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Little-Observationist-Cider-with-Rosie-3 It’s been so lovely getting to know Steph and her sweet blog over the past few weeks. Little Observationist is a lifestyle blog, that features an engaging mix of travel posts, gift guides and wish lists, recipes, and ‘life lately’ catch up posts. I just love the way Steph writes, the gorgeous photos she takes, her outlook on life, and her travel posts that captured my heart right from the off. This interview was such a fascinating one to do, and I’m sure you’re going to love reading Steph’s answers and getting to know her lovely blog! Take particular note of her amazing thoughts on the diversity of London, a few questions down. It’s easily one of my favourite answers I’ve ever read whilst doing this series of posts! So, without further ado, let me introduce you to Little Observationist…

1. You say on your ‘FAQ’ page that you’ve been blogging in one form or other since 2002! What is it about blogging that’s captured your heart so fully? 

Yes, it’s been about 12 years now! I’ve always loved to write, but it was when I moved to London in 2007 that I started blogging a bit differently – to connect with this new city and the people who live here. Blogging is the perfect excuse and motivation to explore the most random places, to develop my photography skills and be more observant. It also helps create a community, which is a challenge any expat faces. My blog inspires me to observe the world around me more closely and the world around me inspires me to take photographs and write. I don’t think that cycle is likely to break anytime soon.

2. What do you hope your readers take away from Little Observationist, when they visit?

Inspiration to observe their own world a bit more closely and to pursue and appreciate life’s little luxuries – whether that’s baking one of the recipes I share, booking a trip to Copenhagen or picking up a something to read from my bookshelf. Or, it could just be somewhere people return to because it’s a fun, colourful place to enjoy a bit of escapism while they sip their morning tea.


3. Do you have a favourite kind of post to write? :) It’s your writing that I love most about your blog, you have the loveliest ‘voice’!

Thanks! What I love most is the variety. I used to write only about London on Little London Observationist, which I had for five years. About two years ago, I switched to Little Observationist, which gives me more freedom to share travel adventures, recipes, a bit of fashion here and there and just about anything that inspires me – London still included, of course.

4. What’s been the best thing you’ve learnt or discovered through writing Little Observationist? 

I have learned a ton through blogging! From skills like writing HTML, building websites and teaching myself the nitty gritty of social media that goes with it (which is the reason I have my full time job as a Social Media Strategist now) to learning how to take photographs because I wanted my blog to be bright and visual (which lead to a few exhibitions) to basic networking skills and improving my writing, the list goes on. Beyond the technical stuff, I’ve learned an incredible amount about London, things I never thought I’d learn from interviewing some 300 people so far and, in the process, a lot about myself, who I am and what makes me happy.


5. Your love for travel and exploration shines through when reading your blog! Where’s been your favourite place you’ve ever visited, and why? 

Ha, this is a trick question! My favourite place is always the next one in my flight schedule because I love the anticipation, having a brand new city at my fingertips and not knowing what to expect or what sort of stories will come home with me. London has always been – and always will be – one of my favourite places in the world. Recent standouts are Copenhagen (for the food), Amsterdam (for the culture and canals) and St. Lucia (because it was our honeymoon). I also lived in a Colombian village for six months about three years ago and that left a huge impression on me. And having just married a Spaniard, Spain is always going to be a big part of my life. As you can see, I am terrible at answering this question!

6. And continuing on with the travel theme- will you tell us a little about what it’s like to live in London as an expat? Have there been any challenges you’ve had to overcome? And what’s been the best thing about moving here? :)

It’s an incredible privilege to be able to live in this city. Coming from a small suburb upstate New York where everyone comes from the same background, London is very different from where I grew up. My dad is British so from family vacations to studying abroad in London during university, it wasn’t completely unfamiliar to me. I was lucky not to have to deal with the immigration challenges that most Americans who move here face. I came over two weeks after graduation with not much of a plan so my challenges came in finding my first job, flat hunting, setting up bank accounts and phone contracts, etc. as well as finding a circle of friends. Luckily everything came together and I’ve managed to build a life here.

The best thing? Without a doubt, the diversity is something that continues to amaze me. It has been incredible to be able to make friends with and learn from people who come from such different backgrounds to me – people from countries all over the globe, who eat foods I’d never seen, speak languages I’d never heard and believe in religions I barely knew anything about. It is humbling to listen to people who can speak four different languages fluently, to talk about how we’re all so similar yet so different, to be invited into homes of people from Uganda and Mongolia and Lithuania and eat their traditional home cooked meals and meet their families. London has given me the world in one place.


7. What’s at the top of your Christmas list, this year? Anything exciting you’re hoping might be under the tree with your name on it come the 25th?

Relaxing and spending time with family. While I do go home to New York a few times a year, I haven’t been for Christmas in six years! I’m so looking forward to being there this year, the snow, my parents’ giant decorated tree, eating lots of cookies, seeing my cousins and their family who I haven’t seen in years and catching up with everyone. Under the tree? I love being surprised, so I won’t name anything specific!


8. Last of all, let’s do a round of desert island discs! If you were stranded on a desert island, what would you bring with you? You can choose two albums/CDs, two books, ingredients to make two meals, and one luxury item!

Can’t I just bring my Spotify playlists? Okay, if I have to choose, I’ll take The Goo Goo Dolls Greatest Hits (because they are from Buffalo, NY and their music is attached to many memories) and Supertramp’s Breakfast in America (because my dad used to roadie with them before he moved to the States and my brother and I grew up with their music blasting from his speakers).

Two books? The Place at the End of the World by Janine di Giovanni (because it’s one of my favourite books and she’s one of my favourite journalists) and Book of Peoples of the World: A Guide to Cultures by National Geographic (because it’s an excellent book and I love to learn about how other people live).

My two meals would be Fresh Oregano Bread with Spinach Feta Lasagne and Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas. If I’m allowed dessert, it would be a chocolate sheet cake or Red Velvet Brownies.

Can my laptop be my one luxury item? (If you let me sneak my camera in too, I’d make you some Red Velvet Brownies when I was allowed to come home again…)


** Thanks so much to Steph for taking time out for the interview! Don’t forget to click through to Little Observationist and have a read of Steph’s gorgeous posts, and follow along via Bloglovin‘ {& her lovely Pinterest boards too}! **

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