So far, this Wednesday has been made up of peach & honey porridge, tea, and ginormous under-eye bags. The porridge and tea are self-explanatory (breakfast time, peach obsession and all that) but the under-eye bags and exciting news need elaborating on. So- eye bags first! I’m kind of exhausted, since yesterday afternoon was spent standing in my kitchen in front of two giant cameras and lights and with a microphone attached to the front of my shirt, being filmed for a new project I’m working on right now. It was kind of nerve-wracking! Teddy took a turn on camera too, handsome little man that he is, and worked his angles like a pro. Right after we finished filming in the evening (at about half past 7) I dashed off to Pilates feeling full of beans and energy, and then crashed so hard during class I thought I was going to pass out! I’m still pretty exhausted today (completely had forgotten how tiring being ‘on’ in front of a camera can be) so plan on having a slow-motion day today. Here are a few of my favourite links from round the web of late…

Doughnut. Icecream. Sandwiches. (I KNOW.)

This Buzzfeed roundup made me laugh so much whilst reading it in bed the other night, I actually woke Jason up. (I’ve since read it out to him, and he laughed hard too)

Lemon & thyme white chocolate truffles.

In love with Annabel’s beautiful line illustrations.

An incredible behind-the-scenes film of a Scottish Ballet photoshoot that made me itch to dance again (thanks to Ann on Twitter for this one!)

The most beautiful apron!

An indulgent breakfast fruit crumble.

A ranking of the best (most traumatising!) deaths in this series of Game of Thrones (contains spoilers, of course).

This lamp is calling out to me. It’s calling out ‘Rosie, please buy at least one of me, if not two or three’…

A day in the life of an ice cream maker! (person, not machine).

Will you see The Fault in Our Stars? – this review from The Telegraph is mixed.


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7.30am :: Poor Teddy woke up sick on Friday morning, and wasn’t himself at all. He wouldn’t even get out of bed when I first went down to him, and just lay in his bed looking sad and sorry for himself. We spent the first half hour of the day having a little cuddle on the living room rug. Even though Teddy wasn’t quite himself, it wasn’t a bad way to start a Friday.


8am :: I took the little man out to stretch his legs, and admired the beautiful iris currently blooming in our garden.

Iced-latte Iced-coffee-Cider-with-Rosie

9am :: I know I’ve mentioned it a hundred times here recently, but I just can’t get enough iced lattes at the moment. And drinking them through stripy straws makes them taste all that much better. (For reference, I use this Bialetti mokka pot to brew my coffee. It’s brilliant!)


9.30am :: Teddy distracted me from my task of email-answering by bothering around my feet, looking cute. I try to blast my inbox early on in the day, or else I wind up answering them ad hoc throughout the day and get all in a muddle. Beginning to plan our wedding recently has taught me how important it is to stay on top of communication, and I’ve been trying to be more prompt when it comes to replying to emails.


10.00 :: A little morning Pilates, and post work-out snack.


11am :: Side-table reading (Elizabeth David’s books are so lovely).


11.30am :: I sat down to edit yesterday’s recipe video, and realised that I kind of looked a complete mess in the original intro and outro so decided to reshoot them. This photo was taken partway through my attempt to make myself look less of a mess. It really amazes me how bad fluffy hair looks on camera, and by ‘amazes’ I definitely mean ‘really annoys’. Sidenote: I need a haircut.


12am :: Video editing involves a LOT of waiting…


1.30pm :: Lunchtime! I last week bought a loaf of sunflower and linseed bread, and have been loving eating it with peanut butter. Also: grated carrot, cucumber, and quinoa salad, with a little dressing on the side. Yum. (p.s. I found my glasses! I thought I’d lost them a few weeks back, not long after losing my RayBans, and was so sad about it. But when we went hunting down the back of the sofa the other night for the Apple TV remote- which is small to the point of being invisible- and lo and behold, there they were! It made me very happy indeed!)


3pm :: A break from staring at screens, and to notice the little things- wisteria creeping its way in through our front bedroom window, and beautiful bright afternoon light.


4.30pm :: The afternoon was spent recording a voiceover, which I actually did whilst wrapped up in the living room curtain because it gave the best sound quality. No photo of that though, so this more normal one will have to do instead ;)


6pm :: Spring vegetable & chicken risotto a-cooking. (Making risotto in the summertime is one giant recipe for overheating. So much standing over the stove required!) Jason said that the risotto was his favourite I’ve ever made, but it looked so unappetising in the bowl I’ll spare you a photo…


7pm :: Some very much needed end-of-week beers. We also drank a couple of those lemon flavoured beers, which were kind of amazing. Like faintly beer-flavoured lemonade. I’m not selling it, I know, but they were really were great!


8pm :: We spent the evening watching Orange is the New Black (we’re trying not to binge-watch it so as not to burn through the series too quickly) and snacking on popcorn. Teddy felt back to his usual self again, and alternated between snoozing by the back door and taking each and every toy out of his toy box. It was a lovely, relaxing one.

How was your weekend? :)


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When I was about 17, I went through a phase of being totally hooked on these incredible spinach and feta filo pasties that my Mum’s lovely Bosnian friend used to make me. I could’ve eaten them all day long. Even at breakfast time! I mean, they were made of carbs, and veg, AND dairy! What’s not to love? I remember them as having the most richly savoury flavour- with salty cheese and irony spinach all wrapped up in a few layers of fine filo pastry. These pasties of mine are an homage to those ones from years ago- an English twist on traditional Mediterranean ‘spanakopita’ pastries.

We’ve been eating a fair few pasties, lately. I started off experimenting with sweet potato fillings, then moved on to cheddar cheese + potato + onion combos, and now have settled on this spinach, feta and nutmeg filling as my absolute favourite. We eat them for light weekend lunches, and fast weekday dinners, and last weekend my Mum and I wrapped up a couple and ate them in the car whilst halfway round the M25. Two words for you on that scenario : Crumbs. Everywhere.

I’ve made this recipe into a little video instead of a photo series for a change, because why on earth not! And it only took about 5 times as long as shooting a set of photos does! ;) Oh, it was a labour of love for sure!


{Makes around 5 large pasties (as shown), or cut the pastry rounds smaller to make mini pasties}

300g plain flour
150g cold unsalted butter
250g spinach
200g feta cheese
1 egg + 1 extra yolk
1 garlic clove
1/4 tsp nutmeg
A couple of pinches of salt

- Cut the butter up into roughly 1/2 inch cubes, then add to the flour along with a pinch of salt. Place the bowl into the fridge for about 10 minutes which we get on with making the spinach (chilling the ingredients will help the pastry get really nice and flaky later on).

- Add the spinach to a frying pan along with a drizzle of olive oil, a smashed garlic clove, pinch of salt, and quarter teaspoon of ground nutmeg. Place over a low heat, & heat gently until the spinach is completely wilted.

- Drain into a sieve, and then spend a good few minutes squeezing *all* of the liquid out so that it doesn’t make the pastry go soggy later on. When it’s as dry as you can make it, spread it out onto a plate to cool.

- Take the bowl containing the butter and flour out of the fridge, and begin mixing in iced water a couple of tablespoons at a time. Keep stirring and adding in iced water (take care not to drop in any ice cubes!) and stop mixing just as soon as the dough clumps together in a rough ball. Tip it out onto a well floured surface, and press in any loose bits of dough and flour.

-  Flour your rolling pin, and begin rolling out the dough into a long rectangle. When the dough’s about a centimetre thick, take the bottom of the rectangle and fold the bottom third of the pastry over the middle third, and then take the top third of the pastry and fold it over the top of that. Rotate the dough by 90 degrees, and then repeat the rolling, folding, and turning process another 5 times.

- The dough will still have visible streaks of butter in when you’re finished, but will be smooth and coherent in texture. The streaks of butter are what will give the pastry layers of flakiness when cooked! Wrap the pastry dough in cling film, and then put in the fridge to relax for half an hour.

- Whilst the dough chills and relaxes, roughly chop the cooled spinach, and then put it into a bowl and crumble in the feta. Add in one egg yolk, and then stir to combine. Give the mixture a taste, and add in any extra seasoning (salt, pepper, lemon zest) if you feel it needs it!

- After the dough has had half an hour in the fridge, take it out and roll it until it’s about 5 millimetres thick. Cut around a small bowl (or use a smaller cutter, if you’re making mini pasties) and then place the pastry rounds onto baking sheets lined with parchment paper. I rerolled the scraps of pastry partway through cutting out the rounds, and got 5 fairly large pasties from this batch.

- Place a heaping dessert spoonful of the filling into the centre of each pasty, then brush the edge with a little beaten egg. Fold over the pastry, and use your hands to press the edges closed and to remove any air from the pasty. Crimp the edges closed with a fork, then make a small hole in the body of the pasty to let out steam. Brush the whole thing with beaten egg, sprinkle with a little salt, then put in an oven preheated to 180 degrees celsius or 350 degrees fahrenheit and cook for about 25 minutes, until the pastry is a light golden colour. Allow to cool for about 5 minutes, and then dive on in!


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{ See that there (^^)? That was yesterday’s breakfast. It was a good’un! Jason saw me assembling it and was like ‘you’re going to Instagram that, aren’t you?’ and I was like ‘hell yeah I am!’ ;) }

Happy Friday! I hope this week’s been good to you! This weekend I’m planning to do a major cleaning blitz on the house (we have some filming being done here next week- exciting project alert!) and so I need to get this place looking ship shape before Tuesday rolls around. I also intend to drink a lot of coffee, eat too many peaches, and maybe camp out in front of Netflix a little. Oh, and I’m also going to probably spend some time bemoaning my appalling decision-making skills, because just as soon as I finish writing this I’m going to grab the kitchen scissors and trim my fringe back in. Because if there’s one thing we know, it’s that DIY, on-a-whim haircuts are always GREAT! So, I’m off to go and ruin my hair, and you can have a little read of what’s made me happy this week…;)

1. Burrito bowl dinners! (with extra avocado, and extra-spicy chicken.)

2. Watching that David Beckham documentary. Jason and I both kind of have a crush on him. No shame.

3. The smell of the summer rain on warm tarmac pavements (Monday’s afternoon rain shower was the best!)

4. The times I happen to glance down at my hand, and am surprised to see an engagement ring there. It still takes me aback sometimes, and I’m enjoying holding on to that feeling :)

5. Meeting with our wedding caterers on Wednesday morning. Talking about the amazing food we’ll be serving on the day made it all seem so very real, and the stresses of the past few weeks kind of melted away. It was a good moment.

6. Iced lattes! I could drink them all day, every day right now.

7. Buying my first load of donut peaches since last summer. I took a couple into the garden as soon as I got home from the shops, and ate them in the sunshine whilst Teddy pottered around in the bushes. It was blissful.

8. An afternoon spent in the sunshine with friends yesterday. (The tropical fruit salad & salted peanut chocolate we ate were pretty happy-making too)

9. Orange is the New Black, Season TWO! Oh Netflix. You really are my favourite purchase of 2014.

10. Driving in summertime! Bastille on loud (their album’s been on repeat in my car since Christmas), and windows down. I hate driving 99% of the time, but on warm summer days you can’t beat it!

Three posts I’ve loved reading this week :: Joy’s short and sweet kitten update (because hello! It’s a photo of cute kittens! What’s not to love?!) || this gorgeous geometric wood trivet DIY, from A Beautiful Mess || and Carrie’s behind the scenes photos from her tour of the Lush factory!

What’s made you happy this week? :)

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