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Can every weekend be a Bank Holiday weekend? Oh wait, almost every weekend in May IS a Bank Holiday weekend! Well, it’s at least 50:50, and that’s good enough for me!

I feel like we really nailed this past Bank Holiday Monday. We spent the day with our good friends Ian and Michelle (along with our Teddy and their lovely Tilly, of course) talking weddings (Ian and Michelle are getting married in October!) and walking miles upon miles around Richmond. We must have walked 8, if not 10 miles that day (easily!) and that was good because we also ate quite a lot of really great food. Michelle used to own a florist’s shop in Richmond (she’s so talented, and will be doing the flowers at our wedding!) and so knows all the best places to visit in town. After a trot round the park and through the Isabella Plantation to tire out the dogs (we didn’t see one single deer! I was equal parts sad and pleased, because as much as they are gorgeous I’m terrified Teddy will charge at them…) we headed over to Petersham Nurseries to eat cake and wonder at the audacity of charging 900 odd pounds for a rusty iron bench…

Petersham-nursary-horticulture Richmond-Park-Isabella-Plantation Greenery Richmond-signs Carrot-cake

Petersham Nurseries is tucked away down a tiny side road in Richmond, and is pretty much a photographer/blogger/Instagrammer’s paradise. There are vine covered conservatories, walls heavy with flowering wisteria, slate tables that act as the best high-contrast backdrop you could ask for against bright white plates, and vintage carts full of carefully arranged pot plants and herbs. Michelle was certain I’d love it, and she was so right! We stopped by the tea shop for lunch, and ate slices of The World’s Most Expensive Cakes whilst Teddy and Tilly kissed under the table and made ‘I’m being ignored want to come and stroke me?’ eyes at all the people who passed our table.

Teddy-at-Petersham-Nursery Flowering-wisteria Petersham-nursery-conservatory Vine-covered-roof Green-earthenware Petersham-nursery-lunch Petersham-nursery-glassware

Post-lunch, we took a stroll along the river into the centre of town, in search of Danieli’s and some of their famous gelato. Michelle had been raving about their biscuit and pistachio flavours, and they didn’t disappoint. (Though I wound up mint-choc-chip-ing, which was insanely delicious too. Fresh, creamy mint flavoured gelato, peppered with so many shaved chunks of bittersweet chocolate. Amazing. Even Teddy got to taste a little lick, and loved it too.) Jason tried the pistachio flavour, and declared it delicious. Definitely a place we’ll be heading back to next time we’re in town. Oh, and for my gluten-free friends and readers- Danieli’s have a gluten free cone! I didn’t try it myself, but thought I’d pass along the message for those of you who eat a gluten-free diet and fancy having a ‘proper’ ice-cream in a cone this summer!

All in all, the day was kind of perfect. We came home feeling grateful for good friends, and good conversation, and I think I maybe got my first new freckles of this year. The best.


^^ I’m wearing :: dress from ASOS, denim shirt (worn as jacket) from H&M, and boots from Hunter. ^^

Richmond-bridge-boat-house Danieli's-gelato

How did you spend your Bank Holiday weekend? (p.s. Photos from the last time we visited Richmond Park, in the freezing cold!)

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  • Sarah

    I love Petersham Nurseries, I was there in April, it is such a nice little place to have a relaxing cup of coffee and cake! It is very overpriced though! x

  • Rosie

    Looks like a lovely day out :) We had some incredible gelato in San Francisco – I went for Blood Orange, which was the perfect combo of bitter and sweet. Ash had white chocolate with almonds which was lovely too. x

  • jules

    Oooh, the nursery looks so lovely! I definitely need to pay it a visit – did they have chocolate as one of the most expensive cakes? x

  • jules

    Ooh, the nursery looks lovely! I definitely need to pay it a visit – did they have chocolate as one of the most expensive cakes? x

  • Steph

    I wish every weekend was a bank holiday too! (Who doesn’t?) Great day out by the looks of it. I love that the nursery has a cafe. I spent mine around Chelsea and wedding planning :) x

  • Polly

    Such pretty pictures x

  • Ruth Johnston

    I love Richmond Park and actually usually see deer there when I go. For ages my sister didn’t believe they were there as she used hang out there being a teenager and never saw one. They’re usually all clustered somewhere and once you’ve found one I’ve found that you’ll find a lot more!
    Petersham Nurseries looks wonderful, I’ll have to have a peek next time I’m in the area, thanks so much for sharing!

  • Ala Skrakowski

    Love Richmond park! We went there a few weeks ago with my boyfriend’s sister and Fiancé to check out the room they’ve booked for their wedding ceremony in Pembroke Lodge, just lovely!

    We spent the weekend unpacking and enjoying our lovely new flat and gathering new homey bits for the place, looks like everyone had a good one all round :) x

  • Lauren S

    i love a nice ice-cream on a sunny day as a treat ! lovely images the cafe and food looks yummy
    Lauren x
    Please nominate my blog for Best Lifestyle Blog and Newcomer here !
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  • Nina

    I used to have a very similar H&M dress!

  • Polly

    Looks like a perfect day.

    Thank you sooo much for the heads up on gluten free cones. Just the other day I was feeling sad about missing out on ice cream cones as this is my first Summer after being diagnosed with coeliac disease. Plus I live just around the corner from Richmond!

  • arielle

    if I didn’t want to move to the UK before, I certainly do now! all of these pictures are so gorgeous! I love it. and you look so cute in your outfit picture, too, btw.

    love, arielle

  • Rosie

    Your dog is just too cute! I love the mushroom in the middle of the table as well :)

    Rosie xx

  • char

    My bank holiday was spent mostly at work, but also catching up with friends, baking, sewing and allotmenting.

  • Liz

    Rosie, what a lovely post! I live in the UAE and your photos made me really miss parks and just anything green in general!


  • Lisa

    Sound like a great weekend. Lovely pics.
    L x

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