Five years! Five! Half a decade! That sounds pretty great, right? In the same way that saying ‘I’m in my mid-twenties’ sounds more substantial than saying ‘I’m 23′, Jason and I having been together half a decade sounds like it’s got some clout. And I like it! We celebrated our three year anniversary just a couple of months after I started writing Cider with Rosie, and if you’ve been reading my blog right from the off you might remember that I titled the blog post about our anniversary ‘We are Three’, and accidentally made everyone think that the post was going to be a pregnancy announcement! Ha!

This anniversary was probably our most low-key we’ve ever had, I think mainly because now that we’re looking ahead to our wedding next year it didn’t really seem like such a big deal as it always felt to me before! Anyhow, it was kind of nice to have a quiet day at home together since we’ve both been so very busy of late. We spent Sunday doing ‘home-y’ type things- a spot of cleaning, colossal amounts of laundry (you guys, this weekend I bought myself a new laundry basket and airer. I should probably pretend that these purchases are far too dull and insignificant to make me happy, but I just can’t manage it even if I tried…) and drinking approximately one hundred coffees each, all whilst trying to ignore the pesterings of the little dog who still isn’t allowed out on a proper walk yet.

The Sunday evening though? There was a whole lot of fancy going on on Sunday evening! We got all dressed up and headed to The Tablespoon for dinner- and even though the burger with chipotle mayo that I’d been daydreaming about all day was completely sold out (a reason to go back again, as if we needed another one!), it was still easiest the loveliest meal we’ve eaten in a long while!


Now, I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned here before, but Jason and I have this ongoing competition over who can order the best food in every restaurant we go to. We turn pretty much everything we do into a competition (you mean you *don’t* race to see who can get into bed quickest each night, and who can hang up first at the end of a phone call?) so it’s basically just another way for us for ‘win’ at something stupid and insignificant ;) But for this meal- we declared it a draw. I was winner of the first course (which we shared anyway), Jason was the winner of the second, and there wasn’t an ounce of gloating all evening!

We started off with olives and a couple of glasses of bubbles, then shared starters of steak tartare, and burrata with roasted vegetables and chickpea puree on toasted sourdough. Both dishes were delicious, but the burrata/roasted veg/garlicky chickpea combo was outstanding. I could happily have eaten a portion of that as my main course, to be honest! For mains, we ordered spatchcock chicken, pork belly, and sides of mashed potato with tons of olive oil, chickpeas with chorizo (which was incredible!), spinach, and tenderstem broccoli. I would say it was an eyes-bigger-than-stomach situation, but if I’m being honest…we smashed it. Barely left a spoonful or two of anything behind. Amazing.


After our meal, lovely Anya (who we met last time we visited The Tablespoon) suggested we have coffees and finish our wine outside in the little garden. It’s the loveliest space- all heated and sheltered, and lined with pots full of herbs. Jason was particularly taken with the bay tree, because he’s currently trying and uhh…not succeeding…at bringing ours back to life after it turned yellow and moulted a couple of months back. Sidenote: is moulted the word you use for plants? I’m certain it’s not, but can’t think of the correct word so…

The rest of the evening was spent drinking lattes under blankets outside on that little terrace, talking about dreams (our actual most recent nighttime dreams, and also our figurative ones), when we might get another puppy (I want one right this very second!), the chances of Jason being able to revive our dying bay tree, and about how dangerous the sort of attentive service that means you never actually get to the bottom of your glass of wine can be! ;)

Thank you x100 to the charming team at The Tablespoon for taking such good care of us all evening. So glad to have such a completely amazing restaurant local to us!


:: What I wore :: Blouse from Oasis, lace bandeau from Simone Perele, skirt c/o Boden (last season, super similar here), wedges from LK Bennett.

p.s. Jason looked super dashing, but was too hungry to want to hang about having me take his photo before we sat down to eat ;)


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{Neom Harmonise candle, due to be rereleased as ‘Focus the Mind’ in October of this year}

A few weeks back I had a little parcel come through from Neom, a brand I’ve really only become familiar with in the past year. Their scents are all beautiful, but the Harmonise candle is truly special. It’s grown up and masculine (with notes of pine and cedar wood), and is the sort of fragrance that feels just as fitting on cold, rainy days as it does warm and balmy ones. Though having said that, I’m so looking forward to burning it over the Christmas season this year- the pine notes are making our house smell faintly festive already!

Just the thing to light and enjoy during an evening soak in the bath, or a quiet hour spent reading your favourite glossy.


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Can I tell you something I’ve missed this week? Dog walks. Oh, I’ve missed it so much! Teddy’s not been up to walking (and not been allowed to, either) for the past few days since his op, so we’ve not been out walking since last weekend, and it’s been so very strange. I didn’t realise quite how much I love getting out for a walk every day until we couldn’t go, and also couldn’t put my finger on why my body’s been feeling so lethargic and slow until I clocked that I’ve done about 3 hours less exercise this week than normal! Roll on next week, when Teddy can go off-lead again and we can get out and about once more! Here’s what’s made me happy this week, and here’s to simple joys like dog walks and little tails that’re just beginning to wag again!

1. Dancing along to Beyoncé with Jason whilst doing the washing up. We’ve been perfecting our ‘End of Time’ dance moves all this week ;)

2. A mid-week gastropub dinner, that ended with a warm chocolate and salted caramel tart. Totally amazing.

3. Making my first ever curry! No, correction- making my first ever *tasty* curry. I made one once before that was blander than a bowl of pasta, but this one was a winner! Next time I’ll dial back the chilli a bit though…when Jamie Oliver suggests that you remove the seeds from a chilli for a spice paste, just do it, okay?

4. Listening to George Ezra’s album on Spotify (also, Spotify! Who knew it was so amazing?!)

5. Bringing the duvet off the spare bed downstairs, and making a nest on the living room floor. Teddy even joined in! It was kind of the cutest thing ever.

6. Getting things organised that I’ve been meaning to sort for months now- like the crack in my windscreen, & that hideous whining noise my car makes when I drive it. All things car-related are my personal nemesis, but always so satisfying when ticked off a to-do list.

7. The advice and wisdom of good friends and family. I’ve felt extra grateful to have such wonderful people around me all this week.

8. Fresh bed linen (& a new set of pyjamas to boot).

9. Good hair days (even though they always happen to occur when I’ve not got a reason to leave the house all day)

10. Finding new TV series to binge-watch on Netflix. Hello, Californication & 24.

Three posts that I’ve loved reading this week :: Joy’s roasted tomato and feta guacamole recipe || Sydney’s ‘holding on’ post || + this post on how to organise your wardrobe, from Camille Styles (because it’s so inspiring, and tidiness makes my heart glad)

What’s made you happy this week? :)


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1. Just-brewed coffee {the very best smell to wake up to in the morning}

2. Fresh, flaky croissants {for the days when oats + yoghurt just won’t cut it}

3. A French-themed affair {to satisfy my longing for a trip to Paris}

4. Sticky toffee pudding-flavoured granola {for when you’d really rather be eating dessert, than breakfast}

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