Escaping to the tropics.



Okay okay, so a real life mid-winter escape to the tropics might not be on the cards right now, but the next best thing? A trip to see the butterflies in Wisley’s glasshouse, of course!

We finally got round to visiting the other day, after weeks and weeks of making plans to go and then cancelling for one reason or another. I’d heard great things about Wisley’s butterfly exhibition, so much so that I thought it couldn’t possibly live up to expectation. In truth though, it not only lived up to but totally surpassed expectation on a hundred levels! Let me tell you more…Before heading into the glasshouse, we stopped to warm up with a little lunch and coffee. The food at Wisley, both times I’ve been, has been so great! It’s always so fresh and tasty and seasonal, which is pretty rare to find at a tourist-y sort of place don’t you think? Also, we ate baked potatoes, and baked potatoes are good for the soul especially on winter days where you definitely didn’t wear enough layers. Speaking of clothes, for just a moment- is anyone else at that stage of winter where you pretty much just wear the same things over and over, because you’ve run out of inspiration for cold weather dressing? Well, I totally am! The light dresses and little skirts I picked up for spring a couple of weeks ago are calling my name…

What I wore :: That same old trench || Those same old jeans || The scarf I’ve worn all winter {sold out] || & Those grey boots again.

RHS-Wisley-Cider-with-Rosie-blog Wisley-lunch-Cider-with-Rosie

^^ Baked potato with chilli & sour cream! So tasty, I even ate the skin. Unheard of! ^^

Wisley-Butterflies-Cider-with-Rosie-1 Wisley-Butterflies-Cider-with-Rosie-12

After lunch had been devoured, we made our way through the chill over to the glasshouse. The butterflies are inside a central wing of the building, where the temperature is tropical and the air is thick with humidity. I’d thought perhaps it might be hard to spot the butterflies, but in actual fact there are so many of them, it’s hard to know where to look next! I spent the whole time wandering around in total awe- after we’d got home my Mum sent me over a couple of photos she snapped of me without me realising, and my jaw really truly was dropped the entire time! I’ve not included them in the post, of course, because who wants to see that? ;)

Now, are you ready to see a hundred and one photos of butterflies?


^^ Tree Nymph butterfly! This one was my favourite. It flew with such slow beats of its wings, and the patterning on it was to die for. Not so colourful and flashy as many others we saw, but I sort of loved it most for that reason. ^^


^^ Asian Swallowtail butterfly. ^^


^^ Blue Morpho butterfly (These ones all seemed happiest resting along the edges of the glasshouse. The colour of their wings is just incredible, don’t you think?) ^^

Wisley-Butterflies-Cider-with-Rosie-8 Wisley-Butterflies-Cider-with-Rosie-7

^^ A Glasswing butterfly centre, and a Malachite on the right. The Glasswing butterflies were my Mum’s favourite- you can only see the flashes of colour on the tips of their wings when they fly, so they sort of seem like little ghosts. Total magic! ^^

Wisley-Butterflies-Cider-with-Rosie-5 Wisley-Butterflies-Cider-with-Rosie-2

^^ Scarlet Peacock butterfly ^^


This little guy above (an Owl butterfly) took a shine to Mum, and settled down on her arm for a good five minutes! It was such a treat to get to study him so close up, and appreciate the little speckles in his eyes and the markings on his wings.


^^ A Common Lime butterfly feasting on some pretty ripe banana! The little fruit stations dotted around the glasshouse made for amazing up-close viewing. ^^


^^ Another Owl, all opened up. These ones seem so peaceful, and made the easiest subjects to photograph! ^^

Wisley-Butterflies-Cider-with-Rosie-9 Wisley-Butterflies-Cider-with-Rosie-11 Wisley-Butterflies-Cider-with-Rosie-15

This final photo is my favourite of the day, I think. I just can’t tell you what an amazing experience the exhibition was- if you’re in the area, it’s well worth a visit! It runs until the 8th March, and entry to the exhibition is included in a standard RHS Wisley ticket price. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

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  • Amanda @ Rhyme & Ribbons

    You’re the second blogger today who has mentioned Wisley. It’s a sign. I need to go! xx

  • Cecilia

    I love butterfly houses – I dragged Pete into one in Mexico – found it really hard to get decent photos though, I probably have about 50 photos of just shrubbery because the butterflies escaped the frame..

  • Ala

    I basically just had to not look at those last few pictures because I’m terrified of butterflies! A few years ago Shay surprised me with a trip to Longleat for my birthday and I loved it, until he forced me to go into the butterfly tent (not realising how bad it would be) and I ended up walking round with my eyes closed until I eventually started crying… LOL! So embarrassing.

    Still I’m glad you had a good time, and agreed I am SO ready for winter to be over now x

  • Elise Dopson

    Lovely photos! Would love to visit here :) xx
    Elise @ Elise Dopson

  • Catherine Lux

    I love Wisley so much, we’ve had membership every year since I was a child as it’s so close to where we live, but I haven’t been for a while. I must go back soon! Their restaurant is pretty epic – they do the biggest bestest slices of lemon cake EVER!

    C x
    Lux Life

  • Camille

    I love the last photo too! There is a butterfly farm near where I live but they don’t have a greenhouse so I’ll have to wait until spring. :(

    Silly Medley: Lifestyle and Travel

  • Kate

    Lovely pictures, I love Butterfly houses :) x

  • sophie warner

    Wow these are such stunning picture Rosie!

  • Lauren S

    That baked potato looks so delicious – that’s it, I’m off to make lunch!

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty –

  • Laura

    Gorgeous pictures! We used to have a butterfly park near us and whenever I tried to take photos the lenses would steam up in the tropical heat!! xo

  • Fi @ this and that blog

    Amazing pictures Rosie! I’m so pleased it lived up to your expectations as it’s such a wonderful way to spend a few hours. I love it. x

  • Emily Rowbotham

    Beautiful photos Rosie, I did spoon a bit when I saw your instagram post of the jacket potato (I was sat there with a rather disappointing carton of soup!)

    Love your mac too, such a classy & staple piece in a wardrobe!

    Emily xx

    Auburn Antics

  • Sophie

    It looks lovely! Beautiful photos as always Rosie x


  • Shannon Clark

    Beautiful photos! I really wish that I could enjoy the butterfly houses as much as you seemed to, but since I was a child I have had an unnecessary phobia of them. The one time I did visit a butterfly house, I ended up running the entire way through and waiting in the gift shop for the rest of my family to catch up with me so I’m not too keen to go back! x

  • Miranda | Miranda’s Notebook

    I went there just over this last weekend! It really surpassed my expectations as well and made for such a fun afternoon! I had a great time taking photos of the beautiful butterflies and orchids. The cafe seemed really nice too – I didn’t have any food, but loved their hot chocolate! xxx

  • Natalie | Songs of Stillness

    Aww, what a fun day and what beautiful photos! I love butterfly houses so very much. What is it about butterflies that’s so magical? Thank you for this lovely post!

    Circus & Bloom

  • Pili G

    This place looks amazing! Love your pictures!



    Records of my Troubles

  • Charlotte @ Educating Elsa

    I am terrified of butterflies landing on me so this would be my absolute nightmare! I always have to run through unavoidable butterfly gardens when I’m at safari parks etc.

  • Elizabeth Rebecca

    Those butterflies are beautiful.

    Lizzie Dripping

  • Abigail

    Gorgeous post, what a treat!
    I definitely feel the need for a bit of warmth, even for just an hour!

  • Christine loves to travel


  • Charlie

    I wouldn’t enjoy visiting such a place very much as I am very afraid of bugs (yes even butterflies) but it’s amazing to see it through your photos. These little creatures are absolutely stunning !

    Charlie xx

  • Molly

    This looks amazing! I never knew you could go to butterfly houses, I’d love to go one day! The Scarlett Peacock one was gorgeous!

  • LillianZahra

    This looks like such a lovely day! x

  • http://www.mà Nicky Nelson

    Love love love butterflies! Mother Nature at her prettiest!

  • Ashley

    They’re all so beautiful! I visited a butterfly conservatory a few years ago and had such a wonderful time, this really makes me want to go back!

  • Caroline L.

    Beautiful! I always enjoy a good butterfly exhibit :) These remind me of those adorable pictures of Prince George in a butterfly garden (except a whole lot more peaceful), ha!

  • Rachael madeupoflittlethings

    Stunning photography, really gorgeous. I can’t believe you don’t eat potato skins?? They’re the best bit!

  • Hungry Adventurer

    Great photography! The butterflies are very beautiful!

  • Sed Bona

    What a gorgeous oasis to escape to in winter — and I absolutely love your outfit!

    Sed Bona

  • By Rosie

    What a gorgeous oasis. I will definitely be going there when I’m back up in the Northern Hemisphere for Easter. Thanks for the Inspo. Rosie x


    Thank you for sharing the moments. You look so great and energetic. The butterflies are really beautiful and fascinating. I live in a tropical country, but I still hope to be immersed in the nature like you.

  • Tao Living – The Art of Living

    The butterflies are amazing ! What a gorgeous creation of nature.
    Your outfit makes me think of spring already, when outside it’s only 2C degrees, it’s a hopeful thought ;)

  • shannan jessie

    This is terrific!:)

  • QueenBeady

    Wow, first of all I love that mac you are wearing! A perfect piece to transition in to the spring with.
    The butterflies are all so pretty. We have Tropical World in Leeds which is a butterfly garden too.
    Your hair is looking spectacular too, you are going to make a beautiful bride this year!
    Rebecca xxx

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