Ping Pong, fro-yo, & wedding dresses.


Cider-with-Rosie-London-1 Regent-Street

The ingredients of Saturday’s London jaunt were as follows = Liberty’s + rain + wedding dress trying-on (x10) + dim sum (x10) + mojitos + frozen yoghurt + 1 game of Beat the Intro played on the train on the way home. Good ingredients, right? I’ll tell you, they made for a pretty lovely Saturday!

Let me break it down…


Mum and I popped up into the city late on Saturday afternoon, armed with umbrellas and wearing wholly rain-inapproriate footwear. I had a trying-on session booked at Pronovias on Bond Street, and so we decided to turn it into a proper Mother-daughter date and head out for a bite to eat afterwards.

My fitting wasn’t until 5, so we made a quick stop into Liberty’s beforehand for a potter round Diptyque (Mum was on the hunt for a new fragrance) and also round the chocolate department because it’s basically law to pop in there when you’re in Liberty’s. We also tried on hats in the hat department, marvelled at the audacity of charging twenty odd pounds for a lavender plant, and decided that Molecule 01 (that fancy fragrance that’s supposed to react with your body to create a signature scent, or something) smells faintly like cooking when sprayed on my skin. Which is a concern, I’ll be honest…

Then it was time to go and try on wedding dresses! Mum and I had wondered if the experience of trying on dresses at Pronovias might be slightly more formal and strict than anywhere else I’d been so far, but it would up being completely awesome and we both left feeling so impressed by the service we’d experienced there! The assistant who helped me was so incredibly accommodating and helpful, and had an amazing eye for the types of dresses that would suit my taste and frame. Even though the trip only confirmed that the other dress I’ve got on hold for me right now is most definitely The One, I’m so glad we went. I’m going to make a video for my ‘Planning a Wedding’ series on YouTube about my experience of shopping for dresses in different places, so do keep your eyes peeled if that sounds like your cuppa tea…:)

St-Christophers-Place ping-pong

After the fitting we were starving- getting tired from clambering in and out of big ol’ wedding dresses is what ‘wedding dress diet’ means, right? – so we headed up towards St Christopher’s Place in search of some dim sum. I’d been wanting to visit Ping Pong for ages but hadn’t even got round to it, so we even though we nearly were lured into Patty & Bun (and last week almost became a two-burger week, since I’d been to Patty & Bun on Wednesday), we managed to hold off and head into Ping Pong for dinner instead. Mum let me take the reigns when it came to ordering, so I ordered one of what felt like a billion dishes and let the conveyor belt of deliciousness start rolling! We started off with drinks (passionfruit lemonade, and a cumquat mojito) and then duck spring rolls with the finest hoi sin sauce I’ve ever tasted. I mean, if that sauce came via our local takeaway, I’d eat the stuff with a spoon and not even care. But we were in a restaurant, so had to make do with some vaguely elegant dunking instead…

Next up came beef gyoza with a rice wine vinegar dipping sauce (which was even tastier than the gyoza themselves, if you ask me), baked four-mushroom pastries, char sui pork buns (divine!) little carrot and radish pickles. Then vegetable rice, and cashew chicken dumplings, and various seafood rolls in this amazing translucent pastry.

Oh my. It really was a feast. I’ve heard mixed reviews about Ping Pong, and though I definitely am no connoisseur of dim sum or Asian food in general, I loved it! Definitely a ‘second visit’ kind of place!
  Passionfruit-lemonad Cider-with-Rosie-ping-pong

^^ So much love for my Mum’s new specs! ^^

Duck-gyoza Cider-with-Rosie Char-Sui  

^^ The steamed pork buns were my favourite. It was kind of like eating flavoursome cotton wool, stuffed with insanely delicious honeyed pork. And after eating these ones I kind of fancy a trip to Flesh and Buns! Mum’s is outright refusing to go with me to F&B though, because she thinks the name is so off-putting! ;) ^^

And though I managed to avoid last week being a 2xburger week, I couldn’t stop it from being a 2xPinkberry week. Yeah. I went back. Not even sorry. And for what it’s worth, I’m going to say that the chocolate flavour frozen yoghurt is maybe better than the salted caramel. (Topped with chopped strawberries, honeycomb, golden cereal chunks, and caramel sauce of course). p.s. first Pinkerry visit of last week was documented here, if you fancy a look! Also, I don’t know about you but I’m kiiiiind of hungry now, thinking about all that amazing food. I need a pork bun. Or some gyoza. Or maybe just a vat of that hoi sin…

Tell me, how was your weekend? I hope it was lovely!

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  • catherine

    My boyfriend is embarrassingly obsessed with those pork buns. When we were in Malaysia and you could get 3 (giant, fluffy, amazingly tasty ones) for £1, he was in heaven.

    Do you have Beat the Intro on an app? I have the board game!

  • Ala Skrakowski

    Wow, Ping Pong sounds amazing! I’ve never been and don’t know much about it but it’s now on my list. Weirdly enough I went to Liberty’s on Saturday afternoon too, but for the first time ever! We went suit shopping on Oxford St for the boy, then nandos, then watched a bit of the Gay Pride march! Very inspiring! x

  • Caroline

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ping Pong, and the char sui pork steamed buns are one of my favourite foods in the whole world (ACtually not exaggerating there) but, to much sadness, I haven’t had dim sum in over a year since leaving London…I don’t think Carlisle even really knows what Chinese is, let alone dim sum, so this post has made me very very jealous.
    I do have my first wedding dress trying on sesh though, in 4 weeks and I’m SO excited, and then a second at another store the week after, and then I plan to try on ALL the dresses everywhere :)


  • Divya

    Hey Rosie! Absolutely loved reading this! You have a way with words that always put a smile! the pork buns sound so delicious!

  • Lauren S

    ooooh your pinkberry sounds delicious ! what a lovely mum/daughter day
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  • Samantha

    “Vaguely elegant dunking” – haha your wordsmithing is delightful :)Looks like you had a wonderful day! Trying on dresses sounds so exciting!
    ~ Samantha

  • Little London Girl

    I LOVE ping pong, its one of my favourites to bring friends too when they come to stay as everyone is always so impressed with it. Sounds like you had a lovely day with your mum. Little London Girl x

  • Lina

    Looks like loads of fun x

    L&L from sisterblend

  • Imogen

    That dress looks so, so lovely on you! Sounds like a brilliant Saturday, and dim sum definitely looks like the icing on the cake! I definitely appreciate how you’ve described the foods you ordered individually… although it does make me want to take a trip to a Chinese restaurant right now! Hoisin sauce and duck is my absolute favourite food so I’m going to take your word for it and assume this restaurant is great! Although I didn’t have the pleasure of dim sum this weekend I did manage to indulge in my first ever Afternoon Tea which was ultra yummy.

    Imogen // imogenscribbles

  • Rebecca

    What a lovely day! I can only imagine the excitement of wedding dress shopping – however that food. Mmmmm, I’m now tempted to nip over to my local and nearest Asian restaurant to order something similar! It looks delicious.

  • Rebeka Taylor

    Aw your weekend sounds really sweet! I adore your boots in the first picture! Rebeka x

  • Cat

    Aww, what a sweet Mother-Daughter date day! You guys are adorable. I wish you had posted photos of some of the dresses that you tried on, but totally understand why you didn’t, haha. I’m a huge fan of dim sum in general, so Ping Pong sounded AMAZING. Pork buns are definitely one of my favorites.


  • Marina

    I LOVE this dress – since you first posted about it a few weeks back I’ve desperately been searching for something similar, finally found one the other day! I’ve had an aversion to black for such a long time, but you’ve inspired me to try it out again :) also the dim sum looks to die for…

    Marina ::

  • Cat

    I love love love char sui pork, but am yet to try a pork bun! Will have to give it a go some day :) glad to hear your dress fittings are going well, it must be so very exciting! x

  • Jen

    Sounds like a great Saturday. :) You’re a few months ahead of me in the wedding planning stakes and I have not got a clue where to start so your tips might just be a godsend for me!

  • Victoria

    That food looks scrummy! x

  • Melissa

    Looks like you had a lovely day. Those steamed pork buns look amazing, I think I may have had something pretty similar in Manchester before.

  • Flick

    I love Ping Pong it’s so good for a quick dim sum fix. I am thinking about heading to Flesh and Buns on Sunday, I just can’t get enough of bao!

    In addition, you went to a Hogwarts style uni, as did Surrey. Could it be the same one, I mean how many Hogwarts unis are there (or places where part of HP were filmed)?!

  • Sophie

    what a lovely weekend :)
    I loooove those pork buns. My ex was from Vietnamese origin and used to take me to this amazing dim sum restaurant in Paris and after tasting those pork buns for the first time I would refuse to order anything else and just get a basket of those all to myself! :) Makes me want to run over to the Chinese quarter, it’s been way too long!
    Sophie xx

  • Tamsin | A Certain Adventure

    What a lovely sounding day :) I can’t wait for the day I can legitimately try on wedding dresses too – for now I shall live vicariously through your blog! Love the picture of the pork bun – I’ve never seen dim sum look so mysterious before! xx

  • Shade of Red Blog

    Oh, you HAVE to go to Flesh and Buns! Their deserts are to die for, especially s’mores — they bring a tiny fire pit to your table and you roast your marshmallows and make a biscuit sandwich!

  • Dominique

    Ping Pong is one of my faves…especially on a sunday when it’s unlimited dim sum!

  • Angela @Little Apple Tree

    That sounds like an awesome Saturday! I love dimsum and have heard good things about Ping Pong. Will have to pop up to London in the school holidays!

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