RHS Wisley.


Cider-with-Rosie-RHS-Wisley White-and-pink-flowers

Days that involve flowers, and patchy sunshine, and afternoon cake, and day trips to places that fall under the ‘RHS’ umbrella- don’t they just feel so quintessentially British?

A couple of days back I took a trip over to Royal Horticultural Society Garden Wisley, to spend a few happy hours taking photos of flowers and bees on flowers and flowers next to flowers. It’s the sort of activity that probably about five or so years ago, I would’ve avoided like the plague. Walking round a giant garden all day? ‘Ugh. No thank you.’ I’d have said. But now that there’s the appeal of being able to take endless photos and be creative and fiddle about with exposure and macro and focus on my camera, I’m all over it!┬áMy Aunt, Mum and I headed over to Wisley mid-morning, and spent most of the day alternating between cooing over the beautiful gardens, sniffing roses, and stopping for coffee-and-cake breaks. It was just about the loveliest way to spend a late summer day you could imagine.

There are so many different gardens that make up Wisley, that it’s pretty much impossible to get bored. There are huge vegetable patches, orchards, rose gardens, wildflower borders, and a glasshouse full of tropical plants. The vegetable patch was my favourite- rows and rows of onions and savoy cabbages the size of watermelons and beetroots and lettuces, all ready to be harvested and taken over to the kitchens. It’s done nothing to curb my dreams of living somewhere more rural…

Rhs-Wisley Dahlias

^^ Dahlias for days. Isn’t that apricot colour so beautiful? The whole of Wisley was a riot of colour, even though the peak season for most flowers is over. ^^

Yellow-and-black Echinacea Cider-with-Rosie-Wisley Rose

^^ These roses smelled divine, and brought back happy memories of making rose petal perfume with my Mum when I was little, from the roses the grew outside my childhood home. ^^

RHS-Wisley-latte Tabbouleh-&-chicken

^^ Lemon & thyme chicken with harissa yoghurt and tabbouleh. Delicious, and so fresh tasting! ^^

Beetroot Apple-on-tree Raspberries

^^ Kind of glad that fence was there to stop me reaching out and picking a raspberry. They looked too tempting! ;) ^^

Chard-Wisley Wisley-Glasshouse

After a stop for lunch (& coffee and cake, of course) we headed in the┬ádirection of the beautiful Glasshouse. Isn’t it impressive? Apparently they hold a butterfly exhibition in the Glasshouse once a year, where they fill the space with all kinds of beautiful butterflies and you can walk amongst them all! Doesn’t that sound incredible? My Mum signed up to become an RHS member whilst we were there, so we’ll most definitely head back next time there’s an exhibition on.

Banana-trees Behind-the-waterfall Cider-with-Rosie-Wisley-Glasshouse

I’d highly recommend it as a day out, if you’re into all things horticultural! Oh, and just a little FYI- Queen Mary Berry herself is going to be signing copies of her new recipe book on the first day of the Wisley Flower Show on the 2nd of September…

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  • http://arowantree.blogspot.com Polly

    Love this post! The green house is beautiful. Where is your shirt from Rosie? I’m looking for a casual one like that x

  • http://tearomanceadventures.wordpress.com Sara Hook

    Looks like such a lovely day out, the apricot dahilas seem particularly lovely. Coffee and cake and gardens to wander around – bliss!

  • http://www.blondeofcarbs.com Jessica Edmunds

    I have never ever been and would love to go, definitely on the 2nd september! xx

  • http://helenaterry.blogspot.co.uk Helena

    it’s so beautiful! the all the photos are incredible too, looks like an amazing place to go.
    Helena / helenaterry.blogspot.co.uk

  • http://rubys-eyes.blogspot.com Ruby

    Lovely photos, those yellow flowers are stunning x


  • http://ancaslifestyle.co.uk/ Anca

    Lovely way to spend a day. The pictures are beautiful, you have talent.

    Anca @ ancaslifestyle | UK

  • http://ancaslifestyle.co.uk/ Anca

    A lovely way to spend a day out.

    Anca @ ancaslifestyle | UK

  • Carrieanne Drew

    The photos are brilliant I want that meal and your outfit looks so dressy casual.. Love it
    Carrieanne x

  • http://www.thisandthatblog.co.uk Fi

    Oh I love Wisley, it’s always beautiful no matter what time of year you visit. The butterfly house is definitely a must visit as there are so many beautiful butterflies to spot and they are quite good at posing for pictures! I wrote a post about a trip earlier this year on my old blog if you fancy a taste of what you’ll see! http://www.theadventuresoffi.com/2014/01/forget-wheres-wally-this-weekend-i.html

    • http://theycalleditthediamondblog.blogspot.co.uk/ They Called It The Diamond Blog

      I missed the butterfly house when I visited but am planning to go to the RHS Wisley Flower Show in September and cannot wait!!

      How anyone cannot like walking round gardens with so many gorgeous things to see I do not understand. I’m glad present you liked the gardens!


  • http://www.wineandolives.co.uk Chiara

    What a beautiful place. It looks so tranquil. If I’m ever down in that neck of the woods I’ll be sure to pay it a visit!

  • http://www.candypop.uk.com/ Candy Pop

    Lovely to take a trip to Wisley via your blog, my parents took my sister and I there many times when we were young. Lovely photos!

    Have a great weekend!

  • http://littlepaperswans.com Cathryn

    Lovely post. I do love a good “British day out”.

  • http://www.luxlife-blog.com/ Catherine Lux

    I’ve long been a Wisley lover, I have so many fond memories as a child of skipping through the different gardens and running backwards and forwards making sure I’d seen absolutely everything! Also the restaurant there definitely does amazing cake!

    I really want to go back when they have the apple market on, I miss those apples so much – we used to buy huge bag fulls of them and make pies and crumbles out of them :)

    C x
    Lux Life Blog

  • http://www.hollandsreverie.blogspot.com chelsea

    I think that looks like a lot of fun, it’s a beautiful setting to get to play with your camera. Your pictures turned out lovely. I am just at the beginning stages of photography and still have so much to learn, but I love playing around with it.


  • http://www.owl-girl.com Candy

    Beautiful photos! I looked at this post on my phone on my way to work this morning, and then I looked at it on the iPad I use at work, and then I looked at it again when I got home, on my laptop. The photos look great on ALL of those devices! You should visit the RHS Autumn show in London – it’s such fun and it would be right up your street!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  • http://mutedmornings.blogspot.se Mimmi

    Oh, this looks so lovely! I love gardens, so this is 100% my cup of tea. I’m a tad jealous! ;)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  • http://leavventuredellapice.blogspot.it/ Bea

    Oh my God….just one word…WONDERFUL!!!!

  • http://www.thisandthatblog.co.uk Laura

    I grew up about 5 minutes away from Wisley and have such wonderful memories of days out there. My Mum’s a member too which means I always have the perfect excuse to visit. My favourite place is the rockery. I don’t know if you saw it while you were there, but I love wandering up and down the different levels, hopping across the rocks and wandering over the bridges there. Definitely check it out next time.
    Laura xx

  • http://alifeofloves.comxa.com/ Lianna Chandler

    This is just how I envisage my garden to be one day, minus the gigantic but beautiful greenhouse. Fruit trees, vegetable patches and the scent of hundreds of wild flowers that grow sporadically throughout the year. Just stunning!

    Lianna x


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