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If there’s one thing I’ve never successfully managed to convince Jason of, it’s that shopping is a really fun way to spend an afternoon. I brought him round to watching the U.S Office, taught him the magic of the pita/hummus combination, and showed him the best way to not shrink everything that goes into the washing machine (just read the label, you know?), but the day Jason turns to me and says ‘I really want/need some new clothes. Shall we pop into town this afternoon?’ will be the day I fall over in shock.

My fiancé’s main gripes with traditional clothes shopping are as follows (and I quote) :: ‘Boring. Fitting rooms are always hot. And too small. I get hungry. My back always aches from all the traipsing. Boring. I want to be able to try things on with my own clothes, not just what I’m wearing.’

The Chapar manages to solve all those issues in one fell swoop. It’s a men’s online personal styling company that, once you’ve completed a quick questionnaire about your tastes and had a chat with your very own personal stylist, provides you with a trunk full of hand-picked pieces as often as you want them, delivered right to your front door! Jason received his first trunk of clothing a couple of weeks ago, and found the process absolutely seamless. Even though he wasn’t sure at first if he’d find any pieces that suited him in the trunk before it arrived, he actually loved so many of the pieces (and they’d been so well selected for him!) that he had trouble choosing what to keep, and what to return!

Have a watch of the video above to see what was in Jason’s first trunk of clothing from The Chapar (click through to the video on YouTube here) and enter the code ‘CIDERWITHROSIE’ on The Chapar to get an exclusive ** 15% off your first order! A great one to pass along to your significant others/brothers/Dads/friends!

:: More about The Chapar here. ::

:: The beautiful song used in the video is ‘Figure Skating’ by THOS, an incredible artist I’ve discovered recently. Find him here + also here and follow along- he’s one to watch! ::

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  • arielle

    my husband is exactly the same with one exception. somehow, shopping for me is super fun and interesting, but shopping for him “can wait.” he has the same complaints. hot, hungry, ending up with random articles of clothing that don’t go with anything else. I think the chapar is definitely something he’d be interested in. thanks for the introduction!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  • Polly

    Looks like a brilliant service for men! Also – you guys are too cute dancing together :) X

  • Angela

    you and Jason are SO cute! lovely video rosie!

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