Not-so-healthy cranberry, macadamia + coconut granola bars.



I’ve changed the way I think about granola bars, recently. You see, I’d spent such a long time trying to convince myself that they’re a health food, it was frankly an *un*healthy waste of time. I’d considered replacing butter with coconut oil, tried cutting out the sugar, and spent ages trying to find the most wholesome, virtuous, organic peanut butter on the market. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Healthy granola bars have their place, they do! But I’ve come to realise that a little bit of naughty mixed in with all the good stuff makes things just that bit more interesting.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a little bit of *proper* butter alongside your wholenut, sugar free peanut butter, and a little drizzle of chocolate to go with your wholesome oats, don’t you think? My granola bars are just the right balance between saintly and sinful. They’re for those of us who like our chips with a side of salad, our Pilates classes to be followed up by a slice of cake and a large latte, our apple slices dunked in Nutella. The coconut flakes add a subtle richness, macadamias make me happy because they’re tasty and also because they remind me of Ross from Friends, and cranberries taste like Christmas! PLUS there’s a bumper load of cinnamon and peanut butter in there for good measure, too!

Shall we get to the recipe already? Okay, here goes…

Gluten-free-granola-bar-recipe Cranberry-and-macadamia-granola-bars Fruit-and-nut-granola-bars


Recipe adapted and converted from this one here from King Arthur Flour.

Ingredients ::
160g quick-cooking rolled oats
100g granulated sugar
30g oats whizzed up in a food processor to make a flour
1/2 fine salt
1/2 ground cinnamon
150g mixed cranberries + macadamia nuts
70g coconut flakes
90g crunchy peanut butter
60g honey
2tbsp corn syrup
1tbsp water

- Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, and set the butter to melt in a small saucepan. Use a little of the melted butter to grease a square baking tin, then line the tin with two strips of parchment paper in both directions. They do have a tendency to stick if you don’t line the tin fully, so be sure that you line the tin fully and then give the parchment paper a quick grease with melted butter too.

- Measure out the oats and sugar, and add to a large bowl. Put the remaining 30g of oats into a food processor, blend to a soft flour, and then add in.

- Then, simply, just measure out the remaining ingredients one by one, and put them into the bowl! Pour the melted butter in last of all, then use a wooden spoon to mash it all together. Keep mashing for longer than you think you’ll need to, to really make sure all the peanut butter is evenly mixed in.

- Empty the mixture into your lined and greased tin, then use the back of a spoon to pack it all in tight and smooth over the top. Put into a preheated oven, and cook for 25-30 minutes until the top is a golden brown colour. (Mine usually need precisely 27 minutes of cooking!)

- Allow them to cool completely in the tin before turning out, peeling off the parchment paper, and slicing into 12. And don’t forget to drizzle them with chocolate, if you fancy tipping the scales in the direction of ‘sinful’ ;)


Stack them, wrap them, and pack them in your lunch box. And don’t forget to tag me in a pic if you have a go at making them yourself! You know the drill, I’m ‘ciderwithrosieb’ on Twitter and ‘ciderwithrosieblog’ on Instagram!

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  • Polly

    I am definitely a girl who likes a slice of cake after a Pilates class! And chips with salad ;)

    These look amazing, defo going to give them a go x

  • Sarah

    OMG these look amazing! I’m actually drooling (it’s an attractive look). I need to make these asap! x

  • Rosie

    They look delicious!

    Rosie xx

  • Josephine Penelope

    Wow, these look amazing, and brilliant photos too! Can you do a post on your photography tips please!

  • Niki

    They are very similar to the ones I make…you really have to have the chocolate drizzle on top – it’s the law xx

  • chelsea

    looks oh so good! Such a delicious combo of flavors!

  • Carly

    These granola bars looks so yummy, and just the perfect amount of naughty! I can’t wait to give this recipe a go. P.s. I’ve been a reader for a while now and just felt compelled to tell you how much I adore your blog!

    Carly xo

  • Miranda | Miranda’s Notebook

    I *love* granola bars, and, for me, life would be a bit sad without butter! This recipe looks delicious.

  • Caroline

    OMG! These look amazing, and are making me hungry.

    I have the same issue with you about granola, they so often feel like they SHOULD be healthy, but they’re so often not!! Still yum all the same though xx

  • Lauren S

    oh my goodness these look so gooood! I like to have cheekier bakes towards Christmas, so I will have to whip up another batch of granola bars, love the ingredients you’ve used too :)

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty –

  • Daisy

    Recently started to like macadamia nuts, and these look SO yummy.

  • Rosie

    Rosie these look utterly divine will have to try them.
    Rosie x

  • Eva

    Love this recipe, it’s absolutely decadent et gorgeous ! If you ask yourshelf how I found your blog through Candy Pop ;)

  • Victoria

    Ooooo these look really yummy! Pinned! :) x

    Landscapes & Cupcakes | a garden designer’s blog

  • Tamzin

    A little bit sinful is ok by me, we can’t be good all the time! These sound delicious : )

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