10 things that’ve made me happy this week!



As you’re reading this, I’m in Germany! This morning’s alarm went off at the ungodly hour of 4am, and I landed in Cologne at just gone 9! I’m here until tomorrow afternoon with Marriott hotels, exploring the city and celebrating the launch of Marriott’s 1000th hotel. I’ve never been to Germany before, so it’s such a treat to get chance to see a little of Cologne! We’re doing a little Insta-tour at some point over the next day or so, so if you’d like to follow along, find me at ‘ciderwithrosieblog’! :) I hope you have a delightful Friday, and an even lovelier weekend! Here’s a little round up of all that’s made me most happy this week…

1. Last weekend’s day spent on the ‘marriage preparation course’ our church runs for couples getting married there. I’ll admit that we weren’t sure what the day would be like, or if we’d find it at all useful, but it turned out to be full of so many lovely moments I can’t even begin to name them all. I found it especially moving thinking about how many people had given up their Saturday to run the course, and a little talk given about the idea of cherishing your partner.

2. Learning calligraphy with Hero & Betty Etiquette on Wednesday! It was SO much fun! Full post coming your way next week…

3. Afternoon snacks of sugared ring doughnuts. £1 for 3 from the local BP garage. Boom. (I didn’t eat all three. Just one. And a half. Okay 1 and 3/4s.)

4. Feeding the ducks by hand! They’re getting so bold. Keeping my fingers crossed the mama nests in the duck house!

5. A phone call from my best friend Jo on Wednesday, to say she’d just passed her finals and is now officially a doctor! She’s been studying in London for the past 6 years, and I’ve honestly never known anyone work harder for anything that she’s worked for this degree. I’m prouder than I can put into words. I’ll be going to her graduation in early July just a week or so before my wedding, so it’s going to be a pretty exciting month for us both!

6. Finding the perfect pale pink nail varnish shade. It’s so cutesy and girly, I can’t help but feel happy with it on my nails.

7. Philip Kingsley smoothing cream. Makes my hair less frizzy than normal (hurrah!), and also makes it smell like the hairdressers. Double win!

8. Starting to practise my new signature. Feels so good to be just a few short months away from getting rid of the lame scribble I’ve used for a signature since the age of 12…

9. Monday’s headshot shoot at Jason’s offices. It was so fun taking photos of actual people, instead of food and coffee for a change! ;)

10. Buying Easter eggs. Does anyone else get embarrassingly overexcited about Easter? I just love it!

Three posts I’ve loved reading this week :: Molly’s photos from Lucerne || the final instalment in Jaclyn’s series about designing her own engagement ring || & Gillian’s photos from a weekend in York.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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