10 things that’ve made me happy this week!



There’s been a whole lot more ‘homeliness’ going on this week, after the busy business of last week and before the of jam-packed one that’s ahead. There’s been plenty of cosiness, lots of eating of soup, and a fair few no-makeup days. I’ve enjoyed it, a lot.¬†This weekend, Jason and I are heading out in town with Freya and Adam for a pizza date, and I could not be more excited! Friends + pizza + Jason + London?! The perfect combination! I’m also spending Saturday afternoon with this little pea, which I know will be a good time! We’ve already got feeding the ducks and a trip to the ponies on the agenda ;) I hope your weekend is a lovely one! Here’s a round up of what’s made me most happy this week…

1. Taking photographs. Some weeks I find that it’s easier to get my eye in than others, when it comes to photography. This has definitely been an easy week, and I’ve been having so much fun with it.

2. Laying in bed, listening to the heavy rain outside.

3. Teddy’s obsession with the sheepskin I have in the lounge. If I ever put it on the floor, he’s on it the moment my back is turned. Kind of tempted to buy one for his bed…though maybe in a dark colour, because can you even imagine what a state a cream sheepskin in a black (and often muddy) dog’s bed would end up in!?

4. Having a sort of new laptop! We restored my one back to factory settings this week (after it had been totally maxed out and had a couple of software errors on it), and now it’s good as new again! No more waiting a hundred years for Photoshop to load, hurrah!

5. Getting to have a long old catch up with my best friend Jo over the phone whilst out with Ted on Tuesday morning. It’s a rare occasion that our schedules are in sync, so we like to make the most of it when we can :)

6. Steak + chips night! Medium rare steak & extra-salty chips. Can’t beat it!

7. The two men I saw sitting side by side outside a cafe on Thursday afternoon, drinking coffees. They weren’t talking much- just sat watching the world go by. They looked so content and at peace with the world, it made my heart happy.

8. Sprigs of holly all round the house! So festive!

9. My new workout leggings. Would it be wrong to wear them all day every day until spring arrives? They’re like a hug for your legs, and I am totally in love with them.

10. This week’s Homeland! It’s finally hotting up, huh?

Three posts I’ve loved reading this week :: This recipe from ABM for peanut butter cup bars || Freya’s post about married life¬†{so incredibly beautiful, not to mention well written. It made me even more excited about getting married next year!} || and this divine outfit on Late Afternoon.

What’s made you happy, this week? :)

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  • Sophie

    Such a lovely list Rosie! I love that sprig of Holly, it’s so pretty! x


  • http://mutedmornings.blogspot.com Mimmi

    Sometimes having a slow week is really nice, especially during this season. And it sounds like you have a great weekend ahead of you!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  • http://www.thisparticular.blogspot.com Ala Skrakowski

    I love moments like the two men you saw. I never really think of it but I love people watching and wondering what people’s stories are! This week I am happy for the fact I’ve finally started making my first ever piece of clothing and last night I cut and tacked it all together – can’t wait for it to be finished, fingers crossed it turns out alright! Have a fab weekend Rosie! x

  • http://stephaniealice.co.uk Stephanie

    I love these little roundup posts of yours, they’re so positive! I also love listening to and see the rain outside my window… so long as I don’t have to go out in it! I’ve also had a good photography week. It’s a great feeling… I’m nearly four years into an ongoing ‘Photo a Day’ project and I find that as the days get darker, it gets harder and harder to find motivation! This week has been a good one though :) I hope you have a relaxing weekend ahead of you before a busy week!

  • http://www.asimpleelegance.com arielle

    sounds like such a great week! and listening to heavy rain is one of the most therapeutic things. it’s the perfect weather for bundling up and hot cocoa drinking. however, this weekend will be a sunny one for us (as are most weekends in the caribbean) and I’m hoping to get just the right amount of pink. have a wonderful time at pizza and with the ponies!

    love, arielle

  • http://shewearsburgundy.blogspot.co.uk Jo

    I love your little comment about the two men at the cafe. That sort of stuff really warms the soul :)

    My week’s been great because it was my birthday last weekend so, naturally, this week has been full of cake and using new gifts!

    Jo x

    She Wears Burgundy

  • Bethany

    Hello there! I recently found your blog (through Tea Time, I believe) and I just love it!!!! Your reverence for the little things makes my heart sing. Please keep it up.

  • http://www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk Lauren S

    I’m getting my house all festive at the moment – it’s so lovely and cosy!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty – http://www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  • http://www.beesplendid.com Abria @ Bee Splendid

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding :) I just crossed that bridge about two weeks ago. You have such exciting, wonderful times ahead.

    I like your point about people watching the two men in the cafe. I do that all the time, taking inspiration from the strangers around me and working these little tidbits into characters later. My family knows I do it, though, so every time I show them a draft they say, “Is this me? What about this one? Here? Who am I?!” lol.

  • http://www.booksandbabyetc.com Charlotte

    I am so far behind with Homeland. I used to love it and then I lost interest so I’m glad it’s getting good again. Now I just need to find the time to catch up!

  • http://www.nomadnotebook.com Lizzy

    Listening to the rain hitting my velux window in the attic and reading blogs has been one of the things i’ve been enjoying this week. Also, i heard i’d passed my Masters degree too!

    Lizzy from Nomad Notebook

  • http://mirandasnotebook.com/ Miranda | Miranda’s Notebook

    Mmmm, I agree with you about steak and chips night – always the best!

  • http://amandasescape.blogspot.co.uk Amanda

    Sounds like a fabulous week. The laying in bed, steak and new workout leggings would help make a perfect week for me! x

  • http://www.brightfieldnotes.com Sorcha

    Sounds like a fantastic week!

    I have the same problem with our dog, Willow, whenever to go home to visit my parents. The moment my back is turned she’ll steal whatever blanket or scarf I’m using and just flop down on top of it.

    I’m assured it’s a complement but, seriously, what a little thief. ;)

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

  • http://www.emilyattemptslife.blogspot.co.uk/ Emily

    such a lovely post!
    I also love listening to the rain, its so relaxing

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