Five ways to keep your chin up during the winter months.



If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt about myself over the course of writing this blog for the past couple of years, it’s that I’m kind of obsessed with the seasons. I just can’t help myself from making mention of the seasons in the vast majority of posts. I guess it’s an occupational hazard of being British ;) The constant changes and relentlessly regular pattern of the year appeal both to my innate impatience, and the part of me that thrives on predictability.

As much as the winter months are probably my favourite (just don’t ask me to say that when it comes to spring and summer, okay?), I do find it’s harder to keep energised and positive during autumn and winter. The dark mornings, darker evenings, and the cold that gets right in to your bones make it tricky not to just camp out in bed, and allow the day to just slip away. I know *so* many people who struggle with keeping positive during the winter months, and I find my own outlook tends to be less uplifted from around this time of year right through until spring.

And so, on that note, here are five of my favourite ways for staying chipper and motivated during the autumn and winter months! ::

1 :: Set just one alarm. {and don’t even think about hitting snooze;) }
All through summer I found it easy as pie to get up in the morning. My 7am alarm would sound, I’d swipe to turn it off (iPhone, you see), then hop straight out of bed in a manner so chipper it was kind of sick-making. As the mornings have been getting darker and darker though, it’s been more challenging to rise quite so promptly. Best way to combat a serious case of the Just Five More Minutes, I’ve found, is to set just one single alarm right at the time you actually need to get up (not 15 minutes beforehand, it’ll only make it easier to drift back off to sleep) and then flip the covers off the very second it starts sounding. Setting several alarms means that when it goes off in the morning, there isn’t quite that same ‘ooh my alarm is going that means I have to wake up’ trigger, and so it’s waaaay too easy to ignore and go back to sleep. {Keeping a stash of cosy layers and your favourite slippers down by the side of the bed for putting on as soon as you get up helps a lot, too}

2 :: Get outside.
Even when it’s raining (okay, maybe not when it’s raining…). But I believe a dose of fresh air each day helps beat out the winter blues…even when that fresh air is kind of frosty.

3 :: Switch the lights on.
We’re sensible people. We try to stick to the whole ‘leave a room, switch off the light’ thing (if Jason were reading this write now, he’d be scoff-laughing because he is ALWAYS nagging me to remember that rule ;) but during the winter months, all bets are off. I just can’t deal with having a dark house during winter. The hall lamp and kitchen lights get left on pretty much constantly, and much to my fiancé’s dismay, I tend to leave a little trail of lights on wherever I go. Economical it’s not. But as a way of dealing with short, dingy winter days? It’s a good’un.

4 :: Make evening plans {even when you’d rather stay home}
This is my personal nemesis. The urge to curl up on the sofa and hide away is pretty strong in me anyway, but couple that with cold/wet weather and the dark? Goodbye world, hello hiding under the duvet on the sofa. Which is great and all, but come mid-January, I tend to go a bit stir crazy. So try making a few evening plans (dinner out, fun courses at a local adult education centre, cinema trips, date night at a local bar, Pilates/yoga classes) and make the most of it being dark enough that you don’t have to bother shaving your legs ;)

5 :: Embrace the cosy!
Just give in to the cliches of autumn and winter, and ham it right up. Pretend you live in your favourite Pinterest board. I’m talking candles everywhere. Blankets on the bed, sofas, chairs, + round your shoulders. Hot chocolate/tea/coffee several times a day. Wear as much tartan as you can get your hands on. Treat yourself to something made of cashmere, wear it until it’s full of holes, then sew them up and wear it some more. Bung up a few strings of fairy lights (and ignore your fiancé when he tuts about them all being blown by the time Christmas comes around).

Embrace and indulge in all the silly, beautiful parts of the winter months, let them fill your heart in the way that only beautiful, silly things can, and wear them like armour when it’s so cold your fingers feel like ice lollies, and it’s dark by 4pm.

I don’t know about you, but after all that I feel just about ready for the clocks to go back!

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  • Toni

    lovely post. It’s so easy to let yourself get the winter blues; I always try to keep busy in the cold months or snuggle up in front of the fire. :). X

  • Beccy

    This is a gorgeous post Rosie. I adore autumn and winter (not happy about the rising temperatures at the moment) and will definitely be getting involved in these ideas!

    Beccy : Bluebell & Bumpkin

  • becky :: accooohtrements

    oh god i get s.a.d. so badly, i just can’t get out of bed at all anymore & we have months to go, eep! i keep thinking i might get some more ‘natural’-coloured lightbulbs…

    becky ::

  • Polly

    This is such a good post! I love the hamming it up bit – it does help when you give into the cliches! I hate Winter but I love the idea of cosy nights in under a blanket with a hot chocolate. Evening plans is another great idea. I love going to cosy dark pubs and sitting by a roaring fire with friends, a glass of red wine and a cheese plate :)

  • Ala Skrakowski

    I have felt my mood dip quite a lot over the last few weeks, and have done around this time of year for the last few years, which is why I wrote the post I did the other day – to remind myself there are positives about this time of year! Definitely on the keeping the lights thing though, love making use of all the little table lamps! xx

  • Cecilia

    I am trying so hard to just have one alarm and not snooze, but it is really really hard to get out of the habit of a lifetime! my next step is setting my alarm a bit later to see if that helps. Or even just buying an alarm clock and putting out of reach from the bed so I actually have to get up to switch it off!

  • Heidi-Elizabeth

    Even though I fully adore and embrace the colder seasons, I really enjoyed this piece :)
    Have a wonderful day x

  • Lisa

    Great post Rosie, going to take you up on the alarm tip. My problem is my husband is on the ‘alarm’ side of bed so I am usually comatose and completely unaware of what’s going on. And also yeah, just embrace the autumn/winter cliches. It a pretty darn great thing about being from ol blighty! x

  • Foodie Laura

    I suck at evening plans. I’m all about snuggling down under a fluffy throw in my new Primark PJs, watching Netflixs, drinking hot chocolate and munching on warm cookies. At least until the Christmas parties roll around and even then I think I’d still rather be at home.

  • Kathryn (@KatGotTheCream)

    What lovely ideas. I do start to struggle a bit at this time of year and just want to hibernate. I’m so bad at doing things in the evenings too but Greig and I are going out with some friends to Jamie’s Italian on saturday so I’m gong to be sociable whatever the weather :)

  • Laura

    Aw, Rosie, I definitely needed this. Cases of the winter blues are certainly something I suffer from.. but the opportunity to put candles & blankets eveywhere is a definite wintertime bonus! xx

  • Sarah

    Love these ideas. As much as I love autumn and winter I do struggle to get out of bed in the mornings and basically want to spend all day every day wrapped up on the sofa watching tv while eating something stodgy. xxx

  • Dizzy Tea

    What I do to make getting up easier is to turn on my bedside lamp immediately when the alarm goes off. Even though it’s not intensely dark here at 7am just yet, some more light in the room definitely wakes me up. Those “sunrise effect” lamps are great too but I have yet to find an affordable one and turning on your lamp helps just as well, if not better.

  • Katy

    This was lovely Rosie!

    I definitely need to start doing the one-alarm-only thing. Really struggling in the mornings at the moment. Might treat myself to a new dressing gown just to improve matters ;)

    I’ve also just strung up some fairy lights and bought a new candle. They really do help! :) xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  • Fran

    Ahh I think you make a good point about hitting snooze, but it’s just so damn hard! Haha. I find the best way to keep up beat during winter is dinner/ house parties with friends – especially festive ones :)

    Scrimping to Splash

  • Deenie

    I’ve been alright so far this year but usually the colder months make me totally miserable and boring. I have absolutely been embracing the fifth tip, candles and blankets and mugs of tea are a-plenty around this house but I really should take the one-alarm advice and make some more plans in the evenings, my life becomes so dull otherwise!

  • Angela

    As I sit here, curled under a fleece blanket feeling oh so mopey, this is exactly the post I needed.

  • Cat

    Unlike you, I think autumn and winter are my favorite times of year! Of course, in Northern California, our idea of cold is pretty minor with only occasional rains. I think making evening plans in particular is a good tip. I tend to hole up a bit when it gets dark at 5pm!


  • Samantha

    These are some great tips! I definitely make the mistake of shutting myself indoors during the winter months (that’s where the heat is!) without going out for anything other than work or school!
    ~ Samantha

  • Mimmi

    These are such nice suggestions! I love autumn and winter, but I do find that sometimes the dark can be hard to cope with.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  • Vix

    Love the post! You should also try a daylight simulating alarm clock…my saving grace for the dark mornings!

  • Silje Mari

    Thank you for all the great ideas! Love the “Embrace the cosy” one, as I am definitively a blankets-and-cosy socks-on-the-sofa-person. Plus I live in Norway, and winter here is really freezing and you really don’t want to go outisde on the coldest, darkest days.

    Silje xx

  • Ella

    I feel like I’m the only person who doesn’t love A/W – sure the season sounds great in theory, but we all forget how horrible rain is!

    ellabooxo • beauty & lifestyle

  • Jessica Edmunds

    This is all perfect <3 I have been feeling really low lately (not because of the weather) and haven't left my flat for about 4/5 days now but I really feel a little more motivated just to get outside now I think xxx

  • Gemma

    embrace the cosy sounds the best one to me

  • Candy

    Last year I got very depressed in the winter time. This year I’ve made a vow to do exactly what you say and not only embrace, but completely revel in the cheesy, clichés of the season… so far, it seems to be working. I hope I can maintain this attitude through January and February! Let’s wait and see…

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  • Jenny

    comp,Eyelure with you on no3, I can’t stand coming home home in the dark to the dark and feeling all dark with it!

  • Jill

    Great list! I need to force myself to do these things just to hang on to a little happiness this winter. Totally dreading it :( Evening plans are a must. So hard to want to go out when the sky is dark before I even leave the office.

  • Bell Santiago

    I love winter but i do tend to sleep a lot mpre than i need to :) great tips thank you

  • Hannah

    Tip 5 is one I am definitely going to do this year… embracing all of the cliches! This post has made me feel more positive about the season change already! xx

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  • Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    One nice trick to wake up in the mornings is to physically jump out of bed and say GOOD MORNING!!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • Amy @ Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

    Great advice for facing the winter months ahead. I think the one I need to remember most of all is to get outside, even when it’s cold!

  • cheyenne

    lovely post, and great tips!
    xo, cheyenne

  • Samantha

    Fab tips, especially the morning snooze alarm rules, it’s just so much easier to wake up to sunshine and positivity outside! I really struggle with the winter months and find it very hard to motivate myself during this time of year, the weather has such a strong affect on my moods. Xx

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  • Holly

    This has been rough for me lately. Waking up and feeling like I just want to go back to sleep… I hate that. I like your tips. I need to get outside more and I need to install brighter lights in my house. Thank you.

    Bloomin’ Rouge

  • Rosie

    I love these ideas, thanks of the inspo Rosie. Love your photos.
    Rosie x

  • Andreea P.

    You are so right about getting up in the morning. At first I thought I am going to sleep too late, but even when I go earlier it’s still so hard to leave my warm and cozy bed!!

  • Robyn

    I find making plans super helpful during the winter! It gets you out and about and also spending time with friends, which is always the best! Great post :)

  • Jo Fisher

    Thanks for this Rosie – this is just what I needed to read. This really is my favourite time of year, but it’s hard to stay positive a lot of the time – and another issue is that I feel so much pressure to create perfection when it comes to family time, especially christmas! I particularly feel strongly about the point regarding evening plans – I’ve taken to spending every night in (partly because I’m nervous about travelling about town alone at night…) and it’s starting to have an affect. I’m going to start going to the gym again.

    Love this post – and I adore the photo!

    Jo xx

    She Wears Burgundy

  • Amber

    Thanks for the tips :) I definitely agree with this…the weather and the seasons really do seem to affect my mood!

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