10 things that’ve made me happy this week!



Confession- true to form, Jason and I have still not taken down our Christmas tree. We do this pretty much every January, and it makes my Mum despair! She likes to take down her decorations on the 1st of January, whereas we are lazy and put it off for ages and ages. I’m going to get to it tomorrow though, I promise! Though I might just find a new home for the fairy lights, somewhere else in the house…what can I say, I’m holding on to the spirit I guess! It’s been a lovely first week in January, all in all. We’ve made major headway with finding a honeymoon (pretty certain we’ll have it booked up by the end of next week!) and we’re in the process of tying up a few other wedding-related loose ends too. I hope your week’s been a good one! Here’s what’s made me most happy…

1. Finding the World’s Most Perfect Hat in Topshop. I bought it quick as a flash, and plan on wearing it with every single outfit from now until the end of time.

2. Sitting working at the desk in the front bedroom, and watching the sun set over the pond each afternoon. All too often the lure of working from the living room sofa is too much for me, but getting to watch the sun set each day from the front room is a good incentive to actually sit at my desk.

3. Hummus with everything. We’ve eaten a bucket load of the stuff this week, and don’t plan on slowing down.

4. A little solo shopping trip during Wednesday lunchtime. I bought coffee, met a friend for a quick catch up, and pottered to my heart’s content. So peaceful!

5. Getting back into the swing of regular workouts after Christmas. It feels so good to stretch and tone again, even though the post-Pilates ache has been pretty extreme some days!

6. Sweet emails from readers of Cider with Rosie! I mentioned on Instagram that I wished we could keep our Christmas wreaths on our front doors all year round, and a lovely reader named Pippa emailed to say how people in her village make beautiful wreaths for their doors in the Spring, and sent me a photo of one too! Connecting with new people via this blog is my favourite thing about it, hands down.

7. Wearing red lipstick. I found my *perfect* shade this week, and can’t stop wearing it!

8. Doing all the boring jobs I always put to the bottom of my ‘to do’ list, like handwashing and sorting out my receipts. Dull, but so very satisfying!

9. An impromptu trip to Whole Foods with my darling Mum. The DIY salad bar is officially my new favourite thing.

10. A certain pizza base/flatbread recipe that tastes just as good as any you find in pizzerias. It’s taken me a long old while to perfect, and we’re totally there! Stay tuned…

Three posts I’ve loved reading this week! :: Anya’s beautiful photos of South Yorkshire in the snow || This oversized coat ensemble on Garance Doré {less of a fail than mine!} || and Liv’s guide of what to do in London in January!

What’s made you happy this week?

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