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Three words kept cropping up in the comments and emails I received after asking for recommendations of where to eat whilst in Edinburgh last week :: Mary’s. Milk. Bar.

Over and over again, people told us we couldn’t possibly visit Edinburgh and not stop to worship at the shrine of Mary. And because we are good, obedient people (especially when the reward for obedience is ice-cream) we took a trip down to Grassmarket and to Mary’s Milk Bar on Wednesday afternoon! I’ll tell you, it didn’t disappoint…

We ordered one scoop of smoky salted caramel, one of the kiwi and banana sorbet, and a couple of coffees. E v e r y t h i n g (including the coffee) was absolutely outstanding. The gelato was some of the creamiest I’ve ever eaten (in Italy & the UK) and the sorbet was incredible! Mary herself was so lovely to chat with too, and the shop (all retro and pastel-hued) was so sweet and friendly and charming. We want to go back and sample the full range of milkshakes, and some of the more unusual gelato flavours too! It’s just as well we have such strong ties to the city now (what with getting engaged there and all…), because otherwise it might be embarrassing to keep going back to Edinburgh *just* for the ice-cream…

Find Mary at ::
Mary’s Milk Bar
19 Grassmarket
EH1 2HS 

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  • http://www.miel-cafe.com Giada

    Everything looks pretty delicious! Love these pictures as well.

    x Giada

  • http://www.littleobservationist.com Steph

    Wow, looks amazing and the gelato flavours sound incredible! How did you ever choose? Definitely on my list for the next Edinburgh adventures. Have a great week!

  • http://greywalls94.blogspot.co.uk Petrina Whiley

    This place looks amazing, I can’t wait to eat loads of gelato when I visit Italy in the summer.


  • http://shadeofredblog.com Shade of Red Blog

    Oh, wish I’d known about this before I went to Edinburgh! Looks fab.

  • http://www.amyliz.co.uk Amy

    Oh, I’m so jealous! We had Mary’s Milk Bar on our list when we visited in January but sadly it was closed for the whole time we were there. We’ll just have to make another trip – life is hard ;)

  • http://www.sevenlivesandmore.com/ Melodie

    Ouh that looks so delicious! Looks like you got great advices for this trip! :)
    Glad you enjoyed every scoop!

  • http://www.planetgemima.blogspot.co.uk Gemma Cartwright

    This looks like such a lovely little shop, love to visit one time as I’ve always wanted to go to Edinburgh!!

    I also have a blog and would really appreciate if you checked it out etc!

    I really love this blog, one of my favourites!

  • http://www.frillsnspills.com Maria

    I am heading to Edinburgh in a month so I will definitely be visiting!

    Maria xxx

  • http://www.coolallure.com CoolAllure

    It all looks so good! Yummy :)

  • http://vintageveggie.blogspot.com Anna

    This looks too good to be true!

  • http://ellenunderwater.blogspot.co.uk Ellen

    the hot cross bun spice ice cream sounds sensational! lovely photos xx


  • http://rosetintedjessica.co.uk Jessica

    This place looks amazing! Think I’ll be planning a trip to Edinburgh for some time in the future… X

  • http://threecherries.wodpress.com Tasneem

    Sounds lovely! It’s a pity we live relatively far away from Edinburgh, but I’ll keep it in mind. ~x~

  • http://newgirlintoon.co.uk Chloe – New Girl In Toon

    OMG! I wish I’d known about this before I went, it looks so lovely! I’ll add it to my “Edinburgh folder” for next time. I love the look of the Hot X Bun Spice and Dark Chocolate and Rose .. gorgeous!

    Chloe x

  • http://bethblogsbeauty.com Beth

    Mmm all that ice cream looks delicious. Looks like you had a great time!


  • http://channelislandsblog.wordpress.com Emma

    I love your photos in this blog. I also want to say how much I love your blog. I am a newbie and fairly useless and your blog has been a real inspiration! I love your positive ethos that you use to spur your blog!


    Ps am now seriously craving ice-cream now!

  • http://www.girlinbrogues.com Saskia

    Wow, it’s pretty rare to have an actual person behind the name! Hot Cross Bun Spice flavour? Pretty unusual!

    Saskia / girlinbrogues.com

  • http://www.easylittletiger.com amanda

    ahhhh i would do desperate, strange things for some ice cream right now. yummmmm

  • https://www.shewearsburgundy.blogspot.co.uk Jo

    This looks like heaven! I’m not sure it was there when I went to the city a few years ago – if it was, I had no idea!. I would have gone for the salted caramel & hot cross bun flavours though I can never resist coffee! My boyfriend is going up there on a stag do this summer and I may have to smuggle myself into his suitcase just to that I can have some of this gelato ;)

    Really loving your Edinburgh posts!

    Jo xx

    She Wears Burgundy

  • Ibbs

    Cuteness overload!
    I can’t do ice-cream, but you’ve sold it to me with those divine pastels AND coffees AND sorbets
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

  • http://junelorraine.blogspot.com Susie

    Looks yummy!
    I am loving your red lip/mustard/stripes combo too!

    Susie | june lorraine

  • http://www.duck-in-a-dress.blogspot.com Louisa

    Ooh, I’ve walked past Mary’s but never been in – it’s definitely going on my food list for when we’re up in Edinburgh in August. I expect it’ll have a queue out the door because it’ll be festival season but we’ll give it a go anyway :-) x

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