma passing. I’m sure that she would be extremely proud of you all and that you spent such a poignant day together being happy and spreading love. I do hope the wedding planning is coming a long nicely too!
    Bee xxx

  • Hannah Lane

    Time with your Mum is so precious :) I spent the weekend with mine in Edinburgh, and used your blog posts on your trip as inspiration for things we had to do whilst we were there. Thanks for another lovely post Rosie :) x

  • http://www.zoenewlove.com Zoe Newlove

    This sounds wonderful. I am absolutely certain your Grandma would have been there with you in spirit !! I missed spending time with my momma bear on sunday, i have been so poorly and couldn’t risk my family getting ill!! cannot wait to spend time with her this upcoming weekend instead :)

    Zoe Newlove Beauty Blogger & MUA

  • http://heyrita.co.uk/ Hey Rita

    Your mum is gorgeous! :) Glad you had such a nice little weekend.

    My mum is portuguese and they don’t celebrate Mother’s Day until May so I still have a couple of months to go.


  • http://www.brittonloves.co.uk Lauren S

    What a lovely weekend to be with the family, especially at what can be a sad time. I spent mine making Jaffa Cake cupcakes which went down a treat!

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty – http://www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  • http://majamoliere.com Maja Molière

    Journey-home sweets are obligatory. I don’t travel by train that often, but whenever I do, I’ll pop in the station shop to get something sweet. Actually finishing the last wine gums from yesterday’s train ride home :)

  • http://anenglishrosie94.blogspot.co.uk/ Rosie McKay

    It looks like you had a delightful weekend Rosie, relaxing and rewinding with your nearest and dearest!

  • http://www.songsofstillness.com/ Natalie | Songs of Stillness

    Such sweet photos! Looks like you had so much fun, yet again :) Thank you for sharing with us!

    Circus & Bloom

  • http://www.màrriedtoachef.co.uk Nicky Nelson

    Sounds idyllic! I too spent Mothers Day with my sister though not our Mum as she’s off cruising somewhere cold!

  • http://www.littlemisskaty.co.uk/ Little Miss Katy

    This sounds lovely Rosie! that photo of you and your Mum is adorable :) xx

  • http://mutedmornings.blogspot.com Mimmi

    Sounds like such a lovely weekend, and the perfect Mother’s Day! The photo of you and your mum is so lovely :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  • http://www.missmollyemma.blogspot.com/ Molly

    What a gorgeous picture of you and your mum! I bought the Imitation Game recently and am so excited to watch it again I loved it! My sister came home from Uni for Mothers Day so it was so nice to spend the day with her as well :)

  • Izz

    I think your blog is possibly my favourite lifestyle blog ever! I get embarassingly excited when I see you pop up on my feed, plus we have the same dog…..like literally they could be twins!



  • http://www.mirandasnotebook.com Miranda | Miranda’s Notebook

    What a lovely weekend! It’s always so nice to go out for yummy cocktails with friends, and quality time with your Mum and sister is the best! I had a great time going to the Savage Beauty exhibition with my Mum on Mother’s Day. It was such a fun way to spend time together! xxx

  • Roseann

    Your Mother’s Day sounds so lovely. Nothing better than healing hearts than to spend time with those nearest to you and sharing memories.x

    Honeybourne Line

  • http://www.educatingelsa.com/ Charlotte @ Educating Elsa

    What a beautiful post. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. The pictures are incredible, as always, and how much do you look like your mum?! :)

  • http://lizziedailyblog.blogspot.co.uk/ Elizabeth Rebecca

    What lovely pictures – and happy Mother’s Day to your Mum.

    Lizzie Dripping

  • http://www.navellina.blogspot.com Nadya Elvina

    The photo of you and your mum is my favourite! You both look so gorgeous :)


  • http://meandorla.co.uk/ Sara Tasker

    Gah! How sweet is that picture of you two? <3

  • littlemidge83

    I really think Teddy and my Max should meet one day. Working cocker spaniels unite! But as everyone else has said, gorgeous photo of you and your mum.

    Annie | http://littlemidge.blogspot.co.uk

    PS did you ever see first position? The ballet doc you messaged me about? I just discovered a new mini series on Teen Vogue’s you tube which you might want to have a look at. It’s called strictly ballet!

  • http://sallytangle.blogspot.co.uk/ Sally Crangle

    Rosie these photos are beautiful!! How is that Ted seems more and more handsome each time i see a photo of him? And the photo of you and your mum is just wonderful xxxx

  • https://swanlake1701.wordpress.com/ NGOC LAN

    It was such a great day when you and your mom spent lovely moments together. I love the photos of you and your mom. YOur mum must be proud of you.

  • http://www.igaberry.com/ Iga Berry

    Hello, I totally agree that meetings with mum are very therapeutic. Cannot imagine not seeing my mum regularly. You can check my latest post with interesting links here: http://www.igaberry.com/

  • http://www.creativelycat.co.uk Cat

    Gorgeous photos as always, missy! Teddy just gets more and more photogenic by the day ;) I adore that photo of you and your Mum too, it’s so natural and you both look so happy! x

  • http://michaelajeanblog.com Michaela Jean

    Love this post! You have such a stunning blog, so glad I ended up here!





  • http://www.dentonandlou.com/ Denton & Lou

    I think that’s the best way you could have remembered your grandma and celebrated your mum by reminiscing and sharing a laugh on that particular day that obviously is so meaningful!

  • http://rowenasiobhan.blogspot.co.uk Rowena Siobhan

    I’m new to blogging but love your blog. it’s one of the one’s I read regularly. Sounds like you had a lovely mothers day weekend – especially jealous of the pampering. Rowena x

  • http://www.scarletscorchdroppers.com Jennie

    What a beautiful post! It sounds like you had a lovely Mother’s Day, laid back happy time together is the perfect way to celebrate the day. That head shot of Teddy is stunning too, what a gorgeous boy!

    Jennie // Scarletscorchdroppers


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