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There’s just something special about Setarra. You’ll see what I mean when you hop over and have a read of her beautiful blog, Quaintrelle. I warmed to Setarra the very first day I clicked through to Quaintrelle, and have been reading along ever since (though how I missed the news of her elopement, I don’t know!). Her posts are always so full of honesty and vivacity and love, and I always feel inspired when reading them. Setarra lives in DC with her other half Charles, and shares posts on her blog about their beautiful life together. And I just love reading them! I sent a few questions across the Atlantic to Setarra this week, and now, here are her lovely answers!

1.What made you want to start writing Quaintrelle back in 2012? :)

I started Quaintrelle after I had corrective ACL & meniscus surgery on my knee. A little back story: I used to dance professionally and teach dance but I tore my ACL during the tech rehearsal before a show in DC. To say the least, I was devastated. But I was able to lock in an opportunity to move up to NYC soon after to work behind the scenes for one of the top collegiate dance programs in in the U.S. But following my surgery (which has a 6 month recovery period to be able to fully walk and run; a full year to be able to dance), I went into a bit of a slump because I wasn’t used to being sooo inactive. So I promised myself that once I was able to walk, I would walk my ass all over NYC and see what it was about this city that made it tick which is exactly what I did. I shared those experiences on my blog to keep family and friends who lived afar in the loop and fast forward to today = different city, same story. I’m back in the D.C. area, sharing bits and pieces of my crazy/beautiful life on Quaintrelle along the way.


2. What three words would you use to sum up Quaintrelle?

Constantly Evolving, Serendipitous

3. Your posts always exude so much energy and happiness! What do you find most inspires you to blog?

Would it sound crazy to say that the motivating factor for me to blog on Quaintrelle is death? Because it is. I am fully aware of the fact that I only have a limited time on this Earth and so I use Quaintrelle as a platform to help me focus on the positive moments and living my life to fullest. After all, a Quaintrelle is defined as a women who emphasizes a life of passion through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charms and cultivation of life’s pleasures and that definition is what I aspire to embody everyday and through my blog.

4. What do you hope your readers take away from your blog, when they visit?

I hope that readers come away from my blog feeling inspired to be fully present in their everyday lives, even in the little moments. It’s all about looking at the glass as half full.

5. You and your lovely Charles have been together for a good long while, right? :) Will you tell us a bit about your story- how you got together, when you’re planning to get married? :)

Oh yes, Charles and I have been together for 7 years now. Our love story is actually kind of funny because when were first met each other, we could not stand each other what so ever. But then one night with the help of a few alcoholic beverages, we realized there was major potential for something like love grow between us and the rest is history.

As for planning our marriage… SURPRISE! We eloped this past July at the D.C. Superior Courthouse! Promptly after, we traveled to Paris, Amsterdam and Barcelona for our honey-cation which I’ve been recapping on the blog. I haven’t gone into detail yet on Quaintrelle about our wedding day but one day soon.. Until then, all I have to say is that I am soo glad we decided to be selfish and get married OUR way ☺

6. What advice would you give anyone considering starting a blog of their own? Any top tips?

Honestly, just do you and try your hardest to not compare yourself with other bloggers. Believe in what makes you different and be honest with your online voice. There are hundreds of blog posts out there with tips and suggestions for how to have a great blog but at the end of the day, your blog is a reflection of YOU. So only take from those posts the tips/ideas that fit into your aesthetic and fill in the rest with whatever makes you happy.

7. Last of all, let’s do a round of deserted island discs! If you were stranded on a desert island, what would you bring with you? You can choose two albums/CDs, two books, ingredients to make two meals, and one luxury item!

Ahhhh only TWO albums??? So tough. Hmm, I will have to pick “The Moulin Rouge” and “Bob Marley and the Wailers Deluxe Edition” albums. For books, I would bring “Sabriel” by Garth Nix (The Abhorsen Trilogy is one of my favorites) and “Wilderness Survival for Dummies” because I’m a city girl through and through and have no idea how to survive on a deserted island haha. As for the two meals, I would bring bread, deli meat, milk and cereal because if there’s one thing I can get by on; it’s sandwiches and cereal. My luxury item would have to be my iPhone6… Because what’s the point of be stranded on an island if you can’t take pictures and share them with your friends and family? I also picked my phone so I could call someone to rescue me; after I got my tan on of course. ☺’


** Thanks so much lovely Setarra! Don’t forget to click through to Quaintrelle and have a read of Setarra’s beautiful, joyful posts, and follow along via Bloglovin‘ too! **

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  • http://www.thecitypost-it.com The City Post-It

    I had never heard of a ‘quaintrelle’ before, but what a beautiful word with a beautiful meaning!

    What an adorable blog x

  • http://www.quaintrelleblog.com/ Setarra

    Dear Rosie: Thank you so much for your wonderful words! I had so much fun coming up with answers to these questions and have truly enjoyed my month on your sidebar :)

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