Three ways with porridge.



Porridge and I- our relationship’s been a long time in the making. A tumultuous one. Love-hate, if you will.

My Mum used to try and feed me porridge when I was a tot, and I used to hate it so much it would make gag. She gave it up as a lost cause, and I didn’t voluntarily touch it for years. When I got a bit older though, I always loved the idea of waking up on cold mornings to a bowl of warming porridge, and eating it whilst wearing a thick dressing gown before the sun has even risen. That part in Harry Potter when J.K.R writes about Hermione ‘spooning liberal amounts of jam onto her porridge’ captured my imagination even more so than that already fairly idealistic and dreamy image. I still couldn’t bear eating it though, not until Jason came along. He somehow has this special way of making the most delicious oats you could imagine. I remember him making a bowl of porridge for his breakfast one Saturday morning during the first few months we were together (during the months when I lived in London, and used to travel home each weekend to stay with him), and after tasting one tiny spoonful, loving it so much that I ate more than half of Jason’s breakfast and left my toast to go cold! I’m not quite sure what he does to it, but porridge made by Jason is, and always will be, my favourite winter breakfast.

And so because of that, these recipes here are for toppings and flavourings alone. We’ll leave the oats and milk and stirring up to those who know, but toppings? That I can do. These flavour combinations are some of my absolute favourites. They’re sweet enough to satisfy the sweet tooth I always wake up with (and have all day long and go to bed with…), but don’t feel at all sickly or like you might need to eat salads for lunch and dinner as compensation.

As a breakfast to wake up to on frosty mornings, they’re about as spot on as you can get, if you ask me…

Fig-almond-and-honey-porridge Fresh-fig-porridge-recipe

O N E :: Fig, almond, + honey porridge.

Make porridge to your favourite consistency (I have it on good authority from Jason that a mixture of semi skimmed and skimmed milk works well, and is what I like best!), then top with fresh sliced figs, almonds, and a drizzle of honey. Almond milk in place of regular might work well here too!

Chocolate-orange-porridge-recipe   Chocolate-orange-porridge-recipe

T W O :: Cocoa + orange porridge.

For a single serving of porridge, stir in a half dessert spoon of cocoa powder, the same amount of soft brown sugar, and top with sliced, skinless orange segments. Grate over some 100% chocolate (I used the Willie’s 100% Indonesian bar, which is delicious), and serve! This one’ll need more milk than normal to loosen the consistency, since the cocoa does such a good job at thickening it all up.

This one might just be my favourite of all favourite porridge flavours! It’s like dessert for breakfast, and there’s not a single thing wrong with that.


T H R E E :: Maple + pecan porridge.

Add a dash of maple syrup to the porridge in the pan when it’s cooked through, and then another drizzle over the top when it’s been served up. Top with a crumbly handful of pecan nuts, and eat right away.


Shall we have a sharing of porridge topping ideas in the comments below? And will you be trying any of these three suggestions? :)

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  • Cecilia

    Oh yum! I love porridge, but I tend to have the standard flavoured sachets at work, and therefore never experiment with different toppings and flavours – maybe something I need to start doing over the weekend!

    Have a great Monday!

  • Polly

    Oh my goodness these all sound divine! I often stir raw cacao into my porridge and slice banana into it, but chocolate and orange with grated chocolate sounds like another level! *off to make a second breakfast*

  • Madeline
  • Imogen

    Cocoa and orange?! Such a good idea, why have I never thought of that before! I spent the whole of last year having honey and banana porridge every morning which is admittedly ultra yummy and healthy, but I definitely want to try out some more indulgent flavours. Maple syrup always reminds me of pancakes, so that’s another excellent idea!

    Imogen // imogenscribbles

  • Cerys {mascara & mud}

    They all look delicious! I think I will definitely be trying the chocolate and orange one. My favourite is to stir in frozen or fresh raspberries and cover it all in brown sugar.

  • kezia

    OHM pecan and maple anything is so good! I have been enjoying some coconut porridge recently – so good for these beautiful crisp mornings!

  • Amanda @ Rhyme & Ribbons

    I am a bit like you used to be – the thought of the consistency of porridge just makes me gag. Your porridge looks so lovely though that it’s almost making me willing to give it another go! x

  • Aine @ Awkward Irish Girl Blogs

    Porridge is my absolute favourite breakfast!
    My favourite toppings include crunchy peanut butter & banana, golden syrup & flaked almonds, and desiccated coconut & raspberry jam. So yum!

  • Samantha

    These all look utterly delicious! Got to say though I’m a sucker for keeping it classic – either a dollop of jam, a swirling of honey, or a great big spoonful of Nutella keeps me happy no end!

  • Sushi

    I still hate my porridge but like your mother, I feed my kids porridge every now and then – one of them struggles, and so I have been trying to make it more interesting. Their current favourite is cinnamon, banana and brown sugar! I shall try your three and see if it makes them like porridge more – perhaps try on myself too :)

  • Shu –

    I’ve already had breakfast and I’m half tempted to make myself a bowl of porridge now! I love mixing in a bit of matcha powder in the oats or some hot cinnamon apple/pear slices on top with an extra sprinkle of cinnamon and ground ginger on the top! Carrot cake porridge is one of my favourites too! :) x

  • Samantha

    Oooh do these all look yummy! Personally, I like my oatmeal with a few little bits of vegan dark chocolate, currants, and either hazelnuts or almonds chopped and mixed in. Porridge/Oatmeal is such a versatile breakfast – yum!
    ~ Samantha

  • becky :: accooohtrements

    why did i never think of cocoa porridge before?!

    becky ::

  • Alison

    These look lovely – my personal favourite is a spoonful of Nutella – amazing!

  • Georgina

    I do love a good bowl of porridge to start the day, especially with a mound of lemon curd and some slices of apple, or maple syrup, ground ginger and raisins. Definitely got me excited for porridge for breakfast tomorrow morning! Georgina x

  • Fi

    Chocolate orange porridge? You are a genius! What a great idea. I’ll be trying that soon for sure. Thanks for sharing some great ideas. Fi x

  • Miranda | Miranda’s Notebook

    These toppings all sound delicious! I’m just starting to get in the mood for porridge again too – tomorrow’s breakfast, methinks!

  • Tamzin

    Those all look divine! I love porridge but it always needs a topping in my eyes, the chocolate and orange one I am going to have to try…I had a delicious bowl of porridge Saturday morning which was GlutenFree maple oats made with almond milk and topped with apple and mango puree and toasted flaked almonds…mmmmmmm : )

  • Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

    Yum, all of these toppings looks delicious! I’m a fan of golden syrup with sliced banana, but the fig one in particular looks extra good!

  • Mimmi

    Porridge is my favourite breakfast! My favourite topping is apple compote and cinnamon – it’s the best thing! Love the sound of these toppings though. I definitely want to try them out :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  • Cat

    Yum! These look amazing, and I particularly love the idea of including figs. My favorite way is pretty simple – some brown sugar and raisins.


  • Flora

    Ooooh your chocolate and orange recipe has got my name all over it! I imagine it would make the perfect ‘healthy’ pudding. I used to eat porridge a LOT at uni – I hated it until then but suddenly loved it. My favourite is with a sprinkling of cinnamon into the milk while it’s simmering… My mum loves grated nutmeg in hers, and we always always always add a handful of blueberries at the last minute. They burst in your mouth when they’re just the right temperature!!! Love it :) x


  • Emily Rowbotham

    That porridge with the maple and pecan looks like the absolute dream, Rosie!
    I have porridge every morning so I’m loving this as inspiration…
    I do love the classic chopped banana and honey/peanut butter though.
    Literally a hug in a bowl!
    Emily xx
    My GingerBread Journey

  • Jennifer

    These sound delicious, thank you for inspiring me! Now that the weather has turned colder and the mornings are crisp, I’m ready to bring out the porridge for a warming start to the day and these toppings sound perfect for keeping it interesting throughout the winter months. I love that you totally justify a sweet breakfast- we all need a treat to start the day with!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  • Rosie

    What fabulous ideas Rosie, thanks for the porridge inspo. It was the only thing I used to eat as a kid. Ahhh can’t wait to try it.
    Rosie x

  • Jennie

    What a beautiful post! I love the look of the chocolate and orange bowl, chocolate porridge sounds so wonderfully warming and comforting. Like you I’m a recent convert to porridge. This morning I had mine with honey, banana, and sultanas – that was delicious x

  • Tara

    Mmmm…maple and pecan looks yummy! I might have to branch out and try that sometime. I still have mine the same way my mom served to me when I was little–with a little butter melted on the top and sprinkled with brown sugar. What can I say…I’m a slave to tradition.

  • Segi

    I love the pecan and maple syrup combination. Blueberries, a spoon of Greek yogurt and honey always win it for me!


  • em

    Oh, I love porridge, it’s such a great winter breakfast, but I’m usually running so late in the mornings that it’s a weekend breakfast. Although the bar I work above serves a delicious cinnamon porridge for when I am needing a week day hit!

  • Jordan

    Mmm I love porridge I haven’t had it for ages because I don’t have a microwave so never feel like making it on the hob :P The maple and pecan one is my favourite! xx

  • Foreign Geek

    These seriously look yum <3

  • Tamsin | A Certain Adventure

    I love how the J.K. Rowling quote increased your affinity for porridge – I used to not like porridge very much either but was also inspired by literature to eat more of it. There’s a wonderful passage about it in Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Ocean At The End Of The Lane’ that goes as follows:

    ‘She gave me a china bowl filled with warm porridge from the stovetop, with a lump of homemade
    blackberry jam, my favorite, in the middle of the porridge, then she poured cream on it. I swished it
    around with my spoon before I ate it, swirling it into a purple mess, and was as happy as I have ever
    been about anything. It tasted perfect.’

    And now I’m addicted to the stuff. I love all three of your porridge bowls – especially the one with figs, so pretty! x

  • Alice

    I’m a recent porridge convert so these ideas are great! Thank you. So far I’ve tried a few fruit and nut combinations, and have an atrociously sweet tooth so possibly over do it on the sweetness front! I like grated apple (it mixes in so much better than chopped, and releases the juice better) with chopped dried dates and a little dark brown sugar, to taste. Wonderfully autumnal! Mashed banana (again, the consistency just works better) with some chopped pecans or walnuts and maple syrup, to taste. Apple, pecan, date and maple syrup are a divine combo, but seem just a little too indulgent sadly! Alice xx

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