The September effect.


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Recently, I’ve been going through a funny kind of nesting, spring-cleaning phase. I want to tidy, rejuvenate, and organise everything in our house. The four drawers in my little desk-come-dressing-table in the front bedroom are in the process of being sorted out after having accumulated three and a half years worth of ‘I’ll keep that just in case I need it’ rubbish, and this weekend has been a blur of paperwork/filing/traipsing out to the bin with bags of rubbish. I think it’s the September effect. Even though my year doesn’t run to an academic calendar anymore, I still can’t shake the feeling that late August/early September is the time to start afresh, dust things off, and start over with better intentions (and prettier stationery) that I might have had previously. It’s my favourite time of year, almost for that reason alone.

But what of the other joys of early autumn? Hedgerow harvests and digging out forgotten knitwear and cooking comforting things? Recently I wound up with two huge bags full of fruit- homegrown apples from my Mum’s next door neighbour, and blackberries collected by our own neighbour who has this incredible knack for catching them just at the right time. I froze the blackberries to stop them from going bad, then got to work on the apples. Peeled, diced, and cooked down with a tiny scraping of butter, some soft brown sugar, cinnamon, and a squeeze of lemon juice.

I did have visions of being virtuous and saving the apple compote to eat for breakfasts with granola, and yoghurt, but it seemed wrong when the weather’s been so autumnal and I had all the ingredients for a fruit crumble ready and waiting in the kitchen. So on Saturday evening, after a hearty dinner (of  lamb, kale, and mashed potato! For the first time in so many months!) we set about making blackberry and apple crumble. The recipe for the topping came from Hugh’s Fruit Everyday recipe book (with the addition of a little cinnamon, because why on earth not), and the filling came together with apple compote, partially defrosted blackberries smashed together with a fork, and tablespoon full of maple syrup. Kind of indulgent to make a dessert just for the two of us, but such a lovely indulgence to make on a Bank Holiday weekend.

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  • Amanda

    I completely agree about September being a time to start fresh. I don’t follow an academic calendar any more either but September just feels like that time. A yummy apple and blackberry crumble sounds perfect for the transition from summer into Autumn x

  • becky | accooohtrements blog

    i’ve been on a big cleaning/organising binge too, doesn’t it feel great?!


  • Maxine Gilmour

    I did the exact same thing this weekend!

    I’m now about a year out of uni and in a graduate job but I can’t help but feel ‘The September Effect’ as you so nicely put it :). I completely gutted and cleaned my bedroom and kitchen and it felt so good. I’ve also been hanging around Paperchase a lot recently gazing longingly at all the stationary I wish I could buy.

    Love it when I come across someone else who feels the same way I do! :)

  • Alice

    I am the exact same! I didn’t really realise though until I read this post :) I do still run on an academic calendar and I’m so excited to head to paperchase and get all my new stationary and new diary for the year sorted :) but I’m also organising the other areas of my life, clearing out old clothes and giving everything a good clean. Its so relaxing. Love the photos of the apples as well, made me excited to get to my house down in Exeter and go to town on the apple tree in the garden!

  • Kate

    I work at a university, and even though I’m in admin and not an academic the September Feeling sets in without fail every year! Like you, I need to clear out some paperwork, and I also want to buy a small, narrow bookcase that fits next to my bedside table so I can finally organise the books which have been in storage baskets since I moved in two years ago! Of course, the problem is finding the perfect bookcase ;) Have you ended up buying any pretty new stationery?

  • Helena

    aw I miss this time of year in my old house. We had two big cooking apple trees, plums and normal apples and it was the best. So many apples so consequently SO many apple crumbles. It’s a proper home comforts food
    Helena /

  • Jennifer

    The crumble sounds delicious- never mind A/W fashion, I’m excited about the comforting food! I definitely think of September like another January, time for a fresh start :)

    Jennifer xx

  • Mimmi

    Apple butter is one of my favourite things about autumn. I’m so craving it now!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  • Giada

    I always see September as a fresh start, maybe because it’s my birthday month or because it begins a new season, but it’s definitely my favourite time of the year!

  • Chiara

    Sounds truly delicious!x

  • Amber

    I’m exactly the same Rosie, I spent the weekend catching up on paperwork and ‘nesting’.

    I walked around our house criticizing everything and realised exactly how many half finished diy projects we had, and how many things in our home needed organising and upgrading.

    We’re getting there though! xo

  • Sam

    I am in completely the same phase and i’m really enjoying cleaning out too. It’s amazing how much stuff I can accumulate based on “oh but I might need that in the next 5 years”.

  • Chelsea

    This post made me want to slip into a sweater and curl up with a glass of mulled wine. Well done:) Love these photos too!

  • Cathryn

    I am feeling like this too. It definitely feels like a change in the seasons with the weather. We are having a big sort out of our house at the minute. De-cluttering is good for the soul!

  • Lauren S

    i’ve been digging out jumpers and using hot water bottles every night – I love this snuggly jumper weather :)
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  • Cat

    I’ve definitely been feeling the arrival of September as well and have gone on a massive “organizing spree” in my own home. Doesn’t it feel good to get things put together? A crumble sounds like the perfect way to celebrate the nearly changing season.


  • Debbie

    I love that you still work to an academic year too! This weekend I went out to buy a new diary, as I’m still stuck in a mid-year calendar mindset!

  • she


  • Jessica Edmunds

    This is just the perfect post and resonates everything I love about September I am SO excited xx

  • Megan

    Hi Rosie!

    I totally agree with you! Fall is simply the most beautiful thing both in the UK and the USA (I think the UK wins tho ;) hehe!) I remember picking those same sort of apples last year to make pastries! Yum :) Oh how I miss England+fall, it is still so hot here in the Pacific Northwest!

  • kezia

    I love this season! Blackberry foraging is my favourite. I too an having the September effect – the desire to sort out, clean and do all those DIY jobs I have been meaning to do for ages! Very therapeutic though:)

  • Cerys @ mascara & mud

    ooh, I hear you! I have two bin bags full ready to be dropped off at the second hand shop!

  • Ala Skrakowski

    I have also found, mashed potato worming its way back into our dinner routine, because it’s just too cold for salad’s now (still August, what the…) ! And making a dessert for just two of you is absolutely acceptable in my humble opinion, and you can make it last for a few days so you still get a treat for days after. Plus you’re right, if you can’t indulge on a bank holiday weekend, when can you?! x

  • Joan of July

    Good to know I’m not alone feeling like September is a month of fresh begginings.
    I knew there was a reason I feel like getting a makeover around this time of the year every year! :D

  • Ivy george

    Love the September feeling!
    Makes me want to buy all new stationery and have a good old clear out for the new season too!

    Love, Ivy George x

  • Hannah

    My mum made an apple and blackberry crumble on Sunday to follow up a delicious roast chicken dinner (complete with gravy – because as you said, why the hell not?!) and it was pure bliss! I love the summer but there is nothing like Autumn. Very excited for more autumny posts on here :D xx

  • Meghan

    I know what you mean about the autumnal nesting/cleaning vibe – I get it more so in the fall than I do in the spring…not sure why…probably because in the spring I just want to get outside and enjoy the weather! :)

    Meghan xo

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