10 things that’ve made me happy this week!



I feel like this week’s walked a fine line between being restful, and just plain old lethargic. There’ve been no trips to London, no exciting jaunts, no rushing-around-like-a-loon busy days…and it’s been nice. Nice to spend time just puttering about at home, going at an easier pace. Though on the other hand…’snooze’ has been pressed many a-time, and productivity levels hit an all time low when I found myself looking at pictures of baby animals making friends with other baby animals instead of getting on with the task at hand. But hey! There’s value in that too, right? ;) I hope your week’s been a good’un, and that’ve you’ve got a corker of a weekend ahead! Here’re 10 things that’ve made my week a happy one…

1. DISHWASHER. Can I put that for every point? We bought a new one, it arrived, it doesn’t leak at all (like the old one did), and it’s totally and completely awesome. Goodbye washing up brush. It’s been dreadful.

2. Flourless chocolate mint cake. Recipe comin’atcha next week.

3. Having my car cleaned! It happens once in a blue moon (Teddy and his muddy paws make it pretty much a giant waste of money!) but when it happens, it makes me actually enjoy driving my car for a little while!

4. Those little individually-wrapped caramelly biscuits that come with coffees in little coffee shops. You don’t see them so much anymore, do you? Severely underrated biscuits, if you ask me.

5. The tub of pick n mix that turned a crappy Tuesday into a great Tuesday. Extra-fizzy cola bottles are my jam.

6. ‘Hold Back the River’ by James Bay. We’ve listened to it approximately 1000 times this week, and we’re still not bored.

7. Double PIiates! The second class was pretty tiring, but left me feeling a million times better than I did before I went.

8. Reading Gone Girl with Jason. It’s so fun hearing his theories as to what’s happened to Amy change as we go through the book (I’ve already read it, but am doing my best not to give anything away!)

9. Seeing wreaths and lights and garlands popping up all over the place! This time of year makes me so very happy.

10. Burning the Christmas Pine candle I mentioned in yesterday’s post. So beautiful, it deserves a double mention! It scents our whole house like you would not believe. I’m having to restrain myself from burning it too quickly!

Three posts I’ve loved reading this week :: Gingerbread granola from the Minimalist Baker || Katy’s beautifully honest post about fearlessness || & Naomi’s sweet video of her babies talking with Siri!

What’s made it on to your happy list for this week? :)

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  • http://brittanylanelle.blogspot.co.uk Britt

    I look forward to these posts every week! ‘Hold Back the River’ is now my new favourite song thanks to you!

    Britt x

  • http://mirandasnotebook.com/ Miranda | Miranda’s Notebook

    Looking forward to the recipe! That cake sounds lovely. I’m loving my woody smelling candles at the moment too :) Must read Gone Girl! xx

  • http://aconsequentialadventure.blogspot.co.uk Kylie

    Love James Bay! There’s a live version of Hold Back the River somewhere on Spotify and it is just divine! Also love those caramelly biscuits.You can buy packets of them in the supermarket but I refuse because I’ll just eat them all in one sitting!

    Lovely post again.

  • http://www.blesstheweather.com Siobhan

    You can actually buy that caramel biscuit flavour as a spread, I had some at The Good Food show. It’s vegan too! Sorry if I’ve just ruined all future meals for you because you might just want to eat it ALL the time. Have a lovely weekend! xx

  • http://blog.pollyrowan.com/ Polly

    Flourless chocolate mint cake sounds amazing! Can’t wait for the recipe x

  • http://www.meetmeonthebalcony.com Migle

    I must say, I absolutely adore these posts you make every week. I hope you are having a good day today!x
    And if talking about what made me happy this week – that would probably be finally having time to decorate my room for Christmas!

  • http://www.littlemisskaty.co.uk Katy

    Thank you Rosie!! :)

    I love yours and Jason’s reading together. I think it’s such a sweet idea! I’d love to try it with Gary but he’s not very good at paying attention for long periods of time haha.

    And thank for the James Bay tip-off! I looked up Hold Back The River on Spotify and it’s fab. Definitely going to give the rest of his music a go :) xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  • http://lilyloveslola.blogspot.co.uk Victoria

    I loved the Siri video too. So adorable!

  • http://www.emilyattemptslife.blogspot.co.uk/ Emily

    That recipe sounds amazing, and i also love seeing everything slowly get more christmassy!

  • Carla Hollands

    Ooh you’ve made me really crave some pick n mix now but nowhere near me does it :( xx

  • http://www.thisandthatblog.co.uk Fi at this and that blog

    I’m definitely with you on the appearance of all the lights and garlands, everything just looks better doesn’t it? Long may it continue! It sounds like you’ve had an awesome week taking things a little easier, sometimes that’s definitley needed. x

  • Evelin Kivi

    Really excited for that chocolate mint cake recipe!


  • http://www.actuallyaileen.co.uk/ Aileen

    Lotus biscuits are the absolute best, and they now make a spreadable version. Think Nutella, but even more addictive. Have it on a super buttery toasted bagel and I promise you that you’ll never look back. Perhaps try eating it whilst listening to James Bay to make it all the more wonderful!


  • http://svenjalivesherdream.blogspot.de Svenja

    I love these types of posts. Seeing what makes other people makes me think about what good happened to me the past couple days. I tend to forget about the good and only remember the bad, which I’m trying to change badly.
    And especially you listing very small things makes me appreciate my small things a lot more.

  • http://www.asimpleelegance.com arielle

    congrats on the new dishwasher and doing two whole classes of pilates. you’re inspiring me to get back to yoga even though I conveniently forget the time every week! have a wonderful weekend, rosie!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  • http://www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk Lauren

    I’ve been the complete opposite and ended up in London more in one week than ever! And agreed, festive lights and decorations everywhere is so lovely!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty – http://www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  • Marie

    The candle sounds lovely , I love a good old candle especially xmas ones. I have vanilla cherry one burning right now. What a lovely positive post , needed to hear one of these tonight hehe xox


  • http://amberluiselove.blogspot.com Amber

    Oooh you’re reading Gone Girl! I looove that book, probably my fave book ever. I could really eat some fizzy cola bottles right now <3
    amber love

  • http://hollysparkle.blogspot.co.uk Tessa

    This is such a lovely list, it’s always the simple things in life that are the best.


  • http://mkstyleramblings.blogspot.com.au/ M + K

    festive decorations in stores has definitely put a big smile on our faces this week!1 there’s nothing like the holiday season to get us in a good mood!


  • http://colorfulclosets.blogspot.com Jane Heng

    Love this! It’s really nice to read what made other people happy. :)

    Colorful Closets

  • http://adelesmithsjourney.blogspot.co.uk Adele

    I love the white company candles! We have them every year in my house and I was lucky enough for my mum to buy me one, I think it’s about time I lit it! x

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