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I just love writing these ‘who’s in my sidebar’ posts each month. It always reminds me of how expansive the blogging community really is, and also of the amazing opportunity it provides for the expression of individuality. This month, there’ve been so many wonderful and unique blogs linked here, and I’ve so enjoyed getting to know each of them in turn. I know you’re going to love them! So have a little browse, add to your Bloglovin’ feed, leave a comment or two, and enjoy finding your new favourite blog…

Little Observationist
I’ve been getting to know Little Observationist well over the past few weeks, and it’s just such a lovely read! Steph is based in London but originally from the East Coast of America, and has been blogging about her life in some form or another since back in 2002! I love the variety of what she posts, from fascinating stories about London and travel posts, to gift guides and recipes. Steph’s writing is what draws me in time and again- her passion for documenting her life on Little Observationist just shines through! A gorgeous addition to my reading list in November!
Favourite post of the past month? Athens in a whirl of sights, sounds, smells & tastes. 

A Simple Elegance
Arielle and her darling blog have both become firm favourites of mine over the past couple of months. I just absolutely adore her posts- they’re always so clean and bright and warm, and so very engaging! Arielle lives on a beautiful island in the Caribbean with her husband, and shares snippets of her life via A Simple Elegance. Her About page alone will steal your heart! If you, like me, are fond of blogs that centre around the little things, mindfulness, happiness, and love- you’re set to fall hard for A Simple Elegance! (p.s. Arielle’s a fellow tartan scarf-lover. Enough said…:)
Favourite post of the past month? Ten Simple Things || Having family around. 

Mel Bakes Things
Mel’s blog is so, SO fantastic. As you’ll have guessed from the name, Mel’s blog is a food-focused one! Her recipes all are to die for- this week, for example, it’s been a pie-bonanza! There’ve been recipes for cranberry meringue pie, mincemeat pie, pumpkin caramel pie, and so many more besides. Mel’s photography and styling are absolutely gorgeous- clean and minimalist, and just so inspiring. I’m always so grateful to get introduced to so many amazing blogs via advertising, and getting to add Mel Bakes Things to my reading list has made me thankful yet again!
Favourite post of the past month? Bacon cheddar muffins!

The What Now Blog
It’s always so lovely having Lou’s blog linked in my sidebar. I like to read it late on Sunday nights or first thing on a weekday morning- a little pep-talk before the start of a busy day or week. The What Now Blog is full of thoughtful, inspiring posts that encourage thoughtful, inspired living! Reading Lou’s posts always leaves me feeling so much more ‘present’, and determined to put as effort into caring for my mental wellbeing as I do working out and taking care of my physical wellbeing. Such a fantastic read- I really can’t recommend it highly enough.
Favourite post of the past month? Are you part of the cult of busy?

Oh Hey Blog
Megan’s blog was a new one to me this month, and I absolutely adore it! Megan is an Aussie living in beautiful Paris, and she documents her foreign adventures on her blog! And I’m telling you, those are some gorgeous adventures being had! Megan’s photos of Paris are just perfect- she has a real gift for storytelling through her photography, and I’m totally addicted to reading her posts. They’re always so simple and beautifully put together, and seem so effortless. To all my fellow Francophiles, you’re about to fall in LOVE!
Favourite post of the past month? Doors of Paris.

Bumpkin Betty
It’s always a pleasure to read Jaclyn’s lovely blog, but this month was extra special. Why? Well, because Jaclyn got engaged! I couldn’t be happier for this lovely lady! Even aside from this most fun and happy of announcements, this month Bumpkin Betty’s been a joy to read! Jaclyn’s posts are lifestyle-focused, full of sweet travel posts and gorgeous outfits and inspiring homewares. It’s the sort of blog you find yourself getting lost in- and now I just can’t wait to follow along with Jaclyn’s wedding planning!
Favourite post of the past month? A Hampton Court Palace Proposal

Let Us Wanderlust
Oh, Carly’s blog is a beautiful one! I’m so glad to have had chance to get to know it throughout November- it’s gone right to the top of my ‘daily reads’ list! Carly lives in Australia with her husband, and shares posts about their lovely life together on her blog. Her writing is so warm and personable (something that never fails to make me fall for a blog!) and her sweet ‘real life catch up’ style posts are such a pleasure to read. Be prepared though, you’ll need to set aside a good hour or so for reading once you get started on Let Us Wanderlust!
Favourite post of the past month? Five favourites from the week that was!

Uncia + Tigris
I just love reading Claire’s blog. Uncia + Tigris is exactly the sort of lifestyle blog that captures my heart from the first post- full of sweet snippets and insights into Claire’s life (she’s a fellow Surrey girl!), round ups of her favourite reads from around the web, and beautiful photos from her travels and adventures. Her posts always read as so smart and concise, and feel like catching up with a friend. If you’re fond of the sort of charming lifestyle blog that draws you in from the very first post, Uncia + Tigris one for you!
Favourite post of the past month? A Day at the Sea : Milford-on-sea+ Lymington

The Fleeting Day
Malgo’s blog is truly stunning. I stumbled across it a good few months back now, and devoured post after post. So it’s really the greatest pleasure having it linked in my sidebar, for the easy click-through alone! :) The Fleeting Day focuses primarily on travel- Malgo’s photos of far flung places will inspire wanderlust in even the most homely of folk (myself included!). Her posts are escapism at its finest, and Malgo’s photos are really are a sight to be seen. I can’t recommend The Fleeting Day highly enough! Get ready to lose yourself (and have your ‘Pin It’ button at the ready, because pretty much every photo Malgo takes is Pinterest-able!) :)
Favourite post of the past month? Island life {photo essay}

Little Miss Katy
It’s been so fun getting to know Katy and her blog better and better over the past few weeks! I meant, she is a self-professed hater of olives, but it’s okay. We won’t hold it against her ;) Little Miss Katy is such a charming blog- full of lifestyle posts that feature restaurant reviews, sweet wish list posts, and even my favourite happy lists! Katy’s beautiful personality shines through her posts, and made me warm to her blog the very first time I read it. Start off by reading her review of Señor Ceviche, and don’t forget to add the wonderful Little Miss Katy to your reading list!
Favourite post of the past month? Restaurant | Señor Ceviche. 

Rhyme & Ribbons
Oh, I love Amanda! Her blog is such a beautiful read- one that I check in on like a keen bean each day to see if there’s a new post! This month, Amanda’s been busy with such fun things! She’s been to the House of Fraser press day, made browned butter pumpkin cake (as delicious looking as you’d imagine!), worn the cutest Christmas jumper, AND been to Oxford! Amanda’s blog seems to be growing at a rate of knots, and I couldn’t be happier for her. It’s such a great read, and totally deserving of its success!
Favourite post of the past month? Oxford, England.

A Dash of Ginger
It’s been such a pleasure having A Dash of Ginger linked here on CwR again this month, because clicking through to Kirsty’s blog for my daily dose of food inspiration has become my favourite time of day! This month, Kirsty’s cooked such delicious looking things. There’s been a brown butter pumpkin loaf with maple cream cheese frosting! Venison pie with sweet potato mash! Baked apple oatmeal! And, my favourite of favourites, a warm apple Pimms cocktail! I mean, come ON! Kirsty’s just nailing it all round! Head over there right away to get ahold of that recipe…
Favourite post of the past month? (You guessed it!) Warm Apple Pimms Cocktail

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  • http://daydreamsofsummertime.blogspot.co.uk/ Sarah

    I have been reading Carly’s blog for ages now and I just love it! One of my absolute faves! xx

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    Oh I love when you do little round-ups like this, I always end up adding more blogs to my reading list :) xx

  • http://mirandasnotebook.com/ Miranda | Miranda’s Notebook

    So glad you enjoyed my Petersham Nursery post! Looking forward to checking out all the lovely blogs I don’t know :)

  • http://www.thefleetingday.com Malgo

    thank you so much for your kind words Rosie. It’s been a pleasure to advertise with you this month. I’m sure I will be back in the New Year, we’ve got a lot of travels planned for 2015 so it would be lovely to introduce my blog to new readers with your help :)

  • http://www.daisychurchward.co.uk Daisy

    I think it’s great to have mini bios of the blogs on your blog, definitely one of my favourite posts to read :).


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    Nice post! Really great blogs!
    Good job

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    Thanks for the lovely write up! xx

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    What a lovely post – I love getting inspiration for new blogs to follow!

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    I will hopefully be reading these blogs soon, as I want to discover some new platforms and these all sound intriguing – thank you for sharing!
    M x

  • http://www.littleobservationist.com Steph

    Thanks for the kind words! I’m going to check out all the others now!

  • http://www.asimpleelegance.com arielle

    aww, rosie! thank you so much. everything you said was so nice. and I’m so excited to check out all of these other wonderful blogs.

    love, arielle

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    Thank you once again for your lovely words Rosie! And apologies for my lateness in saying thanks – it seems wedding planning has taken over my life (but in a good way of course!) xx

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