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Cider-with-Rosie-Boden Cider-with-Rosie-Boden-17

WORN :: Breton top ℅ Boden. Bistro crop trousers ℅ Boden. Brogues: Boden (purchased independently last season, similar here). Trench coat: GAP.

Over the past few months, whenever anyone’s said to me ‘So Rosie, what’re you doing these days?’ and I’ve replied ‘Well, I’m a full time blogger now!’ it’s usually been met with blank looks. Which isn’t really too surprising, since blogging is such a new industry and all, and hey!- I only discovered it myself about four years ago! So I usually go on to explain a little about the kind of things I do (writing, photography, social media & so on). And then the question that often comes next is ‘Right. So where’s that going to take you then?’

‘I don’t know right now!’ I usually reply (in a kind of faux-nonchalant manner) but secretly, inside my head and on the pages of my notebooks, I have goals. Some are big and will take months of work, others are the sort of day to day, bread and butter goals that keep me ticking along. There are things I want to achieve, there’s content I plan to create, locations I want to take photographs in, even companies I dream of collaborating with. Boden has been right at the very top of my ‘companies I’d love to work with someday’ list for a good while now. I’ve long admired their beautiful clothes, and the humour and charm in their branding, and the iconically British nature of everything they do. So when they got in touch a couple of weeks back? Well, I was pretty made up!

These darling trousers and striped Breton top arrived in the post on Wednesday, and I wore them out for an impromptu post-dentist coffee date in town with Jason yesterday afternoon. The top is the softest Breton I’ve ever worn (and I’ve worn my way through a LOT of Breton tops) and the trousers? I’m certain they’re going to be all I wear through the next few (hopefully warm!) months. Actually, who am I kidding? This entire outfit is all I plan on wearing over the next couple of months! I should tell you now too that Boden’s sale is on…and it’s a good’un. Would it be wrong to go back and buy another pair or two of these trousers in different colours and prints?

Cider-with-Rosie-Boden-9 Daffodils Cider-with-Rosie-Boden-5     Cider-with-Rosie-Boden-3 Cider-with-Rosie-Boden-2 Cider-with-Rosie-Boden-Brogues Cider-with-Rosie-Boden-6

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  • http://www.catherinesprunt.com catherine

    Super cute! ‘Boden sale’ are definitely 2 magic words I didn’t need to hear right after I got paid ;) x

  • http://www.lifeoutsidelondon.co.uk Michelle

    Those trousers are fabulous!
    I have a friend who holds Boden parties in her house. It might be the best of all the things to head round to a friends place to rummage through racks of Boden lovelies with a cuppa and a bit of cake in hand :o)
    M x

  • http://www.thisparticular.blogspot.com Ala Skrakowski

    It’s not really a style I’d wear personally but you look fab! Lovely pictures too! x

  • http://www.nishaantishu.com Freya

    Girl you are just the cutest! I’m particularly excited by the idea of ankle length trousers for people our height. Could this be true? Do they actually fit??

  • http://msbubuandhergirlyness.blogspot.ca/ Stephanie

    I love this look. It reminds me of an outfits I like to wear in the Spring. All favourites are there: beige trench, stripes and a bit of turquoise!

  • http://www.foodbycharlotte.blogspot.co.uk charlotte

    oh gaaaad, I did not need to see that striped Breton…. I think I am addicted to stripes. *quickly goes to Boden website!*

  • http://www.rhymeandribbons.com Amanda @ Rhyme & Ribbons

    You look so lovely! I adore this outfit! x

  • http://www.supernaturallyhealthy.org Kezia Hall

    LOVE boden! They pick patterns really well – love hearing more about your bloggin career – its a mysterious career but would love to hear more of how you manage to make a living from it!

  • http://www.todaysthedayi.com Lydia

    Gorgeous. Love the spots and stripes together!

  • http://www.fromthecornersofthecurve.com callie

    You always look so effortlessly chic my love! Gorgeous pictures! xx

  • http://ellenunderwater.blogspot.co.uk Ellen

    I love the spots and stripes combination. I may have to get myself a pair of trousers like that!


  • http://theexpertofnothing.blogspot.co.uk/ Hannah

    Such a lovely outfit! Seriously swooning over those shoes and trousers :D

  • http://whimsicalmrsw.blogspot.co.uk kim wilkes

    Cute outfit! The prints go really well together :) xx

  • http://lilylipstick.blogspot.com LilyLipstick

    I love browsing the Boden catalog! These trousers are so cute. x

  • http://www.littleappletree.co.uk Angela

    Love the Breton top. The trousers wouldn’t suit me at all, but they look good on you!

  • http://seekingvictory.blogspot.com Nicole

    Where are your shoes from (did I miss seeing the link)? I love them. Also those trousers are the most perfect fit for you. I think a pair in every colour is practically a necessity:)

  • http://avaalon.com Avalon

    Loved your post Rosie. Congratulations on such a great opportunity. It must be so lovely to work alongside a brand you’ve always admired. PS that outfit looks like it was made for you, lovely!

  • http://mycreativephotography.co.uk/ Michelle

    Super cute outfit. Love the navy with the greenish shoes and love stripes and spots together. Well done on making some of those dreams come true. Well deserved.

  • http://ninadhollander.blogspot.be Nina / Hermania

    The dots and stripes combo is super cute!

  • http://www.palindromepoppet.com Hannah PalindromePoppet

    Ahh Rosie, you look so beautiful here! I love Boden stuff, definitely worth investing in as their pieces are so well made! xx

  • http://blog.cardboardcities.co.uk laura redburn

    you look adorable, and this look suits you SO well! i love breton tops too, as well as polka dots (especially on navy) so this made me rather happy to see.

    also, in the second photo, you kind of look like a real life version of an emma block painting <3

  • http://kimiandme.blogspot.co.uk/ christina

    def need a brenton top in my life. I love this outfit, gorge pics x

  • http://www.missenchanting.co.uk/ Katie Albury

    I’m loving those trousers…definitely a style I would purchase. Congrats on doing the blogging full time, that’s amazing and somewhere I really hope to be someday. Good luck with your future plans too, I look forward to sharing that journey with you as an avid reader of your blog. Have a great weekend :)
    Katie x

  • http://just-add-deenie.blogspot.com Deenie

    I’m am absolutely 100% lusting after those trousers now! I’m also loving the trench coat, and might I tell you how much I adore that first photo, it’s beautiful!

  • http://www.allpurposeandsemisweet.wordpress.com Hannah @ All-Purpose and Semi-Sweet

    Just stumbled across your blog and have been reading for the last 45 minutes. Love your voice and style — thank you for keeping me company during breakfast!

  • http://www.frillsnspills.com Maria

    This is a dream outfit, the only thing stopping me buying everything is that I would need your figure to go alongside it!

    Maria xxx

  • http://lavidalaura.com/ Laura

    Such a cute outfit! Love the combination of stripes + dots.

  • http://www.easylittletiger.com amanda

    ohhhhhh those trousers are super cute!

  • http://www.ateatimetale.blogspot.co.uk Chantal

    Such a dreamy outfit! You look gorgeous :)

  • http://ohlivingthedream.blogspot.com Sierra

    I love this. I don’t think people really understand the work it takes to blog. Your outfit is adorable.

  • http://ladyfaceblog.blogspot.com Becca

    I am currently OBSESSED with Boden. If I could afford to have my whole wardrobe made up of Boden pieces, I’d do so in a heartbeat!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  • http://whatjessdoesnext.blogspot.com.au Jess

    Ever since seeing this post I have been searching like a mad woman for a pair of polka dot trousers! They look great, as do your photos!


  • http://bettybuttonpie.blogspot.com Ashlie

    Loving this whole outfit! I’m after a mac type coat myself and this one looks perfect, also loving your shoes :)

  • http://www.theawkwardblog.com Angela

    How chic and Parisian do you look here?! lovely outfit!!

  • Lucie
  • http://dinoprincesschar.blogspot.co.uk char

    These trousers are just amazing on you. I love your photos. x

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