Printing photos.



It was kind of an unofficial New Year’s resolution of mine this year to print more photos. I’ve always been terrible for making albums and actually getting around to framing the photos I take, but when my hard drive broke last year and I lost about 3 years worth of photographs (sob!), I thought it was probably time I got my act together and started having my favourite photos printed more regularly. A whole batch came through yesterday (I use Photobox, and am always pretty happy with their print quality) and it’s been so lovely to be able to sift through my favourite photos from the past few months in a tangible form, rather than just pushing the left and right buttons on my laptop.

Printed-photos   Teddy

I mentioned yesterday that I’m on a bit of a gallery wall kick right now, and will be sharing photos of the finished results when I’m all finished. I’ve been hoarding cards, letters, and prints over the past year or so with the intention of framing them at some point, and it’s been so fun to sort through them all and pick out the most special ones for framing. The ‘Best Day Ever’ postcard above was my birthday card from Tania back in December, and I love it so!


Do you print your photos? It’s the sort of task that always gets pushed to the bottom of a to-do list, don’t you find? :)

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  • Lucy

    I never print photos! I’m hoping that when I move in with Pedro we will print lots to go on our walls! X

  • Alice

    I am a firm believer in printing photos, but then I do work for a pro photo lab in London, so I am bound to say that ;)

    But I agree, we all take so many photos, but we rarely print them and it’s such a shame.

  • catherine

    I try really hard to keep up with printing photos. I really love printing instagrams as most of the time I just take iPhone pictures. For my fave uni pictures, where I didn’t necessarily want an album FULL of grainy, drunk photos, I printed them out with Moo as business card sizes so I could still see them, but also fit them all easily into one album.

  • Sam

    This is definitely something I need to work on and you are right, it’s at the bottom of my to do list. I’m still trying to choose somewhere to actually print them so I will look into your suggestion. Thanks!

  • Divya

    This is such a long forgotten style! Thanks for reminding how lovely pictures in a frame next to the bed look!

    Recent makeup Changes Review& FOTD | TheConscienceFund

  • Sarah

    I had the same mishap with my laptop two years ago and lost I don’t know how many photos, I don’t think it’s ever really hit me how many memories where being kept in such an insecure location but I STILL haven’t gotten round to being better at printing photos! Maybe this post will serve as a gentle reminder, thanks! – Sarah

  • Ala Skrakowski

    Yes I do, I have lost years worth of photos on a number of occasions; the last time I decided enough was enough, I didn’t like my point and shoot anyway so I decided to move back to film, using the little APS camera I had growing up. Now, I have boxes full of photos which I love and need to sort into albums, but I always love going through the photo boxes in my parent’s loft and hope that I’ll get the same enjoyment out of doing the same with my photos and for my kids (eventually) to look at in years to come.

    I will always maintain, nothing beats having the physical photo in your hand! x

  • Joy

    I would love to print more photos, but it keeps being put off and the longer I put it off the more photos I have to go through and upload to a print site and that’s going to take aaages and inevitably before I’m done I’ve had another day out and taken more photos to add to the pile of “to-print”. I wake up in a cold sweat at the thought of anything happening to my hard drives (yes, I’ve got two external hard drives, plus a google drive, so I know everythin’s backed up in triplicate but what if, Rosie? What if something happens to them?)

  • Beccy

    Some really pretty photos! I have started printing more but still have a lot more to go. It’s still firmly on the to-do list!

    Beccy // Bluebell & Bumpkin

  • Jordan

    I’ve been meaning to print my photos too! I bought a beautiful new photo album that just needs to be filled now! I’ve also been buying a lot more frames because I think they make a home :) xxx

  • Amber

    Your photos are so beautiful :’) you could actually sell that cuppa tea one I reckon! Me and my mam want to have a huge photo wall with loads of different photo frames and memories, and we’re moving house soon so maybe it’ll happen! I always forget to get photos printed but I did a batch near the start of this year and stuck them up on my wall at uni so I hav eloads of lovely memories up there! Now I need to get more printed from my time at uni! Such a lovely post Rosie :) kisses and hugs xo

  • Sarah Sandiford

    After I visited NY last year I received a large scrap book from my family for Christmas to document my trip, I had such fun choosing all the photos (i used Photo Box too, so easy to use) and It was so good to go back through all my memories! x

  • Polly

    These look lovely! I love the picture of the tea. I always use Photobox too.

  • Shannon

    Going to spend the weekend getting my photos printed now!

    Shannon xo

  • Brittany

    Such a beautiful post! There is something soothing about your writing, and your photography is super. I love it! x

  • Ruth Johnston

    See, what I do is print photos and then find I don’t do anything with them.
    People keep gifting me frames and I have every intention of filling them and then just don’t. It’s definitely one of those things that’s permanently at the bottom of my to-do list which is such a shame.

    I printed out holiday snaps from Turkey and am about halfway through finishing up the album though – the holiday was two years ago.

    I do hope to fill my home with smiling photos one day though and there is a ‘To Print’ folder sitting on my desktop, it really is just a case of getting round to it. Photobox looks like a great option, especially for their range of sizes.

  • Steph

    This is a good idea. If my harddrive broke, that would be my worst nightmare!! Eeks. I do love Photobox and use them for everything when I do print. Luckily we just printed off about 200 of our faves to share around the wedding venue :)

  • Kezia

    oh my goodness this has just reminded me to get my wedding photos printed! Def need to move it up my list! Hopefully before our two year anniversary…

  • Giada

    I’m doing the same with my photos recently and I used Photobox too and am so happy with how they turned out! I never thought I would have been that printed photos kind of girl but I actually love having them around and being able to stick them to a cute little album!

    x Giada | Miel Café

  • frae

    I always used to use Snapfish but started using Photobox on a deal, they were really good when the photos came back really cropped; they refunded the order and sent me free replacements!

  • Abbie Morrow

    Hi Rosie,

    I discovered Printic today (via The Prosecco Diaries) and it might be the perfect addition to your wall! It’s an app that lets you order photos that are printed like a polaroid picture and you can write on them too. Take a look –

    This sounds a bit like an advert…! It’s not, it’s just a really brill app.


  • arielle

    oh gosh, I am terrible about printing photos! but thinking about it now..if my hard drive broke, I’d be pretty devastated. definitely something to consider :)

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  • Katie Albury

    It sure is…I was really good for a few years, editing and printing all my photos at the end of the year then putting them into albums, but I think I stopped this in 2011! There’s no way I’ll have the time to pick up and get up to date now! I do love printing off really stand out photos and love creating collages for gifts! Happy printing!
    Katie x

  • Anne

    Those are lovely! I love the colours on that collage with all the bits of blue in every photo :)
    I rarely print photos, usually when I do they’re from one big occasion like a holiday. But really it’s much nicer to have every day photos of things you’d want on your walls, like family & friends and pets! xx

  • sammie

    I’m AWFUL for printing photographs – I got married two years ago in September and my wedding albums are still completely empty because I haven’t got around to printing photos! We have a lot of gorgeous frames but living with my in-laws right now we have nowhere to actually put them, so I’m hoping we can just keep collecting and when we eventually move into a place of our own I’ll have a massive blow-out printing party!

  • Sarah

    I love having printed photos, there is an unbeatable feeling actually holding the photo in your hands..kind of like the difference between reading a book on a Kindle and holding the pages between your fingers. We had disposable cameras at our wedding, so getting those photos developed was amazing because we had absolutely no idea what was on them! xx

    Sarah// A Sunday Smile

  • Shannon

    I love, love, love having printed photos. I have a scrapbook, photo albums, canvases and photos all over my walls. I just think it is lovely to be able to look back through all of the important moments of my life without having to sit in front of a computer to do so.

    Shannon x

  • Adria

    I have the same issue. I struggle with printing photos, and find that my memories are all digital. I never know what to do for frames, though. How do you select frames, and where do you buy them?

  • Rebeka Taylor

    This is such a good idea! This really makes me want to print all of my pictures off, I have a bare wall to fill!! Rebeka x

  • Jessie

    I always end up forgetting to print my photos in lieu of waiting for the best deal at Walmart or something (sometimes its cheaper, y’know haha) but yours look lovely — and can’t wait to see that gallery wall when it’s finished! :)

  • Little Miss Katy

    I haven’t printed photos for YEARS, to be honest I just haven’t really thought of it. Bu that’s such a lovely idea. You’re right, if my hard drive or laptop broke I’d be devastated! Definitely something to work on this month.

    Also, I LOVE gallery walls! I can’t wait to have my own place so I can make one :) xx

    Katy | Little Miss Katy

  • Hannah

    I have been meaning to get a bunch of photo’s printed for ages now – some for my walls and some for my best friends 21st birthday scrapbook! This has kicked me into gear; no more netflix until I get this sorted ;) I absolutely love your photo of the mug of tea and blankets, so homely. Hannah xx

  • Lauren

    I love printing photos! I use Photobox too and I love how quick and easy it is. I tend to do it every six months or so and stick them in albums when I haven’t got much else going on because I hate being bored!

  • Georgina

    I am pretty awful at printing off photos, though I blame not having anywhere to display them before now (loft room, sloping walls and pictures don’t mix) a gallery wall is something I am so excited to try in our new home but the layout is something that will bug me if I don’t get it just right, I am looking forward to seeing how yours looks for some inspiration! Xx

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