10 things that’ve made me happy this week!




Hello, it’s time for my weekly analysis of the past 7 days worth of weather! I just can’t help myself, okay? (Hashtag so British it hurts.) Have we or have we not gone tumbling back into winter this week? I mean, what with the all the heavy rain and the wind and the biting chill, I’ve been back to piling on layers until I’m roughly the shape of a marshmallow! It’s not been the best. Still, March will bring with it blossom and longer days and a warmer sun, and so we can’t be too unhappy, can we? :) And I spotted robins nesting in our garden this week, which is a sure sign spring is on its way. I hope your week’s been a lovely one! Here’s what’s made mine happy…

1. The sentence ‘Don’t bother cooking. I’ll bring home pizza’. It’s the way to my heart, for sure! ;)

2. Finding my Monica Vinader bracelet whilst clearing out an old handbag! I thought I’d lost it completely and was totally gutted! And now I just need to train myself to not shed jewellery/watches/accessories all over the house and to put them in a safe place instead…

3. Settling upon a first dance song for the wedding! And dancing around to it in the kitchen in the evenings. That’s pretty great too.

4. Nutella & apple slices. It’s my go-to ‘we’ve got nothing junky in the house but if I don’t eat some chocolate in the next 30 seconds I’ll cry’ snack ;)

5. Seeing my Mum totally transform her fitness through Pilates! She’s been coming to classes with me since September, and all of a sudden everything’s just clicked into place and she’s noticing the hugest difference to her fitness. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so happy and strong and full of vitality before. I’m a proud daughter!

6. Getting a hair-chop! It’d been far too long. I’m a disgrace.

7. The smell of hyacinths that’s been wafting through the house all week long. They pack a punch, and that punch smells like spring!

8. Finally getting to experience the magic of deep fried pickles from Meat Liquor.

9. Boyfriend jeans. I have a pair that’re basically like denim PJs, and they’re the absolute bomb.

10. The ritual of breakfastime. Making coffee, stirring honey into yoghurt, crushing in fresh raspberries- I find it so therapeutic.

Three posts I’ve loved reading :: Garance’s inspiring thoughts on laughter lines || Carrie’s photos from a husky sleigh ride in Finland || & Valerie’s recipe for healthy chewy chocolate cookies.

What’s made you happy this week? :)

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