Breakfast isn’t something I’d normally associate with Selfridges. Normally, when I think Selfridges, I think of handbags, Christmas hampers (more on these later!), and tree decorations. Of that wonderful food court, and the even more wonderful chocolate department. Of being able to find every label under the sun, from Topshop to Celine, yet never quite managing to find my way out of the same door through which I entered the shop. Never really breakfast though, at least, not until the visit I made to Le Chalet the week before last…

Last Friday, I was at the train station before the sun had even risen fully. It was bitterly cold, and the sweet lady in the cafe at the station gave me a cup of tea on the house after I’d told her all about what a mad rush I’d had trying to find a place to park my car and not miss my train. I met up with a few other bloggers at Selfridges a little after 9, and we were taken up to Le Chalet, Selfridges’ beautiful (and oh so very festive!) rooftop restaurant. It’s open all along one side, and the views over the city were a sight to be seen. Not to mention, all those windows made taking photos a total dream ;)

Le Chalet is, as you’d imagine, a total winter/Christmas haven. Each chair has a thick woollen checked blanket folded over it, the walls are decorated with branches festooned with lights, and the bar looks like something you’d kind in a ski lodge (all dark wood and rows of warming spirits). The food was pretty great too! I highly recommend the avocado toast, and the flat white was rich and punchy. Next time though, I’m definitely having one of those ‘choctails’ 


So once breakfast was done and dusted, we had chance to sample Selfridge’s range of Christmas hampers. They range in price from £50 to a whopping £5000(!)- you’d have to be *really* good all year round to deserve one of those, wouldn’t you? (p.s. Just look at what’s inside it! It’d make for one hell of a Christmas day!) The hampers I think look the loveliest  (and aren’t quite so bank-breaking) are the No Fun Like Work hatbox (containing tea, shortbread, a giant chocolate coin, and a mug), the Festive Selection hamper (a traditional box containing everything from coffee and cinder toffee to chutney and wine), and the happily indulgent Chocolate Break hatbox.

It’s hard to pick a stand-out item of all the things we sampled (crackers, cheese, sea salt caramel biscuits, olives), but I will say that Jason didn’t get to eat one single olive from the jar I brought home with me, because I demolished them so fast. A testament to their tastiness… 


^^ Those bombes are amazing. Though my favourite one, the peanut butter and chocolate, seems to have been discontinued since I sampled it back at Selfridges’ Christmas in July event! A tragedy if ever I knew one! ^^


^^ Nothing better than panettone at Christmas time, don’t you think? Our family tradition is to pick one up at the same time as buying our tree, and then we snack on slices of toasted and buttered panettone whilst we decorate! It’s one of my favourite traditions we keep! :) ^^

Once the tasting was over, we had a little wander back through Selfridges Christmas department to admire the decorations and lights and displays, and I stopped in to say hi to the handbags too, before heading back out on to a very busy Oxford Street. If you’re in the region of Oxford Street over the coming weeks, Selfridges’ windows alone are worth a visit. Decked out in fir and lights and with amazing, whimsical displays behind the windows themselves- they’re quite the sight!

And now, I’m ready for Christmas to be here!


What I wore :: Cardigan || Top || Skirt || Boots || Handbag

p.s. Thanks to Rose for playing photographer for me. Girl’s got skills!


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There’s been a whole lot more ‘homeliness’ going on this week, after the busy business of last week and before the of jam-packed one that’s ahead. There’s been plenty of cosiness, lots of eating of soup, and a fair few no-makeup days. I’ve enjoyed it, a lot. This weekend, Jason and I are heading out in town with Freya and Adam for a pizza date, and I could not be more excited! Friends + pizza + Jason + London?! The perfect combination! I’m also spending Saturday afternoon with this little pea, which I know will be a good time! We’ve already got feeding the ducks and a trip to the ponies on the agenda ;) I hope your weekend is a lovely one! Here’s a round up of what’s made me most happy this week…

1. Taking photographs. Some weeks I find that it’s easier to get my eye in than others, when it comes to photography. This has definitely been an easy week, and I’ve been having so much fun with it.

2. Laying in bed, listening to the heavy rain outside.

3. Teddy’s obsession with the sheepskin I have in the lounge. If I ever put it on the floor, he’s on it the moment my back is turned. Kind of tempted to buy one for his bed…though maybe in a dark colour, because can you even imagine what a state a cream sheepskin in a black (and often muddy) dog’s bed would end up in!?

4. Having a sort of new laptop! We restored my one back to factory settings this week (after it had been totally maxed out and had a couple of software errors on it), and now it’s good as new again! No more waiting a hundred years for Photoshop to load, hurrah!

5. Getting to have a long old catch up with my best friend Jo over the phone whilst out with Ted on Tuesday morning. It’s a rare occasion that our schedules are in sync, so we like to make the most of it when we can :)

6. Steak + chips night! Medium rare steak & extra-salty chips. Can’t beat it!

7. The two men I saw sitting side by side outside a cafe on Thursday afternoon, drinking coffees. They weren’t talking much- just sat watching the world go by. They looked so content and at peace with the world, it made my heart happy.

8. Sprigs of holly all round the house! So festive!

9. My new workout leggings. Would it be wrong to wear them all day every day until spring arrives? They’re like a hug for your legs, and I am totally in love with them.

10. This week’s Homeland! It’s finally hotting up, huh?

Three posts I’ve loved reading this week :: This recipe from ABM for peanut butter cup bars || Freya’s post about married life {so incredibly beautiful, not to mention well written. It made me even more excited about getting married next year!} || and this divine outfit on Late Afternoon.

What’s made you happy, this week? :)

p.s. Good news! I’m offering 10% off all advertising packages throughout the rest of November! Head to the Sponsor page and enter the code ‘NOVEMBERBONUS’ to take 10% off your ad spot! :)


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Cider-with-Rosie-festive-baking-day Cider-with-Rosie-seasonal-to-do-list Shortcrust-pastry-recipe Cider-with-Rosie-mince-pie-baking Making-shortcrust-pastry Shortcrust-pastry Making-mince-pies-Cider-with-Rosie Rosie-making-pastry Nigella-star-topped-mince-pies Cider-with-Rosie-blogger Homemade-cranberry-mince-pies

For me, there’s nothing better than a baking day. Sure, it means there’ll be mountains of washing up to do. Sure, you might end up feeling queasy from eating so much sugar. And sure, the mess will inevitably spread across your entire kitchen and maybe into the living room as well. But it’ll be worth it, because the fruits of your labour will make it so.

And if a normal baking day is wonderful, then a festive baking day is most certainly on a whole new level of wonderful-ness. Each year the thing I look forward to most about the lead up to Christmas are baking days like this one. Where pans sit simmering on the hob, full of spicy chutneys and fruity mincemeat. Where the house winds up smelling more festive than if you’d lit a thousand Christmas-themed scented candles, and you begin to feel the first flutterings of Christmas spirit.

Earlier in the week, I had such a day. I made a batch of Nigella’s cranberry and port mincemeat, and then some of her famous mini star-topped mince pies. They turned out sort of rustic (I’ve not yet mastered the art of shortcrust pastry, since I only really make it once or twice each year), but tasted no less delicious because of it. The other thing to come out of the kitchen on Tuesday (other than several clouds of icing sugar dust and a dog who tried to run off with a mouthful of dried cranberries), were these white chocolate + coffee popcorn balls. I didn’t quite catch them in time to roll them up, but they taste just as divine in popcorny-clumps. Jason and I can’t leave the jar I’ve stored it in alone…

More from my seasonal to-do list series ::
Try this :: a hot chocolate picnic.
Try this :: go walking somewhere new.


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Oh, winter. I am so very glad you’re here! We’ve been doing winter right round these parts lately. I’ve been burning candles right through the day time (which feels like a massive indulgence, but always makes the house feel so very festive), making up extra hot-hot water bottles to take up to bed each night, and doubling up on socks most days too. I could do with a touch less rain, if I’m being completely frank, but all in all the frosty weather and grey skies are making me one very happy bunny. And it’s also making me want to shop! Here’s a little round up of what’s on my winter-themed ‘most coveted’ list right now…

p.s. Those shoes! Aren’t they just perfect?

L I N K S ::
1 :: Feather Christmas tree decoration
2 :: Green felt trilby
3 :: Glass honey pot with dipper
4 :: Stacking letter rings
5 :: Canvas lunch bag
6 :: FairIsle socks
7 :: Boyfriend jeans
8 :: Red check throw
9 :: Wild mint candle
10 :: Patent leather loafers

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