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It’s been a little while since I wish-listed here on Cider with Rosie!

It’s not that I’ve not been shopping. Hah. No, that is most definitely not the case. I’ve been on a self-imposed spending ban recently (wedding-saving and all) but have needed to break said ban on the odd occasion over the past few weeks to purchase ‘Spring-essentials’. You know, things like sleeveless chambray shirts (needed, or else I’d have not a stitch to wear), new photo frames (plain walls are just not Pinterest), and cute lamps to fancy up dull corners (light *is* essential, right?).

Those Birkenstocks though, they’re still on my ‘to buy’ list. I’ve never been much of a Birkenstocks girl to be honest- I remember trying on a pair when I was a teenager and looking so much like a child who’d borrowed her Mum’s shoes that it was kind of embarrassing, but now…I want a pair. Badly. Preferably black…or maybe white or grey or taupe. I do need a pair of walking shoes for summer, after all…

Oh, and those candles! I spotted them yesterday afternoon whilst on a lunchtime jaunt to Marks and Sparks, and it was all I could do not to buy one in every scent. The lemongrass and rhubarb scents especially were incredible- the lemongrass smelled exactly like the fragrance our room in Edinburgh was perfumed with (a scent I’ll always and forever associate with being newly engaged) and the rhubarb one? It smelt SO good you could almost kid yourself that the little jar was full of rhubarb compote and vanilla ice-cream, instead of plain old wax. AND you can save the jars afterwards and write on the little blackboard labels on the front with chalk! I’d be interested to see how they burned, because if they smelt half as good whilst burning as they do cold they’ll be just about the best candles ever!

L I N K S ::
1. Boden Sleeveless Chambray Shirt (I actually bought this a week or so ago and it’s since sold out in most sizes, but keep an eye on stock levels if you fancied picking one up for yourself because they often release more items throughout the season!)
2. B&Q Pistachio Green Desk Lamp
3. Marks & Spencer’s Lemongrass Chalkboard Candle Pot (p.s. currently on sale at 20% off!)
4. Topshop Monochrome Tapered Jersey Trousers (don’t you think they’d be the comfiest things to wear on warm spring and summer evenings?)
5. H&M Turquoise Dipped Wooden Bowl (so much love that bright blue!)
6. H&M Wire Basket 
7. Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

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  • http://www.catherinesprunt.com catherine

    I’m definitely buying one of those candles on my way home!

    I bought the wire basket from H&M thinking it would be big enough for keeping blankets in the living room in, but it’s tiny! Perfectly sized for toiletries though. x

  • http://www.thisparticular.blogspot.com Ala Skrakowski

    Haha, it’s all about adding things in a wish list that you *may* have already purchased… ;)

    Love those trousers though, definite need! x

  • http://jottingsoflove.blogspot.co.uk Lav

    I absolutely love those trousers. Might have to get some myself! x

  • http://www.bluebellandbumpkin.blogspot.com Beccy

    I just love those Topshop trousers – so beautiful!

    Bluebell & Bumpkin

  • http://www.waterpainteddreams.com Hayley

    A garden centre near me sells lemongrass candles and they smell amazing but they’re ridiculously expensive, they make Yankee Candle look purse friendly!

  • http://www.thegloatingsun.blogspot.co.uk Anne

    Ooh I love that shirt! Looks like a classic piece for summer. I know what you mean with the birkenstocks, I used to really dislike them (used to call them granny slippers?) but I couldn’t resist and ordered myself a pair off eBay the other day! I’ve been wearing them practically non-stop, besides the past few days because of all the rain! xxx

  • http://Www.aprileveryday.com April

    I’m loving that desk lamp – I always forget to look in B&Q but I think I feel a visit coming on haha! And that basket!
    Have a lovely week!

  • http://asimpleelegance.com arielle

    love your list, rosie! I’m craving burkenstocks lately, too, and haven’t quite come to terms with it :)

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  • http://greywalls94.blogspot.co.uk Petrina Whiley

    I love the Topshop trousers, I have so many pairs of monochrome trousers though it’s becoming a small obsession.


  • http://www.rosedogandco.blogspot.com.au Rosie

    Oh I love this wish list. I will be sure to pick myself up a lemongrass candle pot when I head back to the UK for a holiday in August :)

  • http://www.desperatelyseekingfreedom.blogspot.com Katie Matthews

    I love the H&M basket. I bought one at the weekend. Can’t wait to use it on my upcoming holiday!

    Katie <3

  • http://www.moreaboutcat.co.uk Cat

    I love love love those trousers! But they are always too long for short bums like me! x

  • http://www.darwinscreations.wordpress.com Helen

    Aw wow the top and the trousers would go together awesomely. I so need to makeover my entire wardrobe and have that outfit in my life! x


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