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I wake up most mornings with a craving for something sweet. Occasionally (*very* occasionally) I’m happy to go savoury- with a little scrambled egg, or some avocado toast- but generally, I wake up hankering after the sweet stuff. Jam. Fruit (stone fruits in summer, apples and spiced berries in winter, bananas all year round). Anything-drizzled-with-syrup. Things-dipped-in-Nutella. You name it- if it’s got a high sugar content, I’ll be craving it at 7.30am. Which isn’t always the best thing, because you know, eating really sugary foods first thing in the morning inevitably leads to a big old burst of energy up front, a crash-and-burn a couple of hours later, and then next thing you know you wind up staring at the last few remaining crumbs of your lunch come half past 11.

Recently I’ve been trying to pay more attention to the energy that our food provides us with, since I like to do a fair bit of exercise and have been trying to strike the right balance between fuel in, and energy out. And since in the past year or so I’ve also been cutting back drastically on the amount of wheat I consume (you can read a little more about that here, if you fancy), instead of the usual jam-and-toast that I once used to reach for in the mornings, I now try to choose more wholesome and energy-sustaining options. I’ve found that avoiding eating wheat in the mornings and opting for slower release foods instead stops me from having a big sugar crash around 11am, because the complex carbs are there ready to provide a slow-burning energy once the quick boost from the sugar has worn off. It’s pretty rare now that I get hungry before midday after eating breakfast sometime around 8am, and both Jason and I have been feeling all the better for trying to eat a diet that provides sustained levels of energy.

These breakfast ideas are just that- ideas! I can’t call them recipes (since they’re far too simple), instead they’re just a little snapshot of what I’ve been enjoying eating each morning, of late. Even better if that breakfast can be eaten sitting outside in the sunshine, whilst drinking an iced latte and reading that’s morning’s newspaper. Haha. Just kidding. I mean scrolling through Twitter, obviously…

Oatcakes-with-raspberry-jam Raspberry-jam-oatcakes

Oatcakes with jam!

These are what I’ve been reaching for when I need a super quick breakfast, or something I can take on the go. Just jam-up a little stack of oatcakes (I love the Nairn’s fine milled oatcakes especially) and umm…that’s it! They’d also be lovely with nut butters instead of (or as well as!) jam, but I love the contrast between the sweet fruitiness of the jam and the biscuity savouriness of the oatcakes. Yum. Since this breakfast is kind of a light one, I usually have it with a piece or two of fruit as well. In fact, this is *exactly* what I had for breakfast on Saturday morning!

Peanut-butter-banana-bread Sunflower-bread-peanut-butter-and-banana

Sunflower seed + rye bread, with whole nut peanut butter & sliced banana!

This is a current favourite of mine, especially on days when Teddy and I are going on an especially long morning walk or if I’m heading up into London for a whole day of meetings/appointments/gallivanting. It’s *so* filling, but not in that horrible heavy-stomach way. The bread is completely wheat-free and keeps me feeling full of energy for hours, and the banana provides the sweetness I’m always after in a breakfast. I’ve also recently been making up a slice of it in the mornings, cutting it up so that each little square has its own banana slice, and grabbing a square every time I’ve felt peckish throughout the day. It’s perfect for days when your body’s asking for a constant stream of fuel rather than just having three larger meals. Oh and also, I find that I sometimes am put off buying healthy/organic/’alternative diet’ foods because they can be so expensive, but this bread is a fairly modest £1.35 (Schneider Brot organic rye and sunflower seed bread) for an 8 slice, 500g loaf. It also only has 5 ingredients, and one of those is water, so it’s pretty good stuff! (Also insanely delicious eaten with jam and peanut butter!)


Organic yoghurt with fresh fruit + mixed toppings!

Ahhh, yoghurt. We burn through yoghurt in this house like it’s going out of fashion. Still probably the thing I reach for more often at breakfast time, I always add as much lovely fresh fruit as we’ve got in the house and almost always a handful of oats/granola/chopped nuts too. Jason and I differ on the best way to sweeten natural yoghurt (I like a little drizzle of honey or little dollop of jam, or just go au naturel if I’m eating it with sweet ripe fruit) whereas Jase prefers his with granulated sugar. It’s honestly one of the few things we don’t see eye to eye on! ;) Favourite toppings include rhubarb compote (recipe here, if you’d like one!), chopped pineapple or mango, the scooped out innards of a passionfruit, berries, and in winter, raisins + chopped nuts + a scattering of cinnamon.

These aren’t the fancied of ideas (no wilting of greens, no multi-layered ‘breakfast parfaits’, or 10 ingredient smoothies) but they’re what I actually really in real life eat for breakfast. And I like talking about breakfast, so that’s that! Shall we have a sharing of breakfast ideas in the comments? What do you like to eat for breakfast, in the summertime? :)

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  • Pihla

    I must try these! :) My favorite breakfast during the summertime must be granola with natural yoghurt. Of course, there are many different kinds of granola but I always choose the one with least sugar!

  • Caroline

    I love peanut butter on wholemeal toast. I have it most days. I’d forgotten about the Oatcakes, I really like those. I’ll have to get them next time I shop.

    When I have time I do like scrambled eggs but not everyday.

  • catherine

    I’m the total opposite to you and always want savoury in the morning, but I usually eat my breakfast when I get into work so I have porridge with raisins. Weekends is pure breakfast territory and it’s either avocado toast and scrambled eggs or, lately, a breakfast burrito with tomatoes, onion, a bit of sweetcorn, avocado, fried egg and lots of coriander and hot sauce.

  • Hayley

    I love oatcakes, never had them as something sweet though. Will have to give that a go!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  • Samantha

    I too am quite aware of what fuel I put into my body and while I do love my super cinnamony oatmeal, I’ve taken quite a liking to Greek yogurt in the mornings. Now, I know that yogurt can be very high in fat and sugar but I did some research and have discovered that FAGE’s Total 0% yogurt is the best. It’s thick, creamy, and delicious, 100% natural with no artificial sweeteners, 100 calories (7 or 8g of carbs, 13g of protein!) and fat free. It’s amazing. And it’s super filling. I load it with cinnamon and sometimes pair it with a banana and some berries. Definitely try it out!!!

  • Lucy

    Fantastic post, I’m always trying to come up with new breakfast ideas, I’m more of a savoury person in the morning but I pretty much always rotate between boiled egg, scrambled egg and shredded wheat, not very exciting! Love the look of the rye bread, I’ll have to hunt that down. Really loving your blog, can’t believe I’ve only just found you!

    Lucy x

  • Edmund Fung

    Fresh and healthy start of the day. Thanks for the ideas!

  • Melissa

    My favourite would have to be the fresh fruit. I love fruit in a morning with a splash of natural yoghurt and if my sweet tooth is kicking in some honey :)

  • l c

    I feel like we have the same tastes in breakfast! Peanut butter and banana is the perfect combo. Lovley blog! x

  • Rachael

    There’s some great ideas here Rosie, my go to breakfast will always be porridge! At the minute it’s porridge with peanut butter stirred in, with one chopped banana and some dried fruit – delish! I could eat that for every meal. I haven’t had oatcakes in so long, I used to eat them all the time, they’re a great healthier snack x

    What Rachael Wrote

  • Beth

    Frozen fruit, peanut butter and vanilla soy or coconut milk make a very filling smoothie! I also like vanilla greek yogurt with some honey stirred in.

  • Lyndsay

    These are some great ideas for breakfasts, I really love oatcakes – I haven’t had them in ages!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  • ellenor marie

    Such a good post! I need to make a note of these ideas!! :)

  • Alice

    These breakfasts all look lovely, but as someone with coeliac disease, your attitude to wheat makes me very angry. If you think it is negatively impacting on your health, see a doctor rather than rashly cutting it from your diet.

    • Rosie

      Hi Alice.

      I’m so sorry this post made you feel angry. It certainly wasn’t intended to seem crass or insensitive to anyone who has to eliminate wheat from their diets for medical reasons- I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to have to stick to a restricted diet, and how incredibly painful coeliac disease must be to live with. I’m also sure that to then see people (like myself) voluntarily choose to give up things that (I presume) you might like to include in your diet if it were possible, would be really incredibly frustrating and I’m so sorry if I inadvertently made you feel that way.

      I consider myself really lucky in that I can choose to eat (as opposed to having to eat for medical reasons) a diet that’s fairly low in wheat products (not cut it out entirely), not because I felt it was impacting on my health when I did eat more wheat but rather that it was impacting on my general feeling of well being. It’s not because I consider it a ‘fashionable’ way of eating or to lose weight by any means, but merely because I find that eating heavy, wheat-based meals makes my body feeling slow and sluggish as opposed to feeling vibrant and energised, which is how I prefer my food to make me feel.

      Again, I’m really sorry that my post made you feel angry, and will definitely consider my wording even more carefully than I already did with this post if I choose to write about my dietary choices again. Rosie x

  • Victoria

    I love how pretty your breakfasts are! :)

  • Orlagh

    I have poached eggs on marmite covered rye toast every morning, or sometimes a stack of pancakes and bacon on the weekend :) loved this post! My boyfriend would eat breakfast for every meal if he could!

  • Foodie Laura

    I like smoothies in the summer for breakfast but not the 10 ingredient kind, just bananas, peanut butter and milk.

  • Katie Matthews

    I wish I liked yoghurt enough to eat it for breakfast! I just don’t get it!The peanut butter/banana idea is a winner!

    Katie <3

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