10 things that’ve made me happy this week!



Eight. Oh what’s that? I thought I heard you ask how many layers on average I’ve been piling on every day this week. And that’s not even including the doubled up socks and the hats worn indoors. What can I say? It’s been the week for it, alright. It just had better snow over the next couple of days now, or what’s it all been for!? This weekend I’m putting together a little afternoon tea for my Mum’s birthday, and have quite the task at hand since my Ma eliminated sugar from her diet about a month ago now so I need to make the tea as sugar-free as possible! If anyone knows any really amazing sugar-free cake/scone recipes, please do leave them in the comments! As a pretty hardcore sugar fiend, I’m kind of out of my depth here ;)

Here’s the week in happy things!…

1. Jason. For a thousand and one reasons, from the bar of chocolate he placed into my hands after he arriving home from an evening out with a friend earlier in the week, to the unfailing support and kindness he shows to me and everyone else too. Forgive me a moment of sentimentality, but I really am so very lucky.

2. A cinema trip to see American Sniper! The film was incredible, but I always go to the cinema mostly for the snacks. Peanut M&Ms and Sprite forever.)

3. 1989. I finally own it, and it’s SO worth the hype. I’ve dedicated an embarrassing amount of time this week to learning the words to ‘Style’! ;)

4. Yoga leggings and sweatshirt-days. Never wrong.

5. Editing using the new version of iMovie. It’s one trillion times better than the version I had on my old laptop!

6. Thursday afternoon’s hailstorm, which then turned to snow. The snow didn’t stick which made me sad, but I enjoyed watching it fall anyway.

7. Finally getting into The Good Wife! Partly because it’s awesome, and partly because Chris Noth.

8. Switching off all the notifications on my phone. I know I know, that sounds like one of those pretentious things people say, like ‘I’m deleting my Facebook’, but really and truly not having beeps and dings and chimes coming from your phone 24/7 is so liberating! AND it saves battery power like you would not believe!

9. Honeymoon-bikini shopping online! Tell me though, how can 6 individual bikini separates each priced £15 add up to £90? I mean, logically I know it makes sense, but I just feel like they should be cheaper. That’s all.

10. Buying my wedding shoes! They’re beautiful! And in need of some serious softening-in ;)

Three posts I’ve loved reading this week :: Carrie’s post about young love (it struck a chord!) || this recipe for baked eggs with braised greens from Camille Styles || & Beth’s sweet photos from a day on Lake Windermere.

What’s made you happy this week? :)

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