10 things that’ve made me happy this week!



Oh, I’m welcoming this weekend with open arms! All this week I’ve been doing the dreaded ‘switch the alarm off whilst still asleep’ thing, and have been battling the urge to run for the junk food aisle of the supermarket every afternoon for a sugary energy boost. Not sure quite what’s gone on- I guess it’s just one of those weeks! The expression ‘Fri-YAY’ has never been more apt, to be honest! ;) Jason and I are off to London tomorrow morning to meet Tania, Freya, and Sophie (Soph for the first time in person after so long talking online, which makes me SO happy!), and then the two of us are heading out to look at some more wedding suits later on in the day. I hope you’ve a lovely week ahead of you too? :) Here’s what’s made this week beautiful!

1. This week’s weather. The bursts of bright sunshine have done my soul good, as have the long days of rain. Signs of warmer, lusher days ahead.

2. Seeing Jason try on wedding suits last weekend! He look so dapper, I was swooning like a total idiot ;)

3. Using the Duolingo app to brush up on my Italian! It makes learning/re-learning vocabulary so easy, and the app has you speaking and listening to whatever language you’re learning too, as well as simply reading and memorising. It’s awesome!

4. Rosie’s Thai noodle soup recipe (I make it with rice noodles instead of zero calorie ones). So good, I’ve made it twice in the past couple of weeks!

5. Buying mini bridesmaids dresses! The cuteness of them is almost unbearable, you know?

6. Having enough batter left over from Tuesday’s feast for a Nutella & banana pancake topped with Haagen Daaz praline ice-cream on Wednesday evening! Totally indulgent, totally worth it.

7. Bunches of spring flowers in every room of the house.

8. All-change night! You know, the night where you climb into a bed that’s got fresh bed linen on, wearing new PJs…only the best night in existence!

9. Late night girl chat via WhatsApp with Freya & Tania. Sometimes I have to warn Jason not to glance over at my phone when it goes off, to save him from bearing witness to conversations no man ever wants in on! ;)

10. Dancing away to Gregory Porter’s soulful music whilst cooking in the evenings. The album was a recommendation from my Mum, and I’m hooked!

Three posts I’ve loved reading this week :: Jeska’s post featuring her favourite styled images {which are to die for!, FYI!} || Sarah’s recipe for totally vegan & gluten free macaroni & ‘cheese‘! || & Jules’ photos from a beach in Tulum!

What’s on your happy list, this week?

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