Autumn home update!



I’ve been nesting in a rather all-consuming way recently, and it’s all the fault of the season. With the nights drawing in earlier and earlier and the weather cooling down rapidly (for the most part…though what on earth were the last couple of days of October about?!), it’s time to start feathering our nests with woollen blankets and sheepskins and spice-scented candles set on every available surface. Or at least, I think it is anyway.

Whilst we’re on the subject of sheepskins, let’s talk for a minute about the one in these photos. I’ve never had one in the house before, and now I’ve bought one, I want at least ten more. Two for the floor each side of our bed, one on the leather armchair, two as a rug in the guest bedroom, another for my desk chair- hell, even the dog can have one! Teddy’s quite partial to this puppy, if I’m honest. I put it down on the floor in the evenings quite frequently along with a load of cushions when I’m feeling too sprawl-y for the sofa, and the dog tries to commandeer it as his own the second my back is turned. Ted’s probably just trying to show both the sheepskin and me who’s boss though, to be honest, after I may or may not have wrapped it round him the other day to see if he’d look like one of those cute white sheep with the black legs and faces. In reality he just looked like a very angry spaniel wearing a rug, which was both predictable and amusing.

Aside from a pretty serious sheepskin obsession, the other main loves of my life right now (aside from the aforementioned grumpy spaniel and my fiancé, of course) are a rather dashing set of 3 wire baskets, and candles. Our house looks like Blackpool Illuminations every day come 5pm, with all the candles I have burning round the place. We’ve got latte scented candles here, apple + cinnamon candles there, and my all-time favourite mandarin, cinnamon + clove candle in pride of place in the living room. It’s been the scent of Christmas for me for years now, ever since my Mum first started buying it every festive season. Those baskets are a very recent find though, and I’m very much in love. I’ve put one of them on the kitchen windowsill, to take the place of the latest batch of herbs I’ve managed to massacre and had to throw out ;)

The overall look I’ve been striving for with the house is sort of ‘cosy country cottage’- with warm colours and plenty of soft textures and natural fabrics and materials. Jason thinks I’ve been heavily influenced by A) two trips to Scotland in the past six months, and B) Pinterest. Eh! He’s probably right ;) But enough talk- and now, photos!


Where from? :: Red tartan cushions || Sheepskin || & the sweet succulent was a favour from the wedding we went to last week!


Where from? :: Wire baskets {from a local garden centre, similar here} || Grey striped tea towels || Olive wood spoon

Sheepskin-and-succulent Stag-and-tartan-cushions-Cider-with-Rosie-blog

Where from? :: Bronze stag head cushion


L I N K S ::
Red tartan cushions
Natural knitted cushion
Stag head cushion
Double latte candle
Mandarin cinnamon + clove candle
Set 3 chicken wire baskets {From a local garden centre. Similar here.}
Olive wood spoon
Grey striped tea towels

Are you ‘feathering your nest’ right now too? Let’s talk about shopping in the comments. Because it’s Monday, and also because it’s early November which means we’ve probably only got another week or so left before we have to stop buying treats for ourselves and can only buy Christmas presents instead, right?

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  • Ala Skrakowski

    Love your cushions! I’m in dire need of some comfy, full cushions! But also in dire need of candles for the flat, all of ours seem to have run out at the same time and now I’m dipping into my hoard of Calvin Klein candles that I’m trying to make last as long as I can! ALTHOUGH, when we were in Selfridges in B’ham on Saturday we came across these amazing room infusers from Muji, expensive but all kinds of amazing and futuristic. But we’re all about the blankets too, all of the drawers in the daybed are stuffed to the brim of fleecy blankets, not a bad thing in my opinion! x

  • Jenna Williams

    Love the sheepskin but think my two dachshunds may well think its for them and I’ll never see it again!! I’m always on the hunt for candles that actually smell! My latest one was from The White Company, it was ok but you really had to sniff to smell it (if that makes sense?!) I’d love a Dipytique one however they are a bit budget-breaking!!

  • Amanda @ Rhyme & Ribbons

    Your home is so lovely Rosie! x

  • Miranda | Miranda’s Notebook

    I think your spaniel is the cutest thing in all of your pictures, although your home looks lovely! I’ve just started lighting up candles in the evenings and when I work from home too – it’s so cosy. I love the wire baskets!

  • Katy

    I’m a massive fan of that sheepskin!

    I’ve just started trying to Autumn-ise my bedroom: new duvet, new cushions, fairy lights up, spiced-scented candles and tartan blankets…

    I’ve been referring to my room as my cave, as it keeps making me want to curl up like a bear and hibernate for the Winter! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  • Chiara

    I’ve gone slightly mad on the nesting too. John Lewis has the most amazing chunky knit throws and there’s something about this time of year that makes me want to light lots of candles, especially ones that smell of Christmas. I’ve definitely spent far too much money getting our home winter-ready. I love your sheepskin by the way, it looks so cosy!x

  • Charlotte

    I have been eyeing up those tartan cushions since I got my red sofa. I really want to tone it down and tie it into my creamy-gold curtains somehow. I think I might take the plunge. Your home is so cozy.

  • Jill

    I have these fur pillows that I’m dying to pull out, but my fiance insists that it’s too early. It feels like winter to me! He did cave to the faux-fur throw, since it’s just so soft! From restoration hardware, and I think they’re on sale now! I would love to get the full sized one for my bed!

  • Gemma@Little Pieces

    Your home is gorgeous! I am also in the process of furnishing our home in a cosy country cottage style, and now having seen your post I feel I need to buy a sheepskin! x

  • Cat

    Looks beautiful! I love your cottage-y sense of style. Those wire baskets and stag head pillow are so darling. My big project recently was to give away my desk, which I never actually use, and put up additional shelving instead. It’s such a better use of living room space, since I usually just work at the dining room table or in bed anyways :)


  • Mimmi

    Can I please come an live in your living room? It looks incredibly cosy!
    I got a sheepskin rug from IKEA just the other day, and I love it so much. It makes my room super cosy :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  • Becca Louisa

    This looks lush, Rosie!

    I walked around Anthropologie today with the ‘milk and cookies’ candle today (from the same range) but didn’t buy it in the end as I hadn’t come across them before so didn’t know if they were any good!? What are your thoughts?

    IKEA do a really good faux sheepskin rug for a tenner! I have it in my bedroom and it looks lovely :) they also have a ‘genuine’ sheepskin rug for £30, I think! xx

  • Silje Mari

    I feel the nesting urge too, but knowing that everything I buy will be just put on top of all the other stuff stacked in my old room at the moment, I try to keep the urge at bay. Can’t wait to get my own place to decorate!
    I love sheepskins, and I bet my future house will be full of them (and other soft and decorative skins)!

    Silje Mari xx

  • Natasha

    Every time I see a sheepskin rug I’m always tempted to buy one. I like to bring out my blankets so that I can easily wrap them around me when it gets chilly. I love the colours and fabrics you use.

  • Chelsea Leigh

    I adore your home decor style!

  • April

    Your home is stunning Rosie! I love all the autumnal touches you’ve added. I really need to do something with ours before Christmas comes!
    Have a lovely week!
    xo April

  • Emma

    wow your house looks amazing! The sheepskin does look so cosy and snug :) anything with stags on is a winner for me x

  • laura

    It is looking lovely Rosie!Very jeakous of the sheepskins. I constantly covet them, nothing is snugglier. We had one for years, then the cats wee’d on it and it was irredeemably destroyed. Joys of being a pet owner! I think I might have to buy another soon though. I’m pretty much desperate to cover everything in blankets and cosy pillows right now. Winter hibernation mode is a go!
    Chambray & Curls

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