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It’s not at all that this week hasn’t been happy enough to warrant writing a ‘happy list’- nothing of the sort! It’s been so very happy! Jason and I finished work for a few days rest on Tuesday, and have been revelling in sleeping late, relaxing, and taking time off from being creative. I’ll be back to regular posting around the middle of next week, but until then, if you’d like to, please feel free to have a little browse through some of my favourite posts from the past few months!…

Dark chocolate-covered pomegranate seeds || not-quite-a-recipe, that makes impossibly delicious mouthfuls.

E D I N B U R G H || photos from The Crafter’s Barn, & our proposal story!

Wedding moodboard || the first of many to come, I’m sure…

Midsummer feast! || in which we deliberate over at what point ‘dinner’ becomes ‘a feast’.

Two years! || pastel tinted frosting and thoughts on blogging.

Five Guys || a lunch date that was fun, burgers that weren’t.

River Cottage soda bread || how to make beautiful, hearty, lazy bread.

Recipe for a happy weekend || a list of the things that make a weekend great.

Boden spots + stripes || the happiest outfit I’ve ever put on!

Posts from the Wealden Midsummer Fair || a happy day spend in the Kentish countryside with my Ma.

Easter in Dorset || my all-time favourite ever photos of Teddy, experiencing sea and sand for the first time.

Mary’s Milk Bar || amazing gelato & some insanely great coffee.

Strawberry yoghurt cake recipe || for slicing into squares and bringing along on weekend picnics.

Tips on home improvement! || aka. how to be really rubbish at decorating and DIY.

W O R N || new shoes & a forgotten dress.

Layered latte tutorial || for impressive, show-off coffees.

Have a happy weekend, everyone! :)

p.s. I made a ‘happy list’ video this week, which you can find here if you’d like to take a look!

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  • http://evelinkivi.blogspot.com Evelin

    Enjoy your time off!


  • http://daintyapples.wordpress.com Rebecca

    Enjoy the rest Rosie!xx

  • http://mukuba2002.blogspot.com zaby

    great reads

  • http://www.roseandmuse.comwww.roseandmusevintage.com Nicole

    Oooh I will have to try that soda bread!! Yum xx


  • http://www.littlewildheart.com Alexandra

    Yes! Take time to get inspired. Great concept of a blog post – very sweet.

    Warm Regards,

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