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Can you even believe it’s June already? And that we’re *halfway* through this year? I can’t. Just doesn’t compute. The past month has been kind of ridiculously busy and stressful, and I may or may not have had a complete wedding planning-induced meltdown on at least one occasion. But hey! It’s kind of obligatory in the first month or so of planning a wedding to have at least one complete freak out, right? Right…?

It feels as though the weekends these days are all go. I can’t even remember the last time I slept in later than half 8 or 9, and even though I like to try and be up at a respectable time at the weekends, it’s always nice to have the *option* to lie-in, don’t you find? June is set to be equally busy, but also beautiful. We’re waiting to welcome a new baby into the family (Jason’s little brother Joe is set to become a Dad right around Father’s Day!) and hopefully the glorious sunshine of this past weekend will stick around right through the month. There’s also going to be a whole lot more wedding planning (I honestly don’t know what I did with my time before we started planning this thing!;) and a few jaunts up to London for both work and play. I’ve decided to set myself a few little goals to achieve in the month ahead, and thought I’d share them here because…why on earth not?

So June- let’s do this! And now, about those goals…

- To have a date for our wedding (with venue, church + caterers all in) booked and in the diary by the end of the month. I can’t deal with another four weeks of up-in-the-air-nonsense!

- Drink more water. (And maybe less coffee. But not really. Just more water to counteract all the coffee…)

- Make ice-cream using the ice-cream maker I’ve had sitting unused in the spare bedroom since I inherited it from my Mum (who also never used it) last summer. Mint chocolate chip is first on my ‘to make’ list.

- Have a go at cooking with coconut oil in place of olive oil.

- Take a hot yoga/Bikram yoga class.

- Do the 4.5 mile lake-walk at least once a week all through June. (And also, buy a pass for the lake car park, because I’ve been meaning to do so for a year now and fumbling around trying to find 3 £1 coins for the ticket machine every time I want to pop up there for a walk is getting really old)

- Buy a new book! An actual paper copy of a book, not a digital version! And also to actually read it too, instead of just sit with it next to me whilst I scroll endless through my social media feeds on my phone…

- And lastly, I’m going to aim to not make any organisational errors for the whole of this month. Yesterday (which technically was June but it was a Sunday so in my head it was still May, ‘kay) I’d managed to not just double, but TRIPLE book us with appointments in the morning! I just have this really bad knack for booking everything in for 11am on a Sunday morning, and then get all in a pickle. This month will be the month though where I get organised, and stop being late for everything. Haha. Let’s see how this works out…

Are you aiming to achieve anything particular in June? Or are you just happy enough to be welcoming in summertime? :)

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  • http://whiskyandpancakes.co.uk Lou Duffy

    I love love love coconut oil! Especially when cooking chicken or roasting veg…so tasty!

  • http://asimpleelegance.com arielle

    I love your goals for june. especially the one about that yoga class. I’ve been intending to try a hot yoga class for over a year now!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

    and p.s. I am pretty sure wedding freak-outs are totally normal.

  • http://www.littlemisskaty.co.uk Little Miss Katy

    Wish I lived near a lake. I’d love to be able to go walking there! I just posted on my blog titled Hey June and also listing my resolutions. HA. Jinx. xx

    Katy | http://www.littlemisskaty.co.uk

  • http://www.intoruth.com/ Ruth Johnston

    I’ve been making lots of ‘no custard’ ice cream recently, thank you, Nigella. You should give it a go, it’s super-easy, might not help with not using your ice cream maker though. I replace coconut oil in a few things, it helps make the best curries!

  • http://www.twentynothing.co.uk Becky Christmas

    I love these posts they really motivate me to get a list going of things I want to achieve this month too! xx

  • http://loverhianna.com Rhianna

    Sounds like you’ve got some pretty good goals! I need to create a June goals list, mainly so I actually save up some cash instead of spending it all! Beautiful photo by the way! <3

  • http://www.waterpainteddreams.com Hayley

    Good luck Rosie. I’m currently reading The Winner’s Curse and would really recommend it.

  • http://www.ameliaowl.blogspot.com Amelia

    I’m also aiming to drink more water! In terms of books, I would really recommend blood family by Anne Fine. I read it in 3 days as it was just so gripping! Good luck with your goals xxx

  • http://Www.supernaturallyhealthy.org Kezia

    I am aiming to have a whole week of early nights! Not sure how I will do it but it’s going to happen!

  • http://madeinhunters.blogspot.co.uk Emma

    My birthday is on fathers day this year, so i’m aiming to have an amazing birthday. Also 5 other members of my families birthdays are in June. Yey for June! xx

  • http://darwinscreations.wordpress.com Helen Geraghty

    If you haven’t already read Sylvia Plath – The Bell Jar then I recommend that. A great modern classic! :)


  • http://www.theperksofbeingahipster.com Cate Cruse

    I’m going to try so hard not to make any organisational glitches this month – I feel like, whenever I’m in one place, I’m also half aware I should be somewhere else! Love your blog, it’s so pretty x
    The perks of being a hipster

  • http://www.bluebellandbumpkin.blogspot.com Beccy

    Lovely goals! Finding a caterer is also on my goal list for June. I also agree about buying an actual book. I’ve been trying to read more things than kindle books recently, and I much prefer it.

    Beccy // Bluebell & Bumpkin

  • http://www.thisparticular.blogspot.com Ala Skrakowski

    June is going to be non-stop I can feel it already, and to think it’s only 6 weeks until my birthday really just makes me feel like this year is disappearing before my very own eyes.

    And cooking with coconut oil is a simple and easy transition to make, I use it almost all the time instead of olive, vegetable or sunflower!

    And yum to the idea of homemade mint choc chip, it’s my fave flavour! x

  • http://www.thelibrarian.co.uk Georgina

    You have some great achievable goals there, I am looking forward to seeing how you use coconut oil, I have a massive tub in the cupboard sitting unloved. This month my aim is to paint our front door, it needs livening up and I meant to do it this weekend and failed miserably. My only other ones are to spend less and relax a bit more. Since buying our house I am feeling like I constantly need to be working on projects and I seem to have lost the ability to relax! Crochet and reading and enjoying the countryside are how I’m going to go about it I think :) xx

  • http://www.ibleedlipstick.com Cat

    I love your goals! I need to buy a forest pass so that I’m not constantly hunting for $5, because I love to go hiking on sunny days and I don’t always remember to grab cash. I’m so excited for summer to finally be here!

  • Nicola

    Ice cream makers are so good! One of my friends makes the most amazing ice cream with his, really tropical lovely flavours. But, as you say, he makes them about twice a year because of the hassle!

    Nicola // pink-confetti.co.uk

  • http://Www.berrydiaries.com Lulu

    So pleased to see that my Pilates fan is planning on doing some yoga! <3

  • http://merakikaiagapi.blogspot.com/2014/04/the-engagement.html Georgia

    OMG I laughed at your first paragraph. I had not one but 3 mini meltdowns the month I got engaged! Luckily none since- and the more decisions you make, the more you’ll be able to let go of the stress and get excited to get married! :D

  • http://dunsterdreams.blogspot.co.uk Keeley Ann

    I like these posts, there motivational :)

    I drink a lot of tea but I’ve cut down and started aiming to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water day or cordial in my case. Feel so much more awake & less groggy from my tea. Ooo but I do love my tea :)

    Keeley Ann xx

  • http://www.rosedogandco.blogspot.com.au Rosie

    This is fabulous Rosie. I love working towards goals and setting new targets. Good on ya!
    Rosie (Sydney)

  • http://www.littleobservationist.com Steph

    Good luck getting the wedding venue, date and caterers sorted by the end of June. For me, it’s tying up all the loose ends – the big day is June 28 so the clock is ticking. Loudly! :)

  • http://www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk Lauren S

    glad your wedding plans are going well ! I want to have trips with friends planned, organised moving and to be getting the fitness bug after 2 months working out !
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography – http://www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  • http://shewearsburgundy.blogspot.co.uk Jo

    I love the idea of setting goals for the next month. I guess by telling us, you have somebody to answer to! I would love to hear about your bikram / hot yoga experience :)

    Jo xx
    She Wears Burgundy

  • http://www.littleappletree.co.uk/ Angela @Little Apple Tree

    June has been lush so far. Sunshine, just the right amount of heat, and lots of lovely trips and cakes.

    Coconut oil is especially lovely if you’re making curries or Asian dishes. It also makes a kick-ass brownie! I tend to use either butter or coconut oil these days and leave olive oil raw for salad dressing.

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