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The ingredients of Saturday’s London jaunt were as follows = Liberty’s + rain + wedding dress trying-on (x10) + dim sum (x10) + mojitos + frozen yoghurt + 1 game of Beat the Intro played on the train on the way home. Good ingredients, right? I’ll tell you, they made for a pretty lovely Saturday!

Let me break it down…


Mum and I popped up into the city late on Saturday afternoon, armed with umbrellas and wearing wholly rain-inapproriate footwear. I had a trying-on session booked at Pronovias on Bond Street, and so we decided to turn it into a proper Mother-daughter date and head out for a bite to eat afterwards.

My fitting wasn’t until 5, so we made a quick stop into Liberty’s beforehand for a potter round Diptyque (Mum was on the hunt for a new fragrance) and also round the chocolate department because it’s basically law to pop in there when you’re in Liberty’s. We also tried on hats in the hat department, marvelled at the audacity of charging twenty odd pounds for a lavender plant, and decided that Molecule 01 (that fancy fragrance that’s supposed to react with your body to create a signature scent, or something) smells faintly like cooking when sprayed on my skin. Which is a concern, I’ll be honest…

Then it was time to go and try on wedding dresses! Mum and I had wondered if the experience of trying on dresses at Pronovias might be slightly more formal and strict than anywhere else I’d been so far, but it would up being completely awesome and we both left feeling so impressed by the service we’d experienced there! The assistant who helped me was so incredibly accommodating and helpful, and had an amazing eye for the types of dresses that would suit my taste and frame. Even though the trip only confirmed that the other dress I’ve got on hold for me right now is most definitely The One, I’m so glad we went. I’m going to make a video for my ‘Planning a Wedding’ series on YouTube about my experience of shopping for dresses in different places, so do keep your eyes peeled if that sounds like your cuppa tea…:)


After the fitting we were starving- getting tired from clambering in and out of big ol’ wedding dresses is what ‘wedding dress diet’ means, right? – so we headed up towards St Christopher’s Place in search of some dim sum. I’d been wanting to visit Ping Pong for ages but hadn’t even got round to it, so we even though we nearly were lured into Patty & Bun (and last week almost became a two-burger week, since I’d been to Patty & Bun on Wednesday), we managed to hold off and head into Ping Pong for dinner instead. Mum let me take the reigns when it came to ordering, so I ordered one of what felt like a billion dishes and let the conveyor belt of deliciousness start rolling! We started off with drinks (passionfruit lemonade, and a cumquat mojito) and then duck spring rolls with the finest hoi sin sauce I’ve ever tasted. I mean, if that sauce came via our local takeaway, I’d eat the stuff with a spoon and not even care. But we were in a restaurant, so had to make do with some vaguely elegant dunking instead…

Next up came beef gyoza with a rice wine vinegar dipping sauce (which was even tastier than the gyoza themselves, if you ask me), baked four-mushroom pastries, char sui pork buns (divine!) little carrot and radish pickles. Then vegetable rice, and cashew chicken dumplings, and various seafood rolls in this amazing translucent pastry.

Oh my. It really was a feast. I’ve heard mixed reviews about Ping Pong, and though I definitely am no connoisseur of dim sum or Asian food in general, I loved it! Definitely a ‘second visit’ kind of place!

^^ So much love for my Mum’s new specs! ^^


^^ The steamed pork buns were my favourite. It was kind of like eating flavoursome cotton wool, stuffed with insanely delicious honeyed pork. And after eating these ones I kind of fancy a trip to Flesh and Buns! Mum’s is outright refusing to go with me to F&B though, because she thinks the name is so off-putting! ;) ^^

And though I managed to avoid last week being a 2xburger week, I couldn’t stop it from being a 2xPinkberry week. Yeah. I went back. Not even sorry. And for what it’s worth, I’m going to say that the chocolate flavour frozen yoghurt is maybe better than the salted caramel. (Topped with chopped strawberries, honeycomb, golden cereal chunks, and caramel sauce of course). p.s. first Pinkerry visit of last week was documented here, if you fancy a look! Also, I don’t know about you but I’m kiiiiind of hungry now, thinking about all that amazing food. I need a pork bun. Or some gyoza. Or maybe just a vat of that hoi sin…

Tell me, how was your weekend? I hope it was lovely!


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Ooof, this week has been a good one! So much sunshine! So many summery drinks drunk with ice and mint! Summer storms! And freckles! Freckles everywhere! It’s made me one very happy bunny. Jason and I are planning to do as little as possible this weekend- beyond my trip to London on Saturday afternoon with my Mum (for a wedding dress fitting + dim sum!), we’re hoping to just relax and, *gasp!* actually spend some time together!? It honestly feels as though we’ve not spent a single weekend day together in weeks now, and I miss that handsome fiancé of mine so very much! So whilst I go and count down the minutes until the weekend arrives (and also edit a new video for my YouTube channel!), here’s a little list of what’s made me happy this week for you to have a little read of! :) …

1. Listening to Ben Howard’s album. Too beautiful. (I know it’s all about Ed Sheeran’s new album at the moment. I’m rubbish with music though, and am forever behind the times, so Ben Howard is where it’s at for me right now…)

2. Managing to meet up with Jason for a sneaky mid-afternoon coffee in London on Wednesday afternoon, when our respective meetings just happened to finish at the exact same time and we happened to be on tube lines that converged at Oxford Circus. It was so lovely to meet him for a moment of peace and calm in an otherwise hectic day.

3. Watching last weekend’s peonies open up fuller and fuller over the course of the week. They’re so flamboyant, and I adore them.

4. Talking business with my darling Bess over burgers the other evening. She’s such an inspiring lady, and gave me some incredible advice. I left with a giant surge of confidence and decisiveness…and also feeling very full from those amazing burgers ;)

5. The rack of Chinese-spiced spare ribs Jason and I ate for dinner last night. Finger lickin’ good.

6. Bright orange polish on my finger & toenails.

7. Wednesday’s sunset, watched in awe through the train window whilst on my way home from London.

8. Switching my phone off in the evenings. I’ve been trying hard to be less distracted lately, and focus my attention on appreciating the now. We’ve been listening to more music at home, and today I’m going to pop out to the library to pick up a stack of books to get stuck into over the weekend. It’s making for a happier life.

9. Licking the brownie batter mixing spoon.

10. Hanging out all week long in summer dresses and flip-flops. I know I always say each season is my favourite, but this summer is kind of nailing it so far.

Three posts I’ve loved reading this month :: Gemma’s lush neon spotty manicure || Sara’s post about the birth of her baby boy (such a cutie!) || and Sophie’s beautiful photos from a day spent readying her Grandparents’ garden for her upcoming wedding.

What’s made you happy this week? :)


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Surfing*Found via Pinterest, original source unknown

Today I’m so excited to introduce you to all the wonderful blogs and bloggers who’ve been hanging out in my sidebar during the month! Because really and truly, they are such a lovely bunch! I’ve had so much fun getting to know each of them in turn, and adding them to my Bloglovin’ reading list- and I can’t recommend highly enough that you do the same! So if you’re in the market for some wonderful new reads, or just fancy doing something this Thursday that isn’t necessarily work, then why not have a browse of the lovely blogs linked below! Happy reading! :)

Seeking Victory
Nicole’s blog is such a lovely one. It’s her writing that I think I love the most. It’s so friendly and eloquent all at once, and always makes me feel as though I’m catching up with a friend when I read one of her posts. Nicole lives in Melbourne, and on her blog she shares recipes, lifestyle posts, restaurant reviews- and I’ve been devouring each and every one of her posts as soon as they go live. Seeking Victory is just such a beautifully friendly, charming blog, and one that I think you’re going to love getting to know better.
Favourite post of the past month? Pretty Parcels of Chicken (because it’s kind of similar to my favourite spinach and feta pasties, but with the inspired addition of chicken! Amazing!)

The What Now Blog
Louise’s blog is ever such a lovely one. She began her blog with the intention of trying to figure out what she wanted to do with her life, and I for one just hope she continues to share her lovely posts! On her blog, Louise shares lifestyle posts, recipes, and thoughts on recent adventures. I especially loved her review of her visit to the English School of Falconry, and her incredible looking recipe for chargrilled chicory and little gem salad with caper berries! Her amazing does that sound? A blog to add to your reading list, for sure! :)
Favourite post of the past month? An afternoon with birds of prey (because Louise’s photos are too amazing!)

The Peppermint Pencil
I’ve just loved reading Anya’s blog through June. It was new to me last month, and had become a staple read ever since. Her photographs are just gorgeous (check those caramel-coconut milkshake photos if you need proof!), I adore the way she writes, and her posts are warm and personable. This month Anya’s posted a summer to-do list (you know how much I do love a list) photos of beautiful places visited, and basically just stolen my heart with every single post.
Favourite post of the past month? Summer Bucket List (because not only is Anya’s list a great one, but her styling and photography in the post is amazing too!)

This Particular
I just LOVE the way Ala writes! There’s something about her ‘voice’ that I just find so engaging, and makes me want to read post after post. This month, Ala’s shared her gorgeous recipe for spaghetti bolognese (thumbs up for extra-garlicky ragu), found treasures at a car boot sale, and attended cookery school! And she’s shared the lot in the form of beautiful photos, and happy stories! It’s a blog I know you’ll just love :)
Favourite post of the past month? What’s for lunch today? Sub Cult | Soho. (because reading about what people eat just never gets old, and I love the concept of this post!)

Daydreams of Summertime
If you’ve not yet discovered Sarah’s beautiful blog, then you’re in for a treat! She deserves about 100x the following she has if you ask me, and I know you’re going to love reading her gorgeous posts! Not only is Sarah so lovely and likeable and wonderful to read, but she also climbs glaciers, takes incredible photographs, and wears dresses covered in lemons! If those aren’t reason enough to go and check out her blog, I don’t know what is! You’ll lose yourself in Daydreams of Summertime, so stop by there armed with tea and snacks ;)
Favourite post of the past month? Weekend scenes (because Sarah’s photos make me swoon)

Jesse’s blog was new to me in June, though she and I have been working together on various bits for a couple of months now. And I can confirm that her blog is just as lovely as she is herself! Hecticophilia (a name meaning ‘a tendency towards the wild and chaotic’) is a place where Jesse documents her exciting life in London, sharing news of pop up events, her recent adventures, and (my favourite!) snippets of conversations she hears on her travels! One you’ll love to read, especially if you enjoy getting a peek into another person’s life :)
Favourite post of the past month? Overheard. (because it’s just so fascinating, and feeds my nosiest tendencies!)

Prattle and Froth
I love reading Ann’s lovely blog. It’s full of life’s simple pleasures, and you know how much I’m fond of those! :) Ann is expecting her first baby at the moment (so excited for her!) and I’ve been loving reading posts about her pregnancy (especially her top ten ice lolly list, girl after my own heart!). I find myself checking in on her blog each day for a catch up, because her posts are such a pleasure to read. A blog I wholeheartedly recommend adding to your reading list, especially since the next few months are set to be so exciting as Ann and her husband become parents for the first time! :)
Favourite post of the past month? Top 10 ice lollies of the 90s- a pregnant ladies guide (because though I’m not pregnant, I never need an excuse to eat an ice lolly!)

One in Every Colour
It’s been such a pleasure getting to know Becca and her lovely blog this month! One in Every Colour is a lifestyle blog, showcasing snippets from Becca’s recent goings on (this month she met the sweetest piglets at a farm in Cirencester), her current inspiration and favourite finds from around the web, and even product reviews too! I especially love Becca’s ‘Weekly Thoughts’ posts, because they give an insight into the day to day goings on in her life that I so love to read about in a blog :)
Favourite post of the past month? Weekly Thoughts #4 (because it’s like catching up with a friend, and that makes me happy!)

Cocktails and Caroline
Caroline’s blog has become a favourite read of mine over the past few month’s since she’s been advertising here. It’s always such a fun read! In June, Caroline’s been sharing delicious recipes on her blog (chocolate mousse with summer fruits, anyone?) sailed away to Rhodes (and shared the most gorgeous photos!) and eaten delicious (healthy) grilled food at Q Grill in Camden. I can’t recommend that you start reading Cocktails and Caroline enough- especially if you enjoy living vicariously through blogs, and turning green with envy at least once a week! ;)
Favourite post of the past month? My Summer Fruit Chocolate Glasses (because hello! It’s fruit and chocolate! What’s not to love?!)

A Simple Elegance
Oh, it’s been such a pleasure getting to know Arielle’s blog this month. Her username was one that was so familiar to me already (she leaves the sweetest blog comments, don’t you know!) and so it was lovely to put a face to a name when I started reading A Simple Elegance! Arielle’s blog is beautiful- a celebration of life’s beautiful moments, and a place to share her thoughts and feelings and stories from her lovely life. And all bundled up in a a gorgeous little blog design! It’s one I know I’ll be reading for many months to come, that’s for sure.
Favourite post of the past month? Ten Simple Things- Celebration (because aside from the loveliness of the post, those photos are to die for!)

Wander to Wonder
It’s been so lovely having Miho’s blog back in my sidebar this month! Her posts are always such a pleasure to read. In June, Miho’s been sharing some gorgeous photos from her adventures in London (check those beautiful sunset snapshots!), a recipe for bruschetta pasta (which looked divine) and reviews and photos from a visit to KERB food festival. I’ll warn you now, that post isn’t one to read first thing in the morning! You’ll wind up with a serious craving for triple cooked chips and salted caramel ice-cream quicker than you can say ‘street feast’! ;)
Favourite post of the past month? KERB Street Food. (because photos of food are my jam, and that’s that.)

Coco & Mingo
I’ve been crushing on Jessica’s blog for so long now. I absolutely adore her clean, simple aesthetic, and the way her blog posts seem so effortlessly cool. Particular favourites are Jessica’s perfectly collated style posts, which make me want to dash to the shops and buy up everything she’s recommended! It’s the sort of blog you’ll find yourself visiting each and every day, merely for the joy of bringing a little bit of beauty and minimalist cool into your life! Add it to your reading list right this second, okay? :)
Favourite post of the past month? Loving this week (because it’s just *so* aesthetically pleasing!)

Other wonderful blogs to read!:
Annie’s City Kitchen || Favourite post? :: S’mores Rice Krispies
World of Wynne || Favourite post? :: Meet Lyla
RoseDog & Co || Favourite post? :: Clovelly to Bronte Cliff Tops
Teeny Titch || Favourite post? :: Edinburgh Escapades Part 3
Ten Penny Dreams || Favourite post? :: Shakespeare’s Globe In Pictures
Keep Calm and Live With Me! || Favourite post? :: Lovely to Live With

If you’d like to see your own blog featured here on Cider with Rosie, click through to the Sponsor page and take up an advert! It’d be lovely to have you! And don’t forget, after your first month of advertising, you can take 15% off all further advertising packages! :) Hooray!


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1. ‘Don’t put off your happy life.’ {a reminder that we should try to pursue happiness, in some small way, each and every day.}

2. ‘The best portion of your life will be the small, nameless moments you spend smiling with someone who matters to you.’ {so very true of my own life, this far.}

3. ‘Good things take time.’ {for the days when nothing’s happening quite quickly enough.}

4. ‘A strong marriage rarely has two strong people at the same time. It is a husband and wife who take turns being strong for each other in the moments when the other feels weak.’ {I love this idea, and think it applies to all relationships, not just a conventional husband-and-wife marriage. And I think it’s an important concept to be shared, because sometimes it’s easy to believe that a relationship should be as easy and 24/7-happy as the ones we see on TV, or on blogs, or Instagram, or in magazines. Jason and I describe it as us either ‘floundering or floating’ as opposed to being ‘strong or weak’ (because the words strong and weak are so very heavy, and don’t allow for many permeations), but the principle still rings true to us.}

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