The Wednesday where I might have got our wedding date booked, and a robin flew into our living room.



Right now I’m drinking a cup of tea in the garden to calm myself down. I just got back from the church, and *might* have just got a date pinned down for our wedding. Forms were handed in, paperwork was checked, dates were assessed. Yeeesh. It’s the strangest feeling, thinking that if we can pull this all together- if the venue come back to us with a sensible quote and can book us in over the weekend we’ve pencilled in with the church- then it’ll mean that Jason and I will have just set the date that we’ll celebrate every year for the rest of our lives. Yikes. I’m all a-flutter. I didn’t really intend to write a post, but this just feels like one of those days I might look back on in a couple of years time and think ‘I’m glad I documented those feelings’. I got a bit emotional when I spoke to Jason after I was finished at the church. Booking in dates and places and getting to know the vicar who’ll marry us makes everything feel so real! Oh and also, we’re now at T-minus 2 days until my first wedding dress fitting. My Mum’s already warned me that she’s going to cry ;)

So, what else is there to catch up on? Right now I’m outside in the back garden, and there’s a robin sitting on the fence chitting angrily and Teddy and I, because its fledgling babies are leaving the nest today and Ted just chased one of them into a corner of our garden. Much shouting happened, and Teddy was very excited by the prospect of having a new ‘toy’. I have been considering going back inside the house because the robin on the fence is so cross with us both, but do I really want to be someone who can be intimidated out of their own garden by a bird? No. I do not. UPDATE:: Teddy just disturbed three fledglings who were hiding behind the hydrangea, and all hell broke loose. One flew into the living room window, another flew *into* the living room itself and I had to get it out from behind the telly by waving a tripod at it. Then it chilled out on our sofa for a bit, before allowing me to shoo it out of the room with a blanket. I don’t even know what’s going on with today.

Other stuff about this weird old Wednesday ::
- I blew bubbles in my iced latte this morning. I wasn’t ever allowed to do it when I was young, so I did it today as a 23 year old woman, and it was pretty fun.

- Pilates is tonight. Already aching from yesterday’s workout. Not sure how this is going to work out. But it means that I’ll be out of the house during dinner-cooking-time which means Jason will make his legendary super oily + salty potatoes for dinner, so at least I’ll have something great to come home to when I’m exhausted and sore…

- Jason and I ran out of toothpaste the night before last, so we went on a late night mini-road trip to buy some. We couldn’t find any at all in any of the open garages and shops near us, but we did buy some sweets instead. Sensible decision making right there.

- Can’t get off Pinterest lately, and have been lusting over white-walled bedrooms so now am trying to convince Jason that we should repaint our bedroom white. I know I know, we only just finished decorating in there. My Mum always says that all my Grandma and Grandpa ever did was decorate, so I guess I take after them both…

And that’s the lot for today. It feels as though I haven’t just rambled here in such a long time! I kind of enjoyed it! Hope you kind of enjoy it, too ;)

p.s. Photo of Teddy in high-alert robin-watching mode. Note the amount of junk stuck to the feathers on his legs. That dog’s made of velcro, I swear…

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  • Divya

    Its not been long since I went through all that myself! The jewelry shopping, sari shopping shoes, makeup, hair! I am so happy I survived all that and things happened smoothly! bestest of luck and good wishes for the big day!


  • Sarah

    Wow such amazing steps to be making towards your wedding!!! Good luck with all the planning as you continue to move forward :)

  • Rachael

    Love Teddy’s hairy trousers :) I cried at my sister’s wedding dress fitting, I think it’s standard procedure. I will be an unholy mess at the wedding, for sure.

    Please post robin pictures. Pretty please?

    rachael xx | made up of little things

  • gina
  • Rachael

    Aah I’m so excited for you Rosie! Teddy must keep you so entertained, I can’t wait for the day I can have a dog of my own. Oh and it’s totally OK to be blowing bubbles into drinks at 23 ;) x

    What Rachael Wrote

  • Beccy

    Congratulations on almost having your date fixed! It is so exciting – I have an app on my phone which counts down the days until our big day. Wedding dress shopping is so much fun – you will have a great time. I ended up choosing something completely different from what I thought I wanted.

    Beccy // Bluebell & Bumpkin

  • Becca Louisa

    That’s super exciting!! I hope the venue can make the date too! :)
    My Mum called me all in a fluster the other day as our puppy, Mossy, had managed to catch a baby pigeon! Apparently the poor little thing was terrified. Thankfully Mum managed to rescue it just in time! xx

  • Nicola

    Such an exciting step to take, congratulations!
    Sounds like you’ve had a lovely Wednesday :)

    Nicola xx

  • Amanda @ Rhyme & Ribbons

    Congratulations on picking a date! x

  • Ema

    Wow Rosie, you’re really on the ball with the wedding planning aren’t you! How exciting! xxx

  • Michelle

    So exciting! And wedding dress fitting tears are compulsory!!
    Happy happy planning, I really loved that part (and the ceremony/rest of your lives together part!)
    M x

  • Beeta

    This is up there in the most perfect blog posts lists. Congratulations, Rosie – for booking your wedding date and for saving the robin! My cat brought in a pigeon the other day for the first time and I unashamedly jumped out of my skin and assumed a quasi-ninja pose, screaming, whilst the pigeon proceeded to flap and flap and flap (feathers were going EVERYWHERE at this point) and I eventually gathered the strength to open the window for it to fly out. I couldn’t look at little meowers for the rest of the day and the experience certainly did nothing for my phobia of birds, but did make me very excited about cleaning so you win some and lose some I suppose!

  • arielle

    how exciting about your date setting! hope everything works out with the venue! and you dog is so adorable. love it!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  • Hayley

    A cat came into my grans house and went to sleep in her bed and I had to chase it out with a book!

  • Ala

    This did make me laugh, one of those funny days where you feel a bit outside of yourself and all you can do is laugh? But also, you are so organised in getting things sorted so quickly! It must feel so exciting, I’m sure you’re savouring every moment :) x

  • Michelle

    If you run out of toothpaste again you can use bicarbonate soda ;)

    Exciting for your wedding day. Fingers crossed the venue you like works out.

  • Alyssa Schroeder

    Aw, congrats on “mostly” having a date booked! Something to count down to! Sigh. I miss wedding planning. I think I’m going to have to start a series on my wedding to help me cope ha :)

  • Katie Matthews

    This is brilliant. I have to say I let out a few giggles.

    Congratulations on pinning down a wedding date – how exciting!

    When I was younger, we would constantly have birds flying into our living room. When they flew into the windows, they wouldn’t always make it, but when they were in the living room we would have great fun catching them and pretending they were ours for those few moments!

    Katie <3

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